Following the coil lift kit for the Sorento ( ), I decided to squeeze a bit more out of the lift by adding a 15mm body lift kit.

The maximum body lift for the Sorento without lenghtening the steering connectors, brake lines or radiator hoses (or adjusting the radiator brackets) is about 30mm.

One other limiting factor is the body mount bolts which doesn't seem to be removable. Since I couldn't add longer bolts and without going into too much trouble, I simply decided on a 12mm lift to still utilize the standard bolts.

Macsteel cut some 65mm solid round bar into discs. I ended up with 15mm thick discs since Macsteel does not cut thinner than 15mm.

Then I drilled 10mm holes in the center and cut out a diamond shape to create a 'key' to form a complete disc again. The markings is just to keep things organised

Please see the note at the bottom of this post as the holes in the discs as picture here are not all correct.

Installation was as simple as loostening all the mounts (the Sorento has 10 in total), removing the lower rubber and lifting the BODY off the chassis. Lift only one side at a time. I lifted the body about 40mm off the chassis and simply slid the disc around the bolt, followed by the 'key'.

Some of the top rubbers were tight around the bolts. I used a screwdriver to pry the rubber down before installation:

After installation (before lowering the body back onto the chassis):

Here is the 'before' and 'after' effect of the body lift (in one picture ):

BIG NOTE: The discs were installed according to their numbers eg. A1 was right front all the way to A5 which is right rear. Same for B1 (left front) etc.

But the bolts for the first 2 and last mounts (eg A1, A2, A5, B1, B2 and B5) did not have 10mm shafts, but 16mm tubes, which meant I had to make the 10mm holes bigger to accommodate this.

So you have 4 discs with 10mm holes and 6 disc with 16mm holes.