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    Default Shipping To Capetown or Namibia

    Hi SA 4x4 Forum Greetings From The UK.
    Please could anyone help my wife and i as we wish to ship our Toyota
    HJ60 to capetown or namibia and tour around SA for sometime.

    I rode my honda africa twin to capetown 2006 with some mate's so
    i do understand overlanding we look at other Forum's and chat to
    overlander's but my mate said try here.

    Any advise would be great (Best time to travel etc) as we shall be using a UK carnet
    and our prept HJ60 just wish to chillout camp with the occasional lodge
    in SA Namibia botswana and perhaps Zambia tanzania then ship back.

    Just hassle free and a cold beer or two...Hope some one can help
    Many Regards From the UK
    Traveller 1041

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    Greetings from another Pommie! You've got the best posible vehicle there, in my view. I drove from London to Cape Town in '94-95, via Zaiire as was, in an HJ60, and it never missed a beat in 6 months.

    Shipping down then shipping back, plus carnet charges........well, money is clearly no object! I shipped to Cape Town when I sent my Hilux down to Africa.....a combination of price and easy to get to by plane........but there are some regulars on here, Mike & Margaret, known as "Gemini" who regularly ship their LR into and out of Walvis Bay in Namibia. If they don't spot this, then just drop them a PM and I'm sure they'll help.

    I know that my shipping costs were around 1100 6 or 7 years ago, plus port fees, handling charges, insurance blah-de-blah which added another 400 or 500. It isn't a cheap excercise. You'd certainly be financially better off buying a kitted vehicle in SA then selling it once you'd finished your trip, but I fully understand you wanting to do it in your own vehicle.

    BTW, this really should be in the Overland section rather than the pub, and it is well worth your while spending a bit of time searching through the various country sections in the Overland forum.

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    I'd suggest you contact Foley's Specialist Vehicles who are based in Essex. Their main business is kitting out Land Rovers for overland travel but they also arrange shipping. They arranged our shipping to Walvis Bay 3 years ago and were able to get better prices than we could making contact with shipping agents direct. You hear some nightmarish stories about African ports but Walvis Bay has a reputation for being very well managed which is why a lot of people choose to ship there.

    Also check out the HUBB forum (google it). There is lots of information on shipping there.

    Depending on the dimensions of your vehicle and the size of container you need you may be able to save some cash by subletting container space eg to a bike or spares heading out that way - we did this.

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    I shipped London to CPT in Aug 2010 in a 20ft container 1700 plus about 10k rand on arrival (I used an agent).
    Shipped back to UK in March 11 total cost was around 2500.

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    You can also hire kitted out 4x4's in SA & Namibia.
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