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  1. Re: Amarok Oil Change - LiquiMoly Toptech 4600 - opinions

    This is a bit of minefield. There is a 501.x spec as well as a 503.x and then a 507. The ravenol i use if all 507 and higher, but you can use 501 or 503 (I cant recall which) for the amarok. Check...
  2. Re: Amarok Oil Change - LiquiMoly Toptech 4600 - opinions

    I use ravenol. Look them up on the website and see how they compare. I am sticking with them.

    Also have you done all the other Fluids. I try and do everything around every 100k or so. Radiator,...
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    Re: 2.8 GD6 questions

    I just had to fit a battery to my amarok which was around R2300. I normally just go to dixon, but I thought let me just get a quote from the VW parts guys for their economy line. They were about R300...
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    Re: 2.8 GD6 questions

    I bought my wife one just before the lockdown and this weekend I drove it for the first time while I was in Durban. Hers is a 4x4 auto which i must say seems very nice in general. I did not notice...
  5. Re: Towing with a Hilux V6. Jurgens Exclusive

    As mentioned you can tow up to the tare mass of the tow vehicle legally, with overrun brakes. After that you can still go up to the tow mass of the tow vehicle provided you have coupled brakes. I...
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    Re: amarok missed service

    I agree with others here. I service every 10k, but I use very high quality Ravenol Oils which I am sure would be good for 30 000km service intervals. When i am in Dbn through I tow a very heavy boat...
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    Re: Can electric cars work in South Africa

  8. Thread: Inverters

    by stephenplumb

    Re: Inverters

    This is a great testimony. I bought an axpert/mecer/... and to be honest it was fine as a UPS, and I have added some panels to it now, but it is a far from optimised setup.

    Since then Covid has...
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    Re: Vibration on Amarok steering

    how old is it? I noticed some new noises while I was driving down Van Reenens but I was towing around 2500kgs and it only seemed to be present when I had been braking for some time. I have bought new...
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    Re: Reverse Subsidising the Grid Tied Users

    This is very true, but for most people going off, or partially off grid is not a trendy choice, but a necessity because of the failure and unacceptably high cost of eskom. They have landed themselves...
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    Re: Winch on Hilux GD6

    Peter has a pretty good idea what he is on about. He did the winch plate/tow bar on my amarok, but I only fitted the winch much later in JHB. I agree with the cable on boat duty. I fitted a synthetic...
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    Re: Winch on Hilux GD6

    I would look at this approach ^ if you feel you need it? I fitted a winch to my amarok and thus far have not felt the need to add anything extra. I did however examine the option and i saw ironman...
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    Re: Amarok Winch

    I did mine at home. May be able to find some pics somewhere. Have you got a low profile winch or are you still shopping?

    I hid my winch controller behind the driver side front fog light, but I am...
  14. Re: Anyone know this Amarok (White 2014 BiTDI Highline Auto)

    I bought my ford ranger from a dealership in Joule Street. A friend of mine from Boksburg said that the guys in boksburg would be scared of dealing with a guy in Joule Street! I had just moved up...
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    Defender Re: 300Tdi Exhaust

    You get to 100? Only kidding, but speed is not the long suite of the D1 Tdi. I always found mine adequate, to use the rolls royce phrase of days gone by. I had issues with the lockup clutch not...
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    Re: Advice required on buying an Amarok

    Totally agree on low range manual. I love my old 90Kw donkey. She is no fan of hills when towing the boat, but man once in low range it is unstoppable on the beach. NO revving, no histrionics, just...
  17. Poll: Re: Poll: Will you buy the new Ford engineered and built Amarok?

    I currently own an amarok and would probably be hard pressed to consider another brand. Not because of brand loyalty, but I can move my canopy, winch and other goodies to as well as the fact that I...
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    Re: Trailer Anti-sway on gd6

    If it was a VW you could hook in VCDS and see exactly what is going on. I would assume Toyota have a similar tool, however I am not sure if there is an aftermarket equivalent to VCDS, so you may have...
  19. Re: Fortuner with very impressive fuel consumption.

    I just received the front an rears in my office an hour or so back. Also have a new set of pads for the amarok, but will be a long time before I fit hte discs to the fortuner as it is still a long...
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    Re: Fridge For hilux 2.8

    I have not ever bothered with this, but I am sure it is pretty straight forward. If you want to have the it permanently mounted with racks and drawers and things it is quite a big project.

    If you...
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    Re: Right-sizing an outboard motor

    Does the hull have an HP rating? I would tend to err on the high hp side but people use pontoon boats for skiing and tubing, and then for just puttering around. 6M is a big vessel so I assume you are...
  22. Re: Best place in Gauteng to play with my Freelander

    Not sure if this is a forum option, but my wife has recently taken delivery of a Fortuner and wants to know how to use it. As anyone knows this information cannot be passed on from a significant...
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    Fortuner Re: Shocks replacement

    If you can afford it, go for the bilsteins from Mikkems. They also have the tools to adjust the valving etc so if you find them too hard then he can adjust them and he can also rebuild them so it...
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    Re: Transporter Project advice.

    Regarding your comment on the shocks aren't they bilsteins? If so you can take them to Mikems and he can fiddle with the setting.

    He said that they are quite stiff from the factory. This...
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    Discovery 2: Re: TD5 Excessive water pressure

    I have heard of engineering shops that refuse to honour any guarantees unless not only the radiator, but all the water pipes are all replaced. I tend to agree with this sentiment.

    To the OP, I...
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    Re: Towing with GD6 Auto...

    yes the old girl is not too hasty, but when towing heavy, I like to take it easy and keep it around 100km/hr anyway. Its amazing how people will cut in front of you when you have around 5 tons trying...
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    Re: Things to do on an Amarok

    I have been using ravenol. I am trying to recall, but i think i do it every 80kish or so when I do the cam belt .

    I spoke to James and he hooked me up with everything.
    I do,
    RAdiator Fuild...
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    Re: Towing with GD6 Auto...

    This is interesting. I towed my Ski boat yesterday from Umhlanga to Hillcrest with my amarok. I towed a merc c Class to durban last week and I was around 2100kgs all in, and it went very well. My...
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    Defender Re: TD5 whine with acceleration

    Having had a few TDi blowups and a TD5 headcrack, I am totally paranoid about the cooling system. Diesels get toasted so quickly when overheated that it is just not worth the hassle. I would not even...
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    Re: Touareg transmission oil change

    Thats cheap compared to a new/reconditioned gearbox. I do my amarok every 120k ish but that is a manual and also about 3kish for radiator, brake fluid, Power Steering, Front and Rear diff, transfer...
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    Re: Amarok Chip or Re-map

    You are totally correct of course. The point is that simply adding fuel is a pointless exercise as it needs additional air in order to combust. Many of the modern engines are closed loop control...
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    Re: Amarok Chip or Re-map

    For those considering this I would highly commend some quality time on Gale Banks Youtube channel.

    All the remapping options just result in more diesel being shoved into an engine that was not...
  33. Re: I need your honest opinion - Pajero Sport

    Probably off topic, but I bought one of the very first amaroks. Knowing that i would hold onto it for some time, I insisted that all filters were replaced at every service. Do you know VWSA could not...
  34. Re: I need your honest opinion - Pajero Sport

    I recently was in the same boat and bought a fortuner, but I very much liked the look of the Pajero and also don't forget to look at the Isuzu MUX. I dismissed the pajero on the basis that the diesel...
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    Re: Darkside Developments Amarok v6

    Thanks have sent them an request for quote.

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