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    Re: Your Lockdown Projects

    Looks nice! I saw something that I would like to do, they had used a nicely shaped tree branch.
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    Re: Your Lockdown Projects

    Cutest picture number 3! They are ready for a trip.;D
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    Re: Petrol evaporating from vehicle ?

    I had something similar; filled the tank and the vehicle was parked out in the sun. I guess with the heat build up in the tank it pushed some of the fuel out the overflow pipe. I don't know how much...
  4. Re: Fogging and decontamination - domestic to industrial

    This is a very necessary business which will become increasing evident in future. Thank you for your efforts.
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    Re: Mabua Pics - Aug 2019

    Nice pics.
    Wish I was there now!
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    Re: Chizarira update

    Great work! Hats off to all involved.
  7. Re: Adjustable air helper kits / Air springs advice please.

    Spot on. You want to inflate to fill out and support the springs and then load.
  8. Re: Hoeveel Km's op jou Jeep/How many km's on your jeep?

    You really need to get out more! :)
  9. Re: Would you help someone in distress? My story….

    Sorry for the ordeal you went through Chum, glad you are OK.

    It's very difficult to conceptualise than a person could be so callous to leave you in that predicament.
    Reading through the posts...
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    Re: Bathroom breaks at night in Botswana!

    Quick question; would you need to take the little blue pill after using the stay soft bottle????
  11. Re: Jeep WJ V8 - Unknown electrical current draw

    Hi Deo,

    Unfortunately I can not compare as I'm away. However, go to this site;

    Loads of Jeepers with WJs that can maybe offer an alternative explanation.
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    Re: Rats in wiring

    Check out this for a few things you could try;
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    Re: Limpopo Lipadi Private Game Reserve

    The reserve is made of of a conglomeration of privately owned farms with the purpose of conservation.
    There is accommodation, a lodge and campsite, in the reserve and you can take a guided game...
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    Re: Police clearance.

    Thanks for the reminder Tooi. They got us the first time, but not again.

    Also, when buying the insurance through Phoenix allow for sufficient time to receive it and print it out. Ours did not come...
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    Re: Post a Photo of your Camping Setup

    Thanks for the picture Gav. Looks like Parks have extended the wall to provide more wind protection. When we were there they only had a wall at the back of the site to block the wind. Are all the...
  16. Re: Zipper problem on Howling Moon Tourer RRT

    Great. I will check on that. We had some high wind situations on occasion which may have caused an issue.

    Thanks also for the advise to lube the zipper, I have heard rubbing candle wax on the...
  17. Re: Zipper problem on Howling Moon Tourer RRT

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. I will probably have to go this route, I don't want goggas in the tent.
  18. Re: Zipper problem on Howling Moon Tourer RRT

    Thanks Hunter, I will check on that and see if the material is twisted somewhere and check on the base too. It has gotten worse lately and now the shadenet is starting to tear in one spot.
  19. Zipper problem on Howling Moon Tourer RRT

    We have the Howling Moon Tourer RRT that has a U shaped bar that goes in over the tent door. The problem we are having is that when we put the bar in it is now creating tension on the shade net door....
  20. Re: Replacing flyscreen/mosquito gauze on windows - Xplorer

    The strongest glue would be a two part epoxy.
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    Re: Mokala National Park

    The best sites in my opinion are 1 and six since you will only have one neighbour and nice view of the waterhole.

    The staff are the best.
  22. Elephant poaching on the rise in Botswana
  23. Re: Booking in advance necessary in Gonarezhou NP

    In Zambia near Lusaka we met 2 tourists who were heading to Gonarezhou NP and we chatted for a while. According to them Zim is wide open at the moment with no tourists, so I doubt you will have any...
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    Re: 40 days - zambia part two

    To the best of my knowledge Flatdogs has closed. You may be referring to Bridge Camp. We stopped in there but unfortunately it has not been kept up, with the exception of one chalet which I would...
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    Re: Vehicle Police Clearance

    We passed through Kazungula on the 10 September and we were asked for our Police Clearance certificate.
    Please guys, if you are planning on using this border post, get one, it will save you time and...
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    Re: SIM Card for Nam, Bots & Zim

    PITA to get the card RICA took a while and then we didn't even use it.
  27. Re: Safety in single vehicle travelling from Pandamatenga to Robins Camp?

    I agree wholeheartedly, one's attitude went dealing with officials makes all the difference.
  28. Re: Community opposes Game capture in South Luangwa National Park

    Regarding the game capture in Kafue, we were told by an American tourist who was in Kafue at the time, that game capture did indeed take place there and ruined that part of his trip.

    I applaud you...
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    Re: 40 days - zambia part two

    A pity you did not visit Zikoma Camp, an alternate a little to the north-east of SLNP that I often recommend as a change from the camps around Mfuwe.[/QUOTE]

    I agree. Zikomo camp is in the Nsefu...
  30. Thread: Zambia 2019

    by Chuckzoo

    Re: Zambia 2019

    Hi, why not try the new campsite up at Busanga?
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    Broken roof rack bracket

    Just a reminder to all to check your brackets. We are travelling back to Bonnievale with one broken bracket. The petrol attendant helped put some rubber bits in to help support it, so hope it holds...
  32. Community opposes Game capture in South Luangwa National Park
  33. Re: Best route Muvv lodge (near Chirundu ) to South Luangwa NP?

    Thanks, dyslexia happens to the best of us, I presume😉.

    Thanks guys appreciate the responses, much obliged.
  34. Best route Muvv lodge (near Chirundu ) to South Luangwa NP?

    Which route do you guys recommend from Muvv Campsite to South Luangwa National Park.
    Google is showing one that skirts Kafue town and Lusaka, but not sure of the road conditions?
    Also, campsite...
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    Re: Phoenix insurance Zambia

    The Phoenix website just got hung up while trying to do the transaction.
    Did you guys use Chrome or Internet explorer?
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