Vleesbaai : Viscous fan hits radiator, now electric fan

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    Default Vleesbaai : Viscous fan hits radiator, now electric fan

    Vleesbaai : Viscous fan hits radiator, now electric fan
    About three weeks ago I finally fitted the spacers (40mm front and 50mm at the back) to my Kia Sportage(2002).
    With confidence I convinced my brother in law with his V6 Tuna, to join me to Vleesbaai. So off we went to Vleesbaai on 27/12/2011 (Tuesday). We were a group of 18 vehicles, all excited. After the necessary paperwork signed, tyres deflated and a briefing by the guide, we headed for the dunes.
    Despite the lift, I could feel that the Kia was struggling a bit with the standard tyres(205/70/R15), but managed to overcome the first few “steep” dunes. I imagine that the track was enjoyed by a huge number of 4x4’s over the past few weeks. At about the 3rd or 4th “obstacle” with a reasonable amount of momentum the Kia approached the Dune. I suddenly heard a “hissing” sound (amper soos my vrou se stoompot wat stoom afblaas) and realised that something is wrong. Half way up the dune I took the “escape route” and stopped(actually I got stuck, not having momentum any more). It looked like a steam train that just stopped at a station releasing all its steam. ….
    At first it only looked like the viscous blade got stuck in the cowling. With a knife, a peace of the plastic was cut out releasing the blade to freely turn. Water was dripping fast and I decided to call it the day. Stocked with about 7liters extra , and with the help of a friendly bloke in his Toyota bakkie we got the Kia going again. I slowly headed back to the starting point with lots of stops in between and from there was towed 60km back home.
    The next day we took out the radiator and determined that the blade somehow got to close and damaged the radiator. The radiator is made from aluminium and an attempted to fix it with epoxy glue was not a long term solution. I decided to fit a new Radiator (from Silverton Radiators in George).
    I was still “liking” my wounds and with my ego buried somewhere in the dunes, I decided to replace the viscous fan with an electric one. I started off by installing a 400mm fan. After driving up and down the streets the Kia got to hot. I have all the electrics in place and even a LED light in the cockpit to see when the fan is on. The thermo switch is fitted in the bottom pipe with a t-peace made by Silverton Radiators. Finally I connected the aircon fan and fitted a third fan next to it to help with the cooling. After a new radiator, 3 electrict fans and a lot of …. well everything …. The Kia is running smoothly with the temp gage staying just below the half way mark under any driving condition.
    I still need to move the 400m fan a bit just to ensure maximum clearance between the engine and the fan.
    We checked the engine mountings and they seem to be ok.
    At the end I saw that the very thin bash plate below the radiator was bent upwards forcing the radiator “upwards” which probably let to the viscous blade( due to engine movement), hitting the radiator. I might be wrong. But just take note of what might happen.
    I took out the plate, modified it a bit and replaced it , making sure that it does not touch the radiator. Will sometime in the future replace it with a proper bush plate.
    Now I must get back up that horse and try Vleesbaai again….
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