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    2.7TDV crankshaft issues

    I browse some Jaguar forums having a 2.2 XF myself, and came across this interesting post. Looks like the OP hung in there for a sizeable pay-out by JLR. Dirk - sorry this may need to be transferred...
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    Re: Disco 1 & 2 gutter plastics

    So only R5250 (plus postage and import duty) for a full set! :):):)
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    Re: Garmin Montana 610 issues

    I had similar problems after I had spent ages on my PC using T4A then transferred it to my Garmin 610. When I chose my "Day 1" it would chunter along, show the map, but when I pressed "GO" it said...
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    Re: Advice Wanted on a telescope

    Nice photo Lanties, I need to get into astrophotography.
    Re the comments on only b&w through the eyepiece, must admit I too was under-whelmed by this. However, with assistance from a brother in USA...
  5. Re: Cirrus Intercooler for Discovery 2 TD5 Auto

    OK, so I wasn't exactly overwhelmed with responses, but I'll record m
    y thanks to Jacobs1wp for his pm advice.
    I couldn't find any other info on our forum,
    but on checking the AULRO website, it...
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    Ctek Chargers

    My Disco 2 Td5 sits in the garage for around 6 months each year, and I need to get a smart charger to keep the battery in best condition. The battery installed is a 90Ah unit and I also have a 43Ah...
  7. Re: Long shot but I'm in need of a tensioner pulley for 300tdi

    I had the same problem several years ago in Mozambique, except my bearing collapsed and fell out into the sand. We got home (to Malawi at the time - 300km further on) by using the aircon belt in...
  8. Cirrus Intercooler for Discovery 2 TD5 Auto

    I am looking at fitting one of these in the new year - I got a good quotation, but before I go ahead - a question. Is there any difference in the fitting details of the uprated intercooler between...
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    Re: Route Calculation Error

    Hello again Johann,
    I think I've solved it. My start point is from my home road in a Hillcrest suburb, and this road does not show up on T4A except after I've driven it when a blue trail marker is...
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    Re: Route Calculation Error

    Hello Groenie, thanks for coming back to me.
    My T4A is version 13.10, I bought it new.
    I checked through all the other maps which were enabled on my Montana 600 and have disabled them all except...
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    Defender Re: Lt230 sump extender

    Got mine from Mike Mechanics in PMB a couple of years ago for R900.
  12. Re: Best Route from Clarens to Nieu-Bethesda please

    Aliwal, then Burgersdorp where you have to take a lunch stop at Hagenhuis just after you enter the town. This is always a highlight for us on our way down to the Cape from KZN. Happy travels, Nieu...
  13. Re: Advice on March trip through the Cederberg

    Thanks Etienne, I've now ascertained that the name of the route is the "Bedouw river 4x4 trail". Blogs seem to indicate it is about 5-6hrs duration, but not too difficult (grade 3-4). I'm attracted...
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    Route Calculation Error

    Planned to visit Wartburg (KZN) today, I know the route well, but wanted to see which way the T4A on my Garmin Montana would take me. I select "where to", confirm KZN, and enter "Wartburg". When I...
  15. Re: Advice on March trip through the Cederberg

    No, not exactly, it is on the other side of where the old postal road meets the road north from Wupperthal. No road numbers available on the map. Can't copy and paste it unfortunately, but looking...
  16. Advice on March trip through the Cederberg

    I've booked into Cederberg Oasis for 3 nights as part of our "grand trip" in March (just me and Swambo in our Disco2). From there we head north on the "road" to Wupperthal (we've done that before and...
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    National Luna 60L twin unit

    I bought our fridge/freezer from Outdoor World around 3 years ago. We have it switched off for around 6 months when we are out of the country, and then use it as either a back up in the house or when...
  18. Re: Anyone for a three night (2 day) Adventure?

    hello Peter,
    First off, yes we are interested. We did a Lesotho trip earlier this year - in at Fouriesburg and out at Naude's nek. Thought about a detour to Selabathebe, but postponed that till...
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    Re: Camera 12v switched supply

    Thanks guys for the heads-up. I'm all sorted now - followed your diagram and info ;D;D;D
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    Camera 12v switched supply

    I've got a front windscreen mounted video camera for my 2004 Disco ES Auto Td5 and need to locate a switched 12v supply (so that the camera is active only when the ignition is on). I've checked the...
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    Sticky: Re: My Story - TDV6 PSA/DT17 Lion Motor

    Same engine used in some Jaguar models. So it IS a widespread problem with the TDV6.
  22. Re: Malawi Dcember 2018 returning through Mozambique

    I think 3 days in the Zomba region will be too long. Zomba mountain reserve still has some nice areas, but it is quite intensively de-forested now. If you are keen on climbing then Mulanje would be a...
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    Td V6 and 2.2L Freelander engines

    Thinking about getting a Jaguar XF as a replacement flat car (I'm not changing the Disco2!). I've seen some good deals on 4-5 year old models. Can anyone confirm if the Jaguar 3L V6 and 2.2L diesel...
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    Dark sky accommodation

    Looking for a recommendation for a "dark sky" self catering option in or near KZN midlands. I'm a keen astronomer and will prefer somewhere out of the way with no street lighting, intrusive night...
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    New T4A Paper Map

    We just completed a great trip from Hillcrest up to Johannesburg to visit friends, then down via Heilbron, overnighting in Fouriesburg. Next day into Lesotho at Peka Gate. The new roads in Lesotho...
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    Re: Disco 2 wheel nut covers

    Thanks, I've just now added a 27 socket to my wheel removal kit.
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    Disco 2 wheel nut covers

    We did Sani top the other day, great scenery for a change (always been cloudy and misty before). On the way down my tyre alarm started up and after checking decided it was OK to get on to Underberg...
  28. Thread: Roof lining

    by Mr Bounce

    Discovery 2: Re: Roof lining

    Also very interested for my D2. Had my old D1 done down here in Durban a few years back, but not the greatest. Could George/Thys give some indication of price?. I'd make a plan to visit friends in...
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    Discovery 1 Re: Engine Monitor on 3.9i

    +100%. I have the TD5 in my Disco 2, with a MadMan EMS. Changed the coolant yesterday, thought I'd done everything to the book, but there was still an airlock hiding in there. Out driving last night...
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    Scratch repair

    May be common knowledge, but after our recent 3-week trip through various bush locations, there was plenty of scratches all over the sides and bonnet of the Disco 2 which I thought I'd have to accept...
  31. Re: Disco 2 ES Td5 driver's electric seat adjustment u/s

    Thanks guys, great response, it was indeed a yellow relay, but at the back of the seat just above the CD shuttle. On reflection it must have come out while we were on our way down to Die Hel. All...
  32. Disco 2 ES Td5 driver's electric seat adjustment u/s

    We're home after a great 3-week trip around E. Cape. One problem during the trip (other than a couple of tyre issues), the drivers seat adjustment motor has said howzit, after I moved it forward to...
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    Visiting W Cape.

    Hi guys, some advice please. I'm on holiday with Swambo, from KZN, and have travelled down via E. Free State, Nieu Bethesda, Graaf Reinet, and now we are in Prince Albert. Tomorrow we intend to go...
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    Re: Old Louvain Rd/Voortrekker Pass

    OK, I think I got the required info from "Mountain Passes of South Africa". Great source of information. Hope they will allow a single vehicle.
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    Old Louvain Rd/Voortrekker Pass

    I'm planning another trip to E. Cape for later this month, and have scheduled in a day's trip from Die Hel to Knysna (we'll be spending 2/3 nights at Die Hel). Ever keen to take the less travelled...
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