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    Re: The technicalities of baking

    I prefer salted butter as it gives a better taste in fudge, shortbread cookies etc Margarine when it melts is too watery.
    Don't stack measuring jugs inside each other as it removes the markings,...
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    Re: Reward offered, I lost my rubber

    Measure the size of the hole and length of the pin then go to your nearest 3d printing shop and ask them to design and print one for you out of flexibles like tpu/tpe etc. I am just unsure of the...
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    Re: Diesel filter housing - 2006 Isuzu kb300

    The aluminium screw should be easy to drill out - just don't drill too deep, it should have the hole in the centre which you can guage the depth and use the hole as a drill guide. Try a lh thread...
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    Re: Amarok passenger door stuck closed

    Get the wurth white lube for the inside of the lock once you have stripped and cleaned it.

    After reassembly, test it by not closing the door but by closing the latch on the side of the door using...
  5. Re: VW Transporter - Location of dual battery

    No I don't do it commercially unfortunately - I had given one to a mate to use as a template but only found out now that he had repurposed it for another project. Any queries that you may have I can...
  6. Re: Extending modern Turbo-Diesel engine longevity, and city driving.

    It's a good idea to take a diesel up to high revs on every drive to allow the vanes on the turbo to operate, eliminating excessive carbon buildup, but not all the time. ;D

    Have seen too many...
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    Re: Ctek 250S + aux. battery problem

    Judging by the cables ties I would redo everything.

    I don't think the temp sensor is at fault - it will throttle the charge back, but still charge. You do need bigger or additional solar panels...
  8. Re: VW Transporter - Location of dual battery

    A portable battery solution is easier, the tie downs in the rear can be removed and the bolts used to secure a frame for the battery and or ammo boxes etc.

    I haven't checked the newer models but...
  9. Ford & Mazda Re: It's Happened-2013 2.2 DC 4x4 166 000km Turbo failed and caused engine damage

    In the engine bay where did they say the oil came from, where was all the oil laying.

    Unfortunately with it being stripped already we will not know if the turbo oil supply pipe was tightened...
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    Re: Stove and off grid?

    Check if your ignitors operate without power else you may have to invest in long matches.

    Gas oven beats electric hands down for baking/cooking, electric dries out the food whilst gas does not. ...
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    Re: Loadshed problem advice please

    If you do use a Hawkins load tester be careful of testing deep cell batteries as they are not designed to output that much current, you need a different current rating.

    Suggest a midtronics...
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    Re: Loadshed problem advice please

    Peter - you are simply put, a victim of the Julyass Dilemma effect ;D;D

    More was taken out than put back, time was not on your (our) side. Your system I would not change a thing, as you said it...
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    Re: Jury rigging an invertor

    That hawkins is an excellent charger but is not designed to float charge batteries etc. Intelligent chargers will be the best but starting at 15k and upwards - eish.

    Get a national luna battery...
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    Re: Jury rigging an invertor

    I only use diodes to cater for voltage drop on a sense wire on an alternator. But here the cotek will be drawing all its power through that diode - I would not do it unless it's a high power diode. ...
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    Re: Jury rigging an invertor

    When the charger nears full just reduce the charge rate from 5 to 1 and check the charging voltage to see if it makes a difference.
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    Re: Jury rigging an invertor

    Have a look at your inverter specs, my cotek did not like overvoltage caused by a transformer charger.

    If you can measure your voltage when it is near full charge it is possible that the voltage...
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    Re: Tata Indica engine install thread

    A solution might be to buy the triple guages - oil pressure, water temp and voltmeter.

    The golf water bottle needs the electronics to work - it is housed in a relay look alike box.

    Henris used...
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    Re: What causes this strange wear pattern?

    On my conti's I had similar wear and was informed that the tyres were just old.
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    Re: Very cheap 11-13V booster to 28V

    That is an amazing power house in a small package at a price you cannot ignore. I think it costs R100 now.

    Going to get flamed again but anyway ........

    I use that as my camping light solution...
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    Re: Very cheap 11-13V booster to 28V

    For 48v to 12v @ 2 amps -

    Generally speaking the higher amperage required the more expensive the converter becomes.

    If the led light has...
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    Re: Ticking noise on NP200

    It may be your Ignition timing or defective knock sensor if fitted. Have that checked as well as the above. If it sounds similar to rattling chains then try not to use full throttle.
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    Re: Chev Utility Front light

    Haven't done one, but would imagine that the bumper and grille would need to be loosened/removed to gain access to the lower headlight bolts - if it does need removal, put a blanket underneath to...
  23. Re: Help needed to repair Battery Operated Trike

    I mentioned it in case the charger was controlled through the controller.

    If one of the golf cart or forklift companies can direct you to an electronic specialist that repairs curtis and other...
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    Re: Isuzu flasher unit location?

    If you still have it opened up, look a bit higher up. It is deeper in. In other words on the firewall side, it is sort of isolated by itself. My bosses' isuzu relay was a black coloured one.
  25. Re: Help needed to repair Battery Operated Trike

    The motor will be a permanent magnet brush motor, easiest would be to remove the motor end cover and check inside. If the armature was damaged due to low or defective batteries, the chances of the...
  26. Re: Help needed to repair Battery Operated Trike

    NB: First things first - always remove the drive wheel off the ground first.

    Test the motor with 12v not 36v - mark and disconnect controller wires before testing.

    Check if there are any...
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    Re: Gsx 750 1981 camshaft exhaust needed

    Van der Linde Developments in kya sands. Vw 19tdi - 1 lobe repair on cam was about R 850.
  28. Thread: Power Hammer

    by HobieDave

    Re: Power Hammer

    Very well done, what size motor did you use?
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    Re: Simple water leak detector.

    Try a timer to check every few seconds or so, instead of continuously. You will see your probe metal change colour and will eventually be eaten away.

    You can try titanium for your probe.
  30. Re: Isuzu KB250 crank rear oil seal - please help?

    OK. I think I got it ;D

    So the seal comes with the metal ring that slides on the crank - also known as a speedi sleeve. So yes it will not leave grooves in the crank and will be destroyed on...
  31. Re: Isuzu KB250 crank rear oil seal - please help?

    The old seal may have worn a ridge into the crankshaft, so when the new seal goes in it does not seal properly. Also make sure there is no leak from the seal housing. Did you see the seals when they...
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    Re: Ultragauge type instrument for VW T5

    The T5's only became obdii compliant late in 2006 and onwards when they went full can. Can't remember the protocol used - think it is Kwp2000, but vcds can read it but not the other scan guage type...
  33. Re: The story of Shrek - My T5.1 Transporter 4motion

    Have a look at your rear aircon. Utilise it for your fridge and drawer system.
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    Re: Boat trailer tail lights

    Try looking at led as they are fully sealed.

    Ask if these are sealed
  35. Re: The story of Shrek - My T5.1 Transporter 4motion

    If you are planning on going through water that deep then you need to add this to your to do list.

    Make sure that you check your ebox - the fuse box underneath the battery for any cracks and...
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