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    Re: Best town in WC to invest

    All for the wrong reasons :P

    Both Hermanus and Stellenbosch are very crowded as well as expensive at the moment. Even the many retirement villages of Stellenbosch are more expensive than the...
  2. Re: Samsung tablet for google maps whilst driving

    Looks nice but I am bit worried that it is way too far below for viewing purposes, getting your eyes off the road?

    How about having a nice, secondhand smartphone and put it on the dashboard or...
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    Re: My FJ buying experience

    I was, like, noooo!! Don't leave me (and others) with suspense.

    Then this post comes along...

    And I laughed/spit/spilled my coffee all over my laptop AND extended monitor.

    Man, this...
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    Ford & Mazda Re: Ford Ranger DC - 2016 - Wet Carpets

    Could be a rust hole in the body work? But I doubt it with the age of your truck.

    My father's 2 previous cars also developed the same issue: wet-dog smell and partial wet floor on driver's side....
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    Re: Solar blankets - anyone using them

    Hi Bruce

    A bit off-topic question but I had to ask. I see you have these yellow blocks under your rear wheels?
    What is the idea behind it? To prevent it from rolling forward/backwards?

  6. Re: Second Engine Replacement Required for Ford Ranger less than 3 years?

    Bought new? Or secondhand?
    What caused the injector to have issues?

    You owned 3 Rangers, and only the 3rd one gives you such an impression that you don't like Ford?
    Every brand has their...
  7. Re: Petrol-driven or Solar/Battery-driven generator

    I never use the printer, it is only there for my wife. It's 95% off, most of the time, until my wife remote works from home (when one of her colleagues have Covid) which is just about 1 or 2 times...
  8. Re: Petrol-driven or Solar/Battery-driven generator

    Absolutely correct, sir.

    First priority is to get a power source that allows me to continue working, which is very important for me and my international employee, as we want to have minimal...
  9. Re: What are your non negotiables when buying a 4x4?

    1. rear parking camera = an absolute must. Especially with a very big/bulky vehicle with canopy that restrict view to the back. Not always standard on most vehicles, cost a lot to buy as an extra. ...
  10. Re: Samsung tablet for google maps whilst driving

    The "traffic" option on Google Map also does the same, showing speed traps, heavy road congestion (red sections), etc.

    I personally prefer to stay/use Google apps as it is easier to sync data...
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    Re: Hilux missing all the good stuff?

    High recommendable that you want to give him a new truck.
    But what is wrong with his "newish" Ranger?
    And why must it be a 4x4?

    If he's happy with his Ranger and it not giving him any problems,...
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    Re: Show us your Mountain and Road Bicycles

    Totally unbelievable! But happy for you to hear the bike was still there.
    Enjoy the ride.
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    Re: Show us your Mountain and Road Bicycles

    Scott does has its origin in USA but near all bikes are manufactured in Taiwan.
    There are only 3 or 4 factories in Taiwan, with Giant being the largest one.
    The majority of brand bikes (Trek,...
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    Re: Camping table

    Not at all for me :-) Not even closely heavy. Easy to lift and fold, and carry away with one hand!

    The only tricky part, for me, with this table, is to fold it. With some experimenting I found...
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    Re: Show us your Mountain and Road Bicycles

    With budget-friendly I meant that Scott might have put different/cheaper parts (derailers, shifters, brakes, etc) on their bikes. Cheaper does not necessarily means lesser quality, or poorer build....
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    Re: Show us your Mountain and Road Bicycles

    I heard that Giant, which is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers, also products Scott, hence their similairity to the Giant bikes. Scott is a very good brand, just a bit more budget-friendly...
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    Re: Show us your Mountain and Road Bicycles

    My 1st MTB was a Kona Fire Mountain (hard tail) which I bought from a wellknown cyclist's bike shop, back in the mid 1980's when the MTB craze hit our town, with 2 MTB worldchampionships also held...
  18. Re: Petrol-driven or Solar/Battery-driven generator

    Cannot/won't replace stove due to being a rental house.
    Can make a plan with camping gas stove but at the moment it is not the priority issue.

    The priority is to get power to be able to continue...
  19. Petrol-driven or Solar/Battery-driven generator

    With loadshedding becoming a regular occurence and me working from home, I am looking at a not-too-expensive solution to minimize my downtime affecting work. Although we do have an office (with...
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    Re: Camping table

    Bought myself this one - not online but by actually walking into the shop and physically inspect/handle/test them.
  21. Re: Driving an automatic. Any general advice?

    Yeah, correct. Made typo mistake. Long distance drive is with OD on to keep the rev's smooth. Only when overtaking or hills, it is off.
  22. Re: Driving an automatic. Any general advice?

    The Overdrive button is mostly used for overtaking, climbing hills or towing.
    Just enage it before you overtake a long hauler, especially if you are towing as well.

    Had lots of experience with it...
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    Re: Wildtrack Windscreen

    Not sure if this helps - was a quick 5 second search on Google.
    Also, tried asking PG Glass?

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    Re: Load bars over bakkie loadbin

    I actually prefer a towbar-mounted bike rack as opposed to a rack over/on top of the loadbin because it allows me to get easier access to the loadbin itself. Also, less efforts to physically lift a...
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    Re: Load bars over bakkie loadbin

    I think you meant "roll bar" which is what is fitted on the load bin at the back. "Bull bar" would be in front, like the horns of a bull :-D

    Friends also had the same issue re double cab and 2x XL...
  26. Ford & Mazda Re: Advice Wanted -- Ford Ranger Stickers / off-road upgrades

    Neither of these will actually help you against dirt or water entering thru the finger-thick space around the loadbin door. Just add a thick, adheseive rubber strip around the whole thing, and you...
  27. Ford & Mazda Re: Ford Ranger Stickers / off-road upgrades

    Fully agree with you there but I think a nice strip on the full length, at the right height, on the sides of the truck will prevent a lot of knock marks of other car owers that opens their car doors...
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    Re: Ford Dealer Service

    Unfair to blame Ford. All the other brands and their chain of workshops also does the same. Some ask you beforehand, others don't. It is all related to the policies of each workshop.

    /Edit: it...
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    Re: Huge fire on Table Mountain

    At the around the 40s time slot of the YouTube video one can see why some buildings took fire - lots of dried leaves on window sills and in rain gutters.

    I read one ex-fireman's comment (now...
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    Re: Toyota Recall for airbags

    I confirmed via Toyota SA's web site.

    Did not asked the local dealer because I bought this vehicle in a private sale, and also service it via a private, third-party, fully-registered workshop...
  31. Ford email re security breach and TransUnion

    Anyone also got an email from Ford SA regarding a security breach where they offer you an option to do a secure credit profile check via TransUnion?

    Not that much concerned as my vehicle is about...
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    Toyota Recall for airbags

    Last month I got a SMS from the Dept of Transport and the RTMC (whatever that means) to inform me that my Toyota RAV4 (2005) was identified as part of the nationwide safety recall to replace the...
  33. Re: Please recommend a dealer in Cape Town


    You did not exactly say where you are based?
    Bellville? Tygerberg? Panorama? Milnerton? Constantia? Wynberg? Blouberg? etc....

    The Cape metro is a BIG area.

    And because of...
  34. Re: Ranger 3.2 tdci (2013) reverse camera problems

    The blue combined with no picture (or lines) means the camera is either disconnected or dead.
    Take your vehicle back to where you bought/installed the rear-parking camera and let them check it out....
  35. Worth to trade in or wait a bit longer?

    Hi folks,
    I have a Ford Ranger SuperCab 2.2, a 2016 model, with some Ford-approved extras (rubberised bin, reverse parking camera, push bar front, roll bar, side-steps, alarm+immobiliser, etc).
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