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    The weekend of 2nd,3rd & 4th December was the Southern Cape Community Forums year end function. Whiled we were at Burchell we met some students from Landmark Foundation. This foundation studies Leopards in the area, attaches collars and then tracks their movements. They assist farmers when Leopard attacks are suspected and have found that a very large percentage of attacks on sheep are in fact wild dogs (as in domestic) that form packs and then hunt. They have two students from Holland currently studying with them who pay their own way. Think about it, young students (about 22) leave home and come to a strange country and totally rely on strangers to help them with their studies and in turn help us, all without a cent support from their varsity, government or anyone from SA. We invited them over for a braai on Saturday night and they arrived with a tin of frikkadels each, SERIOUS. Needless to say the community forum guys and ladies came to the rescue and they ate and drank like kings and queens.
    The Foundation has something like 5 million hectares to patrol and two ladies and a Colt (4x2) to do it. We took them out and went to places that they had never seen, the Dutch pair could not believe how capable 4x4 were and a comment overheard was "in Holland the only hill we have is to drive uphill to see the ocean" so 4x4ing to them is something totally new and strange. They will hopefully talk about this weekend for many years to come and also probably do some PRO work for SA as a whole.

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    If you can assist these guys in any way please contact Ziggy at [email protected] or contact me at the numbers below and I will ensure contact is made or whatever needs to happen, happens.
    Honeybee is very definitely getting involved in a big way and hopefully you will too
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    Thanks Dave for that informative info. Its appreciated.


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