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    Re: Land Cruisers too uneconomical?

    Sent a PM
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    Re: Sun Visor - Prado 120

    As JWR said - I got one from Toyota (with a mirror) for R600. Mine is the VX, but I got the GX's one. It almost matches ::)
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    Sun Visor - Prado 120

    Does anyone know where I can get a driver's Sun Visor for a Prado 120? Toyota want R1800 for one and Gemini Auto Parts don't do them. I really don't need the mirror and light at the back of it.
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    Re: Can I just unplug a chip?

    You need to have it uninstalled by someone who knows what they're doing.

    Personal opinion - take it out an chuck it. There is nothing that a chip can do for that motor if it already has a turbo...
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    Re: SUV or Double cab with canopy?

    I use my SUV for touring. I have a drawer system and remove the middle row of seats. I made a platform to replace those seats and have acres of space in the vehicle - and we're comfortable. I use a...
  6. Sticky: Re: Stuck in no man's land-what to have and what to do.

    As far as I'm aware, deep sea fishing craft are still equipped with flares. You can probably get hold of those - just be careful when using them, you don't want to set the bush alight.
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    Re: Where do you have to stop for a "meal"

    On the way to the passes in the Eastern Cape - Buckley's in Smithfield. We're starving when we go through Bloem, but we hang on for Buckley's
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    Re: Violence, looting and protests in Lusaka

    Here's an Engelsman referencing Siener - he was quite clear on the fact that when a revered (popular) Zulu leader was killed / died (he suggests killed) then there would be a violent uprising and...
  9. Re: Wonderful Predicament. Need some input please. LC 200 vs Prado

    If the price allows it - look at the V8 petrol. I believe that it's not as heavy as people think - and the reliability is there.
  10. Re: Cheaper National Luna 90l twin at Outdoor Warehouse?

    As I understand it, the old one has the Danfoss compressor and the new is their own compressor.
  11. Re: 10 Reasons Why you should NOT build a Heavy 4WD Tourer

    Had a client with the VERY heavily kitted Patrol. He wanted to add quite a few things. I did a calculation for him and said that I wouldn't fit it as it was already overloaded.

    He simply went to...
  12. Re: New Land Rover Defender - World Premiere 10 Sep 2019

    Don't like it - don't buy it.
    Like it and can afford it - buy it.
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    Re: Prado 120 ARB Bumper wanted

    A far better one is the one from Summit4x4 - you can hardly tell the difference between it and the ARB. It's brackets also have crumple zones.
  14. Grand Cherokee Re: Heavier duty rear coil springs required for Jeep Grand Cherokee Wj

    Just be careful with measuring coils and wire width. We replaced a set of coils the other day, with 22mm wire (manufactured locally), with a set of imported coils of 16mm, with the mounts being 12mm....
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    Re: Spotlights Advice - No more Lightforce!

    Morning. That's weird - I've had mine for years - not even a broken globe. Because of the material they use, they're not supposed to break - ever (or nearly :-)) Speak to Darrel or Pieter at Opposite...
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    Re: Prado 120 series Pics/Mods/Upgrades etc.

    I used the Phillips X-Treme vision. Such a difference - don't even use my spots anymore. They're around R450.
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    Re: Longer/Upgraded Coils on Standard Shocks

    To add to what everyone is saying, - spacers, especially at the back, will give you no more ground clearance (your axle and diff will stay the same height) - it's really only bigger tyres that will...
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    Re: Nissan Patrol rear springs

    We have raised coils for both vehicles. Not sure why you would want to put the Patrol's on the Pajero. The Patrol also has slightly different heights for Left and Right. Probably not a good idea for...
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    Re: Prado suspension questions

    I've had OME, Tough Dog and now Pedders on my Prado. Loved the ride on Tough Dog and Pedders. Foam cell performance is just better than gas - 8 hours on the Binga road and the damping was the same at...
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    Re: PRADO 120 Overland

    Itís a given that youíll need to replace the suspension. Stock doesnít carry loads well. I also removed my middle row of seats and made a platform that uses their mountings. Gives you a huge amount...
  21. Re: Jimny damage on roof where the roof rack fits on to the roof

    I said that, but because the track is metal, it spreads the load along the length of the track.
  22. Re: Jimny damage on roof where the roof rack fits on to the roof

    This, in the main, is why I'm not a great fan of the new FR racks. Back before the mecano type packing and construction they used to use tracks - much like Big Country and Eezi Awn. Although you...
  23. Thread: Rhodes passes

    by gavpike

    MediaRelease: Re: Rhodes passes

    Yes - it is. If you go from Rhodes to Maclear and do Naude's Nek and Bastervoetpad - it's a helluva long day and you don't want to do that it the dark!

    You can stay in Rhodes and do a lot of it,...
  24. Thread: Rhodes passes

    by gavpike

    MediaRelease: Re: Rhodes passes

    I was there in January. Still nothing as far as I'm aware. It's a pity.
  25. Thread: Rhodes passes

    by gavpike

    MediaRelease: Re: Rhodes passes

    A week is enough. Take your fly rods with you.

    I would base myself in Rhodes. You can make it from Joburg in a day, but it's a long drive. I often sleep over in Smithfield as it makes the next day...
  26. Re: Fitting internal sensors for a TPMS - is it necessary to rebalance?

    You're only debeading around the valve. It shouldn't be necessary to rebalance, but do it for peace of mind anyway.
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    Cleaning armrests?

    My vehicle, like me, is getting on a bit. Years of driving around with the windows open and resting my arm on the vinyl window sill have left an oily residue (grime) on the sill.

    I have tried...
  28. Re: Rhodes trip report - a stayover at Kinmel and a visit to Tiffendell

    Many of my family live around there and I travel those roads fairly often, but drop my pressure to 1.6 before I hit them and then they become quite acceptable.
  29. Re: Rhodes trip report - a stayover at Kinmel and a visit to Tiffendell

    A bit different ::)
  30. Re: Rhodes trip report - a stayover at Kinmel and a visit to Tiffendell

    At some of those night time temps there, the frost just nails everything. No surprise it's brown. Beautiful part of the world. Hope you did some of the passes there?
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    Re: Grand vitara snorkel help

    Just be careful. Check everything before trying to fit. Some GV's take it easily, others don't and you have to butcher the vehicle and air-intake. IMHO, it's not worth it.
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    Re: Wild coast trip

    Facebook - Transkei Places & faces is a mine of useful information and unexpected gems in this area.
  33. Re: Commander wheel carrier bumper fabrication? Gauteng.

    Try Bruce at Summit4x4 - they might be willing to give it a go.
  34. Re: Commander wheel carrier bumper fabrication? Gauteng.

    This was done a number of years ago, and I can't remember who did it. I think that JKA might have had something to do with it, but was pretty sure that Maniac did the front and rear bumper.
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    Re: Navara D40 Body Lift

    Just be careful with how big you go. You want (or maybe you don't) to avoid have to lenghten all of the things that go into the cab to make them work properly.
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