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  1. Re: Soon to be new to 4x4! Need some advice

    If you are only looking at Toyota and have blinkers on then you are throwing away R25K to R35K straight away ... Toyota enjoys a good resale value, why, because people look at them with blinkers on...
  2. Re: Patrol vs Cruiser: my impressions and thoughts

    That is a seriously good buy ... so much car for so little money.
  3. Re: Would you help someone in distress? My story….

    Crazy story, how can this happen. I have helped out and have been helped out on occasions. I will ALWAYS try and help. Seriously I recently stopped at a situation that I was wary of (a taxi) .. took...
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    Re: Peugeot landtrek

    I also recall reading quite a while ago that there was some tie up between Nissan and Peugeot on the project.
    My opinion they will sell a few, very few probably half of what Merc are selling....
  5. Re: Global NCAP zero stars for the 2019 Nissan NP300 Hardbody

    I have to agree with Johan here. The Nissan 200 has a dismal rating, the NP 300 even worse. As for the Datsun GO its a shame they are allowed to sell it and it's a modern design. Yes, standards move...
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    Re: Which 12v fridge to choose from?!

    After having many a heated argument on the forum about my 3way fridges I eventually bought an Engel 40L. This was many years ago and to date it has not let me down in spite of really bad abuse and...
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    Re: Solar power questions.

    For your application it will make no difference if it's 1x 100w or 2x 50w panels. You will need to parallel them if you are presumably using a PWM controller to charge the battery. The 18 volts is a...
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    Re: R350 000.00 What would you buy?

    Reenen, something wrong there. The 3,2 motor is one of the very best ever made, they are high mileage vehicles that keep on going. That "family" needs to look at their service records or cheap engine...
  9. Re: Connecting backup batteries of differing capacity's

    shoot my Hillbilly approach down .... spot on actually, why shoot it down ? ;D;D
    The only thing wrong is you want the left over batteries, would do much better in my system ;D

    On a serious note...
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    Re: The Rock 4X4 - 40km outside Mosselbay

    Looks like a very soft rock ... ;D
  11. Re: 220 v standup fridge 170 ltr in offroad caravan

    I have three of those fridges, 2x 12v DC and 1x 220v AC. None of them are very efficient. The 12v fridges really kill a battery (150AH) overnight, no low power cutt off ... and the 220v one running...
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    Re: Off the beaten track camping ideas

    Burchell's Route on the Prince Albert's pass between Plet and Uniondale. I really enjoy it. Only 3 1/2 hours from PE but that lets you get up later or do a bit of 4x4ing ;D
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    Re: Vehicles with SAP VIN Numbers

    I have been through this THREE times ..... DON'T DO IT ....................pleeeeese
    The insurance company owns the vehicle, let them keep it. You can PM me if you want to know a long story .. :-X
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    Re: Grenadier.... What do we know about it?

    The drive train will make or break this vehicle. I sincerely hope the chosen engines are bullet proof. You simply cannot have fancy electronics that let you down when it get wet or smells a bush ......
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    Re: Grenadier.... What do we know about it?

    The drive train will make or break this vehicle. I sincerely hope the chosen engines are bullet proof. You simply cannot have fancy electronics that let you down when it get wet or smells a bush ...
  16. Re: Kleinkrantz 4x4 or Vleesbaai? (For Beginner)

    I would go to Kleinkrans. You can go on your own at your own pace and let him get the feel of his car. Not far to drive and less than half the price of Vleesbaai. If he likes it, round 2 off to...
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    Re: Good Aluminium/ SS Canopy

    Get hold of Grobbie (forum member, not very active though) in George. If you want his details PM me. He builds to your requirements and easily matches the very best from any other manufacturer at way...
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    Re: Swap 15W panel for a 10W

    To my small brain this sounds crazy. Assuming the panels are both "12v" panels then amperage is drawn as the pump requires is. You could theoretically put a 100w 12v panel on your pump and it would...
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    Re: Isuzu KB240 vs KB350

    The 240 and 350 were both very good engines. The 240 was the old Opel SOHC motor which is ultra reliable. They replaced the earlier KB200 & KB260 and the 320 V6. These motors were all dogs in my...
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    Re: Are Discovery 4's really that bad

    Save tons of money, buy a late model Pajero, kit it with everything and go touring ... anywhere with your change. Use it in town, on a trail or for overlanding.Probably the most overlooked luxuary...
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    Re: Analog vs digital battery load tester

    When loading the battery on the amperage scale simply keep your eyes (safety glasses ...) on each cell. Normally a dud cell starts boiling very quickly and the amperage drops off. Dud cell ='s dud...
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    Re: Analog vs digital battery load tester

    I can't help out on the digital. I have the old analog with a heating coil. I have had it many years and it really works well. Measures voltage and amperage. You test voltage, load for a few minutes...
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    Re: 6mm˛ or 10mm˛ for solar extension lead

    [QUOTE=HeavyG;4241710]I don't believe this is true at all. Any expert care to chime

    Ok, did some homework, you may in fact be right. My currents may have been crossed ... it seems more applicable...
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    Re: 6mm˛ or 10mm˛ for solar extension lead

    Per info, DC likes fine stranded wire, not solid house wiring type surfex etc. You will see in 99,9% of DC installations the wiring is fine many strands as DC travels around the perimeter of the...
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    Terios, would you buy ?

    I am in the market for a run around for my wife. We live on a farm and need some ground clearance under the car (her current Peugeot has less than a Ferrari)
    I am looking at a 2011 Terios that is in...
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    Re: Nissan Navara
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    Re: Adding batteries

    Just add the extra batteries, really. When adding them make sure all the batteries are fully charged though, in this way the system will be balanced. Remember that you cannot simply disconnect your...
  28. Re: Camp and 4x4 weekend 4-6 October '19 at Louvain Guest Farm

    Hi Adrian
    Most of us have been to Louvain, it's great. You have a PM as well. Yes, we need another get together ... ;D
  29. Re: Mountain Passes & gravel routes George area (Grondpad)

    Give me a ring .... O82 923 OI43 ;D
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    Re: Land Cruiser VX vs GX

    GX has solid axels back and front ;D The VX has torsion bars .... uuuggggg :-\

    Just buy the GX and enjoy ... not all the creature comforts but a MUCH better vehicle in my opponion anyway :)
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    Re: Nissan Patrol rear springs

    It's been done for years successfully. Gives a really good increase in height (remember your rear diff will stay the same ....) Also check that your shocks can take the extra length
  32. Poll: Re: What is the best/"not so best" looking D/C out there, voted by you the community.

    Voted Ford because they are good looking (excluding all the aftermarket rubbish) Would I buy one, never. ::)
    My second choice in looks is the good old Isuzu, would I buy one, absolutely my first...
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    Sticky: Re: Southern Cape members list

    Hi Johan
    Welcome. Keep posting, we are quiet at the moment but lot's still goes on. I will be in touch ;D
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    Re: Driving through Mozambique

    Agreed fully, those white shirt money/bribe takers .... if it say's 60 then it's 60 ... not 61 ..:mad:
  35. Re: Nissan X-Trail: which spare parts to take to Moz?

    Nissan are well represented in Moz. Dealers from Maputo to Pemba so really just basics. As said always a good quality tool kit (not chinese rubbish)
    and as you said maybe a fan belt and puncture kit...
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