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    Re: Covid Testing

    Unfortunately you are bound to adhere to 72 hours validity (SA rules).

    But the good news is, there is a Diagnofirm lab in Gabs and when you arrive in the morning and do the test, the chance is the...
  2. Re: Practicality Covid testing coming from Europe through SA

    PCR testing at Diagnofirm would either be in Maun or Francistown.

    Reliability to get the results on time is key, so don't deviate to Government entities where the results could be delayed or you...
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    Re: South Africa, Botswana and Namibia

    It is in fact NOT a problem.

    The PCR test to enter Botswana has a 72 hours limit, so you arrange accordingly in SA.

    Namibia accepts the very same test for 7 days, so after entering Botswana you...
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    Re: Covid Testing

    The only choice for PCR testing after Khumaga is Francistown, which is at least 150km (back and fro) extra travel.
    Diagnofirm is the place to go either in F/Town or before leaving for Khumaga in...
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    Re: Covid Testing

    You don't need any tests to exit Botswana!
    You need a PCR test to enter Namibia and this can only be done at Diagnofirm in Kasane.
    Namibia allows you to enter within 7 days from testing (not...
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    Re: Route advice

    You can drive straight up from Kubu Island along the sand ridge and end up about 15 kms West of Nata on the Nata - Maun road.
    First reference point is the vet gate at the edge of the pan.
    I would...
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    Re: Botswana guided tour advice?

    Pat is the man :)
  8. Re: Covid19 PCR Test Kgalagadi Botswana campsites

    Not exactly the case as you are NOT crossing any borders and remain technically in SA.
    Compare this with passport stamping at borders, where would you do this in Rooiputs, Polentswa or Mabua when...
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    Re: covid 19 Polentswa

    You are NOT crossing any borders.
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    Re: Sesriem canyon floods

    Absolutely amazing, the speed and volume of the water arriving.

    Thanks for sharing
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    Re: 4x4 Trailer recovery in soft sand

    Instead of the conveyor belt (which I don't have) I use my recovery spade, pull the winch cable through the handle grip and place the spade blade under the jockey wheel.

    The spade acts as a slide...
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    Re: hunting vs camping in Botswana

    Let's just put this in simple terms.

    In no way have I mentioned in any way what my preferences are, you are simply assuming.

    Hunting in SA is mostly what it is called "canned hunting" meaning...
  13. Re: Troubling Experience in Mabua - Possible Poaching..?

    You are very likely correct in assuming local poaching.

    I guess it was not the gate staffers, they would have known the occupancy of the camp sites and not reacted surprised when they saw your...
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    Re: hunting vs camping in Botswana

    You are confusing the hunting on farms with effective hunting in the wild, as in concessions.

    It cannot be compared at all with what you call "hunting" in South Africa

    A hunting farm is NOT a...
  15. Re: Tlokweng Border Temporarily Closed

    Please check all main borders prior to select point of entry.

    Currently also Skilpathek / Pioneers Gate towards Lobatse closed for the same reason.
  16. Re: Route planning from Kgalagadi / Kaaa Gate to CKGR Passarge Campsite

    The border at Twee Rivieren and access to Mabua are open as from 15 Dec.
    So are the borders East to Tshabong.
    So this part should not pose an issue anymore.
  17. Re: 15 Dec 2020 Tourist borders open into BW

    A little spanner into the works.
    Diagnofirm has suspended all PCR testing until further notice.
    Reason is the intervention of the government in proclaiming a max charge of P 500.00 for private labs...
  18. 15 Dec 2020 Tourist borders open into BW

    As above, most smaller border posts opening on 15 Dec for tourism.
    This includes the borders on the Limpopo river, the entry into Kgalagadi and Western Botswana as well as Kasane from Zimbabwe and...
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    Re: Free Wild Camping in Western Cape

    I sleep as such on a country road off the N12 a few km before Victoria West (NC)

    You find those spots in nature areas like Cederberg where you can tuck away from preying eyes for the night.
  20. Re: Stuck on a hill with trailer, how to get out?

    Then you are not trying hard enough ;D
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    Re: Kasane to Maun via Savuti

    Mind the reservations for Savuti, you can't just rock up in the peak season.
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    Re: Dishwasher fix in Gaborone?


    DEFY has an outlet who does repairs on appliances in Commerce Park, not sure about other brands.

    Found the link:

    Good luck then.
  23. Re: Stuck on a hill with trailer, how to get out?

    That is actually a very interesting scenario in itself.
    My trailer does NOT have that flap and brakes when pushing backwards against some resistance be it lose sand or a slope.

    Now I got stuck on...
  24. Re: Stuck on a hill with trailer, how to get out?

    Okay, coming back to this thread, there are stories to share on reversing trailer down an obstacle.
    Let me just put two as an example.

    First and all I always travel with a trailer over the last...
  25. Re: Stuck on a hill with trailer, how to get out?

    Never ever unhitch a trailer on a steep hill and try to manoeuvre it by hand, you won't be able to control it.

    Apart, you will probably not be able to unhitch it in any case as the weight on pull...
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    Discovery 1 Re: Clutch Hell

    From Post #18
    Just as a test now, I fitted my original Slave Cylinder Thinking it can not be worst. AND Guess what the problem is gone. All Gears working 100%. I will admit I have to pump it a bit...
  27. Re: Damage to Disco/ Range Rover due to jumpstarting incorrectly

    The problem with this procedure is that if the donor vehicle is not running when connecting the cables the battery might drain rapidly if the faulty vehicle's battery has an internal short of sorts....
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    Re: Trans Botswana & Covid

    I can give an update of the info now.
    NAM has officially opened the Buitepos and Mamuno border with document stamped on 01 Dec 2020.

    The info however has only been spread today.
    So, all GREEN...
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    Re: Trans Botswana & Covid

    I learnt today that Buitepos / Charles Hill border is not open for tourism. Verify that on the NAM side.

    Unfortunaley not so.
    Skilpad / Tlokweng is 06:00 to 22:00 hrs (exceptions apply but...
  30. Re: Okavango: Any budget operators for solo woman traveller?

    I am doing mobile safaris with self drive but it is not economical for a single person.
    If it would work with a small group, then maybe.

    I know of Patrick from Ghanzi (Pat'n Wolf on the forum)...
  31. Re: Help Needed - Land Cruiser 200 - Repair Bill

    It seems a crazy quote but:

    - you would certainly have noticed water penetration into the vehicle with damp spots or smell
    - I guess they take advantage of the situation and recover a bit from...
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    Re: Emigrating to Botswana advice

    Under normal circumstances (not C-19) hospitality sector up North is quite lucrative. Best is to come in as an investor with some cash to throw at a business or start your own.
    We have quite some...
  33. Re: Trailer for Botswana travelling, GVM

    A trailer and tent is definitely NOT the solution to live in when travelling a lot. It can't be secured from theft or intrusive animals and has very limited, if any, shade or weather protection.
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    Re: Sutherland

    To be repeated when SALT is operational again, it is the highlight in the area for certain.

    I was always intrigued as why Sutherland temperatures are regularly much below the average of the...
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    Re: Why a "high lift jack"

    It is, used them many times when sunk in deep sand, then I learned and stopped earlier ;D

    A winch in slow gear and snatch block doubles the pulling power and a slow recovery is much safer than the...
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