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  1. KZN Ammo 150gr .308 CMJ Bullets: Pack of 200

    These bullets are an extremely attractive option for 3 gun style action shooters who reload for .308/7.62X51. This is a cost effective bullet that will function reliably in modern sporting rifles....
  2. Zartek Mini LED Torch 25 Lumen (inc batt)

    The Zartek Mini LED Torch is extremely compact and handy and can be attached to keyrings or slipped into pockets or vehicle glove compartments, so it can always be within reach when you need light...
  3. New Product! Herschell Industrial Degreaser 1 Liter

    Another great product from Herschell. This industrial degreaser will quickly strip away all oil and grease from any metal parts. This may be required during normal fiream cleaning and...
  4. New Product! 1834 Tactical - Edge Custom Carry - Glock17/19 IWB H

    We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking a new range of products made in South Africa by 1834 Tactical. This is a brand new product on the market and it looks to be of very high quality...
  5. New Product! Boot Covers-Gaiters Khaki

    Here is a product that is really handy for anyone who spends time walking in the bush. This is the ideal way to keep sand and ,especally, those irritating grass seeds out of your boots and socks....
  6. New Product! Herschell Leather Care Liquid 500ml

    Another new product this week. Herschell now make a quality leather care product. This spray on liquid can be used to clean and treat most leather products, keeping them in good condition and...
  7. New Product! Zartek Rechargeable LED Spotlight 750 Lumens

    We have a very versatile new rechargeable light in stock. This hand held spotlight is suitable for all emergency, security and general outdoor lighting requirements. Light, portable, robust and...
  8. Rifle Case/Shooting Mat

    We still have stock of the Vism Rifle Case/Shooting Mat combination. This is a fantastic option for shooters who transport precision rifles to the range and then need a quality shooting mat once...
  9. Every Day Carry Options.

    We have a range of holsters, belts and magazine pouches for EDC in stock. We cover most of the most popular pistols. We carry stock of a range of models from various reputable manufacturers. All of...
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    327 Hornady Pistol Dies.

    We have Hornady die sets in stock for the three most popular pistol calibers. These high quality dies will deliver high quality pilstol ammo and give many years of service.

    Hornady 3 Die Taper...
  11. Vital Anti-Bacterial -Insect Repellant

    This is an excellent product for this time of the year. If you are spending any time in the Bush or even outdoors in the city, insects are a constant nuisance. This product can be sprayed or soaked...
  12. Holsters and Magazine Pouches

    We have a comprehensive range of holsters and magazine pouches for many of the popular handgun models. This range can be viewed at the link below.

    Holsters and Magazine Pouches

  13. C-Tek Battery Chargers

    We have a comprehensive range of C-Tek battery chargers in stock. These intelligent battery chargers test and condition the battery while they charge it, keeping your battery in optimum condition....
  14. Herschell Multi-Purpose Spray 150ml and 300ml

    We have this excellent multi purpose spray in stock.

    It will Lubricate, Protect metals from Corrosion, Dissolve rust, Displace water, clean solvents. It is recommended for maintenance, assembly...
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    349 Range Gear.

    Hi All.

    I would just like to remind you all, especially that sports shooters, that we have a comprehensive range of quality range gear at great prices.

    We have range bags, ammo storage boxes,...
  16. Esbit CS75S Stainless Steel Solid Fuel Stove

    We still have stock of these fantastic little Esbit solid fuel stoves which are great for emergency situations or as a backup for other cooking solutions. Please note that the stock we have may...
  17. New Product! ATN X-Sight HD 5-18X

    This scope from ATN brings technology and features unheard of in the history of scope design. It is packed with usefull features that will be of value to casual hunters or proffesionals alike and I...
  18. Blood Group Velcro Patches.

    We have a range of Velcro attachable patches for the display of Blood Type. We have the six most common Blood types available. They come in sets of three with high visability and tactical colour...
  19. New Product! Lee Pacesetter Dies for 7.62X39

    We now have stock of the Lee Pacesetter dies for 7.62X39. These dies will enable you to load quality reliable ammuntion for any rifle chambered for this cartridge.

    Details and purchases here:
  20. New Product! Glow Stick - Small - Emergency Illumination Pack

    We have a new style of Glow Stick in stock. Smaller than the one we have stocked for a while now. These are ideal for packing into Go Bags or First aid kits. They have a hook at one end and cord...
  21. New Product! Havalon Knives.

    We are excited to anounce this new range of knives that we are now stocking. Havalon knives have created a completely new and exciting way for outdoorsmen to always have a razor sharp knife at his...
  22. Back in Stock. Streamlight Protac 1L

    We have received new stock of these quality EDC tactical lights. Small and Durable, they are ideal for EDC. THey can also be mounted to firearms with an appropriate mount. 180 lumen output is...
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    357 Glock Magazines.

    Hi all.

    Just a reminder that we have a range of Original Glock Factory magazines in stock.

    The full range can be viewed and purchased at the link below.

    Glock Magazines
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    345 Reloading components.

    We have a wide range of reloading components available. From Cast bullets to jacketed bullets for sports shooting, Self defence or Hunting. Some popular caliber once fired cases and premium brand...
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    453 Firearm Maintenance.

    We have a wide range of products available for general firearms maintenance. Everything from firearm specific tools to general tools as well as a wide range of cleaning, lubrication and...
  26. New Product. Gear Keeper Low Tension Sidearm Tether

    This product is aimed mainly at the Security Industry but may be usefull to any civilian who worries that criminals may target them for their fiream and try a snatch and run type of attack. The...
  27. New Products! New models of Alien Gear Holsters.

    We have added a couple of new models to our range of Alien Gear Holsters. This was due to specific requests for these models. Unfortunately the volume of stock we could get was very small so if you...
  28. NcStar/Vism Folding Dump Pouches

    We have plenty of stock of these very handy Folding Dump Pouches. They can be attached to any Molle system tactical vest or battle jacket/load bearing vest or can be worn on a belt. They are very...
  29. Tactical Rifle Slings.

    We have a comprehensive range of rifle slings, particularly suited to Modern Sporting Rifles. Ideal for use in the Security or training environment where rifles need to be carried comfortably and...
  30. Flameless Ration Heaters and Single Meals.

    Here are two products that compliment each other nicely. The Flameless Ration Heater and our Single ready to eat meals. When out in the bush and you get hungry, nothing beats an easy way to get...
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    493 Spyderco Knives.

    We have a couple of the more popular Spyderco knife models in stock. Ideal models for EDC and general utilty purposes.

    Spyderco Endura4

    Spyderco Endura4 Emerson Opener
  32. Back in Stock! Glow Stick Emergency Illumination Pack.

    Another popular product back in stock after quite a long absence. Great for emergency situations wher you need to see or be seen. These provide enough light to allow you to read maps in the dark or...
  33. Back in Stock! More MTM Case-Gard products.

    Hi All.

    We have received more stock of our most popular MTM Case-Gard products. The 9mm and .45 100 round ammo boxes. The exchange rate has hit the price on the newly landed stock but we have...
  34. Back in Stock! MTM Case-Gard P-50-44

    We have received new stock of this stock item. It is designed for the larger caliber revolver cartridges like 44 Remington Magnum and 45 Long Colt and holds 50 rounds.

    All details and purchases...
  35. Back in Stock! MTM Case-Gard 30 Caliber Ammo Can

    We have received new stock of this popular product. Not just great for storing and transporting ammo, it is also a great way to store and transport valuable items when going on holiday, fishing...
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