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    Ugab River Trail (advice needed)

    About 10 km (as the crow flies) downstream from the Ugab Rhino Sanctuary Camp, there is a river trail coming into the Ugab from Klein Gai-ais. 3 km downstream there is an exit, after a swampy area,...
  2. Re: Filling up with diesel 10 or 50 ppm and getting 500 ppm?

    Sulphur smell might be due to catalytic converter regenerating itself, even with 50PPM. If you had been driving before you stopped in driveway, it might be that. Regeneration does not happen...
  3. Poll: Re: Which brand Low Sulphur Diesel do you use and why?

    Only Sasol 10 PPM
    No more puff of smoke when you pull away from stops.
    And its Cetane Number is higher (with the obvious added advantages), compared to other higher sulfur diesel, available.
  4. Re: Kaokoland/Damaraland – Need travel partner(s)

    Thanks Hennie for the offer and Henris for the suggestion. I am also talking to someone 'off-line' with the view to join them doing the same routes I planned.

    I have considered leaving the trailer...
  5. Kaokoland/Damaraland – Need travel partner(s)

    In 2018, I would like to venture a bit further North West into Namibia, but need a 2nd or 3rd vehicle to join. Or, if I may, join another group for part of their trip.

    I am fully self-sufficient,...
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    Re: Towing an automatic

    My automatic Disco's Owners Manual indicates:
    Tow the vehicle only in a forward direction with four wheels on the ground. Towing in a reverse direction with two wheels on the ground will result in...
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    Tilted panels cast shadows

    Solar tracking for big, multi panel system is not practicalfor the simple reason that at low angles (early morning and late afternoon) ofthe sun, tilted panels will cast a shadow on the one behind...
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    With my small trailer, that has a bit of play on...

    With my small trailer, that has a bit of play on the coupler, I lay a slice of candle (2 to 3mm thick) on the ball before hooking up. Takes up all the play and lubricates as well, if you prefer...
  9. 50Hz Mains Frequency

    This was partially addressed earlier, but the 50 Hz (or 49/51) will be the exactly the same anywhere in the country, if you are directly connected to the Eskom grid.
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    Thanks all. I eventually chickened out and took...

    Thanks all. I eventually chickened out and took the tar road, after the 100 km north of Kubu.
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    Thanks Stan and Mike, Vic Falls is the next...

    Thanks Stan and Mike,

    Vic Falls is the next stopover yes, and I don’t know how busy the Kazangula Border post gets. I just have this overwhelming urge to avoid busy border post (actually the...
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    Zimbabwe Roads - Advice needed Pls

    I will be grateful if anybody could please share their experience/advise on the following two roads in Zimbabwe. Are they passable, or to be avoided at all cost. I plan to travel these in July 2014...
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    Feedback after trip

    Hi Jaco
    I am just curious if you competed the trip. Also, any advice on highlights and lowlights, especially the traveling times.

    I am planning a similar trip for June/July 2014, but it will...
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    Choice of Battery

    There are two other considerations I would like to suggest when choosing between Lead Acid batteries.
    Service/Design Life of the battery, but this is temperature dependant and how it is...
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    Hi Tyrant, I am sure Itchy & Scratchy (above)...

    Hi Tyrant,

    I am sure Itchy & Scratchy (above) can advise you on making a fibreglass insert. The only consideration will be that the ‘rougher’ side will be inside, and you will have to make the...
  16. Thread: POI in GPS

    by PieterN

    My experience from when I had a TomTom, was that...

    My experience from when I had a TomTom, was that you have to hook up your TomTom to your PC, register your product with TomTom, and then TomTome Home, will tell you what maps are available for your...
  17. Mozambique Trip 2012 – Travel Partner(s) sought

    We are looking for travel partners to Mozambique for this year (2012) June/July school holidays (23 June to 15 July 2012). The trip might not necessarily take up the entire three weeks. Apart from...
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    To Noseweek or not, that is a personal decision....

    To Noseweek or not, that is a personal decision. I work for a petrochemical company and diesel spiking does take place at a few retail outlets.

    There is one solution, get to know and trust one...
  19. Thanks Heinz for the 'biological' warning. It is...

    Thanks Heinz for the 'biological' warning. It is something that I will have to resolve as well.

    I have been thinking about those instances where I will actually drive with a water tank 3/4's...
  20. Thanks for the all the replies. Kooskop, the...

    Thanks for the all the replies.

    Kooskop, the tank is rectangular. 820l, 500w & 330h (Pioneer). The location was chosen to utilise the space between the two wheel aches and the space to the front,...
  21. Need advice to stop water ‘sloshing’ in tank

    I am in the process of building a camper trailer and concerned about the water in the tank sloshing around and contributing to, or causing instability.

    Initially the plan was to install one 120l...
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    (One) Reason for fuse blowing

    I can only talk from knowledge in electronics background and not from running a multiple battery setup in vehicle/trailer.

    Some batteries, like the lead acid types, have very low internal...
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