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    Re: Dunlop Grandtrek AT5


    Any new news, updates on these tyres? How would they compare to the Pirelli Scroption AT+?

    Also, does anyone know how much they weigh?
  2. Re: HT vs AT for South-African conditions

    Thanks for all the feedback!
  3. HT vs AT for South-African conditions

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to replace the tyres on my CX-5 2.2d AWD and I was wondering whether I should get HT or AT tyres. I am aware of how these tyres compare in a basic sense, but I would like to...
  4. Recommendations for AT tyres for CX-5?

    Hi there,

    So I've got a Mazda CX-5 2.2d AWD softroader. It came with 19inch (225/55/R19) rims, which I now want to replace with 17inch OEM rims (already bought) using 225/65/r17 tyres.

    I Don't...
  5. Ford & Mazda Good mechanic/service center? Mazda CX-5

    Hi there, (Hope this is the right section).

    So it's getting close to my 120 000 km service for my Mazda CX-5 which I bought used. I Used to use a very good mechanic in Potchefstroom, but with this...
  6. Re: How much could I deflate 225/55 R19 tyres (Kgalagadi)

    Thanks, it's good to hear from someone with the same tyres. So, I'm heading of to the Kgalagadi in a few hours so unfortunately buying those other rims and fatter tyres aren't an option. But...
  7. Re: How much could I deflate 225/55 R19 tyres (Kgalagadi)

    Thanks Walnut,

    But otherwise, do you think this setup will survive the Kgalagadi? That is, the main roads, mostly in the south (Twee-rivieren, Nossob). I'm not planning on doing any eco-trails as...
  8. How much could I deflate 225/55 R19 tyres (Kgalagadi)

    Hi there!

    I'm heading out to the Kgalagadi soon and I'm considering going with my CX-5 akera (2017 - pre-facelift). The thing is the tyres are kinda-low-profile 225/55 R19's which are a bit hard...
  9. Hello from an Ex-Honda-civic driver... (Newbie)

    Hi there,

    I'm not a full-on off-road kinda of person, nor do I have the money to be haha! But I do like doing Hiking trails and going to our national parks, so I do find myself on some pretty...
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