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    Re: Engine Oil Capacity - Toyota Fortuna

    For interest, had same on few vehicles from franchise dealers - BMW once, not serious, but then once from Renault where there was a hectic overfill of oil before we bought the vehicle from a deceased...
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    Re: Drakensberg - where to stay?

    Just to add a 8 sleeper costs R 1200 per day in season. Costs down to R 950 out of season. Fully equipped with decks and serviced. Braai areas etc.

    We use our cottage often.

    Complex borders...
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    Re: Drakensberg - where to stay?

    Fernwood in Monks Cowl area has self catering cottages for rent - we have timeshare there - place has regular available stock. Good experience and wildlife in resort. Most cottages look onto Cathkin...
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    Re: Which trail camera to get?

    Have one of those and it is a pretty good camera. Uses 6 AA batteries and does not like rechargeables though. It has a charge port but I have not yet sorted out alternative power.

    Other than...
  5. Re: I would love some pre purchase advise on a 2009 LX76 4.2D and 2016 Hilux 2.4 GD-6

    We have a LC79 S/C overlander and a few sedan vehicles and suv's.

    I really enjoy driving the LC but it is not a daily driver for a young family IMO. The vehicle is heavy, as an overlander, and...
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    Re: Need advice please. 4x4 buying guide

    Not sure if posted yet but the FSH is important, plus i try to speak to previous owner if bought from dealership, to at least get a one on one report - have not always managed but the few times were...
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    Re: Plat car tires

    Just a note on speedo speed and true speed.

    What I have done on a few vehicles is to use 1 or 2 gps's on the windscreen and find a even stretch of road. Then assistance reads out true gps speed...
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    Discovery 4 Re: Whining sound around 45km/h

    Once had a noise under the old SFA Raider and could not decide. Went to Gearmax who put it on a lift, then freed the wheels and we ran the vehicle in high and low ratio with lock on and off and 2WD...
  9. Thread: Sand trax

    by ed rouillard

    Re: Sand trax

    Interesting comments and especially Maxtrax and other systems.

    When i bought the Cruiser S/H it had MAXTRAX in it and unused. Decided to take it off and have never used them and they are just in...
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    Re: LC76 Rear axles break

    Would be interesting to find out more on the OP reference.

    Was it a rental, mileage and circumstances. Was there earlier accident? It would also be easy to smack a rear wheel accidentally on...
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    Re: LEOPARD scare at CKKOR03

    Had a similar experience with a large male leopard at Sundays 2 in 2011 I think.

    We were braaing and we had a serious ant revolt. We were hopping tent to fire and I had gout - first time and was...
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    Re: Looking for a bolt extractor

    Bought a small socket set of Geodore C19's and they have been most useful on my cruiser, a few times. Even used it at Anton Wessels to loosen a tight bolt on the engine cover after we struggled for a...
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    Re: Can I do a PCR test at Serowe?

    Just a note that you have to talk to the manager and plan a bit In Serowe as they drive the results away for the testing. They told us the time to be there on the day we got to Khama and we went...
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    Re: Camp fridge,105ah battery and solar?

    We used a Engel thermometer to roughly calibrate our NL and it was a little out but not significant. Both gauges would be a bit hit and miss. Rest trial and error on trips.

    In summer I sometimes...
  15. Re: Advice on pilansberg in october this year

    Hi All,

    A follow up.

    We spoke to many agents and Web links and we're unable to book any of the referenced camps in the Pilansberg. There were no slots with our dates - realised this when we...
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    Re: Ihaha Campsite advice

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    Re: Ihaha Campsite advice

    One factor to consider is during winter months. We have camped there 2x and the plains to the east of the camps up to the river fill up with herds of eli and buffalo at the end of the day grazing....
  18. Re: Why do you want to camp without electricity?

    I think the heading could also explore the folk that overland or camp remote and their motivations. In ways it is to get away from normal humanity and connect better with nature.

    The use of the...
  19. Re: Land Cruiser 79 V8 Diesel - Boost issues

    Hi Jelo, where do u get the Jasco products?

    Does it compare to Wurth or is it another thing? Just asking.

  20. Re: Advice on pilansberg in october this year

    Thanks all for responses. Very appreciated. Will post outcome and maybe more queries.
  21. Re: Advice on pilansberg in october this year

    Thanks for responding. I think that some folk go to one or other camp every now and then judging by a few searches on forum. Some threads have varying comment. Search got me 2019 and one 2020...
  22. Re: Advice on pilansberg in october this year

  23. Advice on pilansberg in october this year

    Hello All,

    We have just had news that our eldest daughter and family are travelling from Mauritius - where they emigrated to - to RSA and they have 2 x 4 year old twins. This is a late notice...
  24. Re: Public Awareness - Front Runner Kyalami Problems on the road

    Bought a fully kitted out LC 79. Done at a well established fitment centre under TOY ownership.

    Vehicle was fitted out in early 2010 and i bought second hand, from TOY in 2012.

    Vehicle was also...
  25. Re: Public Awareness - Front Runner Kyalami Problems on the road

    Wonder if he saved the beer.....and meat?
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    Re: Battery overvoltage advice

    Just a note that i picked up yonks ago and use in my overlanding methodology - i have flexible panels and set them up remote from the vehicle, latter being in shade.

    I read that solar panels...
  27. Re: Do I need a roof rack on my canopy to fit a rooftop tent

    Have an African Outback canopy and Impi RTT clamshell and an Eezy Awn awning as well, on my LC79.

    The clamshell is mounted directly on the canopy and the fit is not fantastic, presumably due to...
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    Re: MICE Problem in CKGR

    Just for interest - what precautions were taken on the vehicles? Would be interesting to know for future. Possibly differed between them when problem occurred.

    Knowledge base is very variable on...
  29. Re: Rear suspension noise Toyota hilux 2.4 GD6

    For info I wash the underside of the overlanding vehicle with a Karsher washer taking some care not to direct at bearings. After every trip as they are either dusty or muddy and wet.

    Then I...
  30. Re: Rear suspension noise Toyota hilux 2.4 GD6

    Have 2 4x4's with OME. Hilux SFA 1995 and a LC 79 2009. Both need to have grease maintanance as per OME directive.

    Have found that i need to do after any hard and wet trip or in any really dusty...
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    Re: COJ high Water Account

    We own property in an 8 cluster schem - i developed it in 1995 and kept one.

    We haved a case against one of the owners where the meter malfunctioned and then failed - and the owner had a leak post...
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    Re: A Lion in my Tent - Mabuasehube

    Re the origin of unruly behaviour. Some of our actual experiences in Bots and the nationalities of the folk.

    A rental cruiser camping on a grass verge at Lettiahau with open fire on road edge. ...
  33. Re: Second Engine Replacement Required for Ford Ranger less than 3 years?

    Just info but I drive a LC 79 overlander and have had 2x contaminated diesel in Bots. Not tested but I topped up about 1/6 of a tank 2x and the exhaust showed it within kilometers. Burns rich. Switch...
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    Re: A Lion in my Tent - Mabuasehube

    Have been overlanding in Southern Africa since 1994 and have had many encounters with lion and leopard, and many others, at camp. Early years till 2012 were ground tent and since in RTT occasionally...
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    Re: National Luna Agent - Botswana

    Want to use the NL and was thinking of carrying an Engel instead of a Coleman carrying surplus food and drink. NL superb so far.
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