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    Re: Swazi Border Restrictions

    My info. at this point is somewhat dated.
    Having said that we used to regularly travel through Swazi en route to Kruger from Pinetown (KZN).
    We travelled along the eastern side (lowlands) and...
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    Re: RIP Les March

    Although a long standing member of this forum and active overlander in Southern Africa in years past, he was most likely not well known to members here since he seldom posted.
    However to those of us...
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    RIP Les March

    We received shocking news this evening that our dear friend Les March had passed away on 2nd June while away in the Berg for a few days with his wife, Rani.
    Total shock.
    He and Rani had travelled...
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    Re: kWh Consumption Observations

    The Geyserwise makes a huge difference (I have three on our property), - with historical records of overall consumption for the whole property including our own residence. (NOTE: Other steps to...
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    Re: engine temperature is very high 🔥

    I think he may be referring to the ambient temp. outside, not the vehicle ?
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    Re: Loziba Wild Camping

    Where is this place ?
    Near to Durban or Richards Bay ?
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    Ever heard of this solar company?

    Fixed solar system:

    Versofy SOLAR
    Any experiences, warnings, recommendations?
    We have to maak some kinda...
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    Re: Compare Tsendze camp to Balule

    The ONLY downside I can think of for Tzenzi is the close proximity of the day picnic area.
    IF you are there during the picnic site open hours, it can get a little distracting.
    However, overall, I...
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    Re: Fuel price and cost of 4x4ing

    Shorter trips less frequently is step one.
    I think that we are all (normal income folk) considering all options.
    As assisted by the good folk on this forum very recently regarding possibly selling...
  10. Re: eMshophi Campsite (uMkhuze Game Reserve) - Progress

    Thank you so much for the update.
    One of our favorite places but have not been there for many years.
  11. Re: GrŁezi, hello and goede dag from Switzerland!

    You are very welcome here and thank you for your interest in our beautiful country and continent (even if defective in many ways!).

    I have a special love for Swiss folk having worked for Swiss...
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    Re: Self-inflating advertising

    From experience, I will not touch any kind of inflating mattress.>:D
  13. Re: Kruger Camping.... Crocodile Bridge or Berg-en-Dal??

    I agree Croc Bridge.
    Not as commercial as Berg & Dal - easier access to main and other routes northwards where you will find less commercialized satellite campsites.
    Berg and Dal has a lot more...
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    Re: Crosroads------Again?

    Nee Rainier, hy is nie :)
    Hy volg net die pad van verandering in oudferdom.
    Ja, Henk, die pille, en die maande wat ewe meer vinnig verby trek. Die jare begin nou ook so maak. Dit is reeds amper...
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    Re: A Good Thermo Coffee flask??

    Stanley all the way. Take the price pain ONCE and it will last almost forever, most likely for your lifetime anyway.
    Mine is used every day (1.7 L I think) and has been for ?????? years.
    When after...
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    Re: Bush Camp trip through Kruger

    You just cannot believe how jealous I am.

    We stayed at Bateleur many years back with SWAMBO's late Mom and Dad (We took them there for four nights after having them at our timeshare cottage at...
  17. Re: Old AGM Batteries - what to do with them?

    The ADT technician did it but he told me that the normal charger on the system would be fine. As far as I know he left the original still OK small battery connected as well.
    Re: Electric fence -...
  18. Re: Old AGM Batteries - what to do with them?

    I have used an old battery from the Isuzu as an add-on to the standard small battery on my homes alarm system - it was near end of life then. Still going strong and my alarm system which includes the...
  19. Re: Solar panel "charging" from LED lighting ????

    Interesting, but then those old incandescent lights wasted just so much power in heat.
    The LED's a bit less.

    I was just surprised and wondered about it.
    Thank you all for the feedback on this -...
  20. Re: Solar panel "charging" from LED lighting ????

    I suspected as much, I was just surprised, I thought it needed natural outdoor light to function at all.
    Makes me think though, would it be worth putting the panel inside where lights are on anyway...
  21. Solar panel "charging" from LED lighting ????

    I just noticed something interesting by chance.
    I have my solar panel (90W) in an aluminum frame lying facing up on my worktable in my little workshop waiting to be put out in the sun when we get...
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    Re: License renewal???

    I can only assume (maybe incorrectly) that your friend did not renew the license annually and allowed it to expire.
    That generates monthly penalties and adds to the ultimate (normal) renewal fee....
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    Re: Mobi Lodge Experience

    Just take note that it is an old thread .....

    I have also have made this "mistake before.
    However, nothing wrong with reviving an old thread - they tend to get lost in time and frequently still...
  24. Re: Heavy fines on wild West Coast Camping - use of vehicle in coastal area

    Apologies:-[, I missed that.
  25. Re: Taking on the Ga -Ma Trails (By Invite) 23rd April to 1st May 2022

    "Eish !";D
    I am really enjoying the videos, tanks for those.
    I subscribe to your channel on utube and also appreciate the updates re orange river etc.
  26. Re: Heavy fines on wild West Coast Camping - use of vehicle in coastal area

    At THAT time the permits were free - you just needed to navigate the red tape to get them - all possible online.
    The fishing permits I think, may have a cost attached ? (I am not a fishing guy).
  27. Re: Anyone tried repairing NL fridge controller?

    I simply must comment here.

    We bought our NL Weekenderr with (as far as I am aware, anyway) the Danfoss set up.
    That was somewhere around 2009 or 2010 "ish". Was used for "normal" camping. then:...
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    Re: KZN GTG Aug.6 -9 ?

    All you good folk out there ...
    I sincerely apologize. :(:-[
    However, I need to opt out of this particular initiative started by myself.

    My dear SWAMBO is experiencing increasing physical...
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    Re: KZN GTG Aug.6 -9 ?

    Waiting for more info.
    Then I suggest a "list" of no more than 2 venues from the above list for serious consideration.
    Then facts re costs and facilities and (Oh yes, 4x4 off-road related info.)...
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    Re: So who is going camping this weekend?

    EISH !!
    You should have told me, maybe we would have joined you there.
    It is a great place.
    What did you folk think of it ?
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    Re: KZN GTG Aug.6 -9 ?

    I see that access to Eston 4x4 camping is no power at all and the access to the campsite is not OK for my caravan, so I would be "out".
    However that does not mean that others could not take...
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    Re: Eston 4x4 Valley Adventures

    Are there camping facilities ? It would seem so from your response.
    Space (No. of sites)?
    Is the road from the tar to the campsite doable with an on road small caravan ?
    I did see a video on...
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    Re: Eston 4x4 Valley Adventures

    Any update after the flooding ??
    A couple of questions:
    Camping ?
    Condition of road to the campsite and of the tracks following the flooding ?
    Being considered as a POSSIBLE venue for the Aug....
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    Re: KZN GTG Aug.6 -9 ?

    What are the feelings about camping with solar only? (Thinking Eston 4x4 ??)
    Does this option rule out anyone who would otherwise attend ?
  35. Re: Heavy fines on wild West Coast Camping - use of vehicle in coastal area

    This was the info. at the time. (Oct. 2016)

    You need to get permits for driving within 1 000 m of the coastline. There is presently no
    cost involved and they can be arranged online. You will need...
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