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    Suspension Re: Amarok disc brake retrofit

    They only do front disks at this stage as far as I am aware.
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    Re: Noisy Amarok air-con blower fix

    Sadly you are challenging my memory beyond it ability.
  3. Re: Fortuner with very impressive fuel consumption.

    I was pissed with my wifes car breaking tyres and rims all the time so started looking. I wanted something that could tow our boat on the beach in a pinch so looked at Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Isuzu...
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    Re: Noisy air-con blower fix

    You can also buy the blower unit from Goldwagen which is the route I went, but good on you for fixing it yourself.
  5. Re: Adventure Extreme bend axle and coupler replacement

    Agree, you may just need an uprated axle? Also are you overloading or going on very fierce terrain? Often it is good to go with a higher rated axle eg, if you anticipate 1.5 tonnes, go with a 2.5...
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    Re: Toyota Hilux - Manual or Automatic

    I would add once you have towed a heavy trailer around you would probably be the same. My amarok does not like hill starts with more than 2 tons of boat on the back. I have also been teaching my son...
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    Re: Toyota Hilux - Manual or Automatic

    This is personal choice. Last week my wife was using my manual amarok and chasing it up to 4000rpm. Generally revving the nuts off the poor thing. I was going mental sitting in the passenger seat and...
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    Re: Unimog Brake Master Cylinder

    I used to use natal resleeving. They would redo master cylinders and wheel cylinders with Stainless Steel inserts and that was the end of the problems for ever.

    Not sure if they are still in...
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    Re: Nose weight.

    I know everyone hates that Aussie guy on you tube, but he has matric (Graduate Mech Eng) and he recommends between 5-10% of the towed mass. So if you are pulling 2 tons, you should be between...
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    Re: Everest - 3.2 or 2.2BiT

    I was looking at a newish vehicle recently and went to a dealer that shares a parts dept between Isuzu and Ford. He said they have to keep 3 of the 10sp gearboxes in stock in at all times because of...
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    Re: Road closure Jozini Kozi Bay

    You make a stoking good point!
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    Re: Amarok DMF and clutch replacement...

    I ended up taking mine to ZF in edenvale. It did seem like quite a big job. You have to drop that grill that covers the sump and gearbox, which I think means you have to take the front bumper off as...
  13. Re: Beware of 4x2s that pretend to be offroad capable.

    A lot of ignorance and humility goes a long way. I would consider stopping, for most situations, especially woman, and more so woman with kids in the car.

    There are many things that I am not...
  14. Re: Beware of 4x2s that pretend to be offroad capable.

    I think the 4x2 has a place. If you go to game reserves you will surely see a lot more than someone in a low slung sedan and will be able to traverse rougher ground with some ease compared to the low...
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    Re: Amarok V6 Manual for South Africa Survey

    That could be a show stopper. After all, you buy the 4x4 for the 0.2% of the time you actually need it, (I am thumbsucking) but when you want it, you want it. Otherwise you might as well have bought...
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    Re: Amarok deurslotte dryf my na drank

    Gosh I must be lucky as I have had mine (2011 model) going on 300k km, and never had an issue with the central locking. I don't spend much time on dirt roads, so not sure if this is related. Most off...
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    Re: Amarok V6 Manual for South Africa Survey

    Can the v6 reverse with a heavy trailer on sand? (without smoking the gearbox) If so I don't think the manual is necessary. Either way, I would probably opt for auto and then stick another tow hitch...
  18. Re: Practice towing Conqueror Companion in sand

    I can't offer much other than tyre pressure, tyre pressure, tyre pressure. I only drag my boat on the beach and there is usually a tractor around if things get iffy. Momentum is also your friend, but...
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    Re: Question for the Electricity Experts

    just for some context, the dielectric breakdown of air is around 10000V/cm. This will vary depending on humidity etc, but is a good starting point. That means that if you see lightening jump say...
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    Re: Best sidewall Tyre available...

    I would assume that "LT" tyres are under consideration? The LT designation i believe implies "light truck" and you will find this on most bakkie/SUV tyres as an option, typically at significantly...
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    Re: Backup System - Budget R70k

    I put in an expert inverter which I now understand to be a UPS. It does what we need, however in retrospect I would have gone with a hybrid/grid tied inverter which can save some $$'s on electricity...
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    Re: Amarok V6 options

    I am 189 or around 6'2' in old money and my kids are heading for the same dimensions and they do fine in the amarok.

    On reversing, there is nothing like putting a tow bar on the front. Much better...
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    Re: Boating Question

    I guess it depends. My rule of thumb from the days of old was 17ft = 150 18ft = 200 etc. I see these days they sell a lot of even 18ft boats with 125 motors, but i think those will be pretty...
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    Re: Alternatives to my dilemma.

    My advise, is learn to swing a spanner and keep the hilux. Let the Agents do the oil change only (if you want to keep a service history) and you do the brakes and filters yourself. There is very...
  25. Re: From a LC Double Cab v8 to a LC Double Cab v6 questions

    Hmm, I used to feel that way about landrovers but these days I am very happy with an amarok and actually use a VW UP! (the horror) most of the time. I actually really like the UP. I don't know your...
  26. Re: Minimum requirements to run a 1.1kw pump on a inverter if possible

    I would say you would need a soft start motor and controller to do this properly. Seems like the wrong way to go about solving this problem.
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    Re: Hilux V6 performance and fuel

    That eye watering stuff. I was getting my skiboat ready next to a fellow Vaalie in december at the Dbn Ski Boat Club. He was towing with a Lexus 570 SUV and he said he was getting around 22 towing...
  28. Thread: Bass Lake

    by stephenplumb

    Re: Bass Lake

    Depends how obsessed he is. My son is a bit mental, and is happy to be dropped off for the day at Kyalami Estate to go after bass. He will keep me out at sea from 03h30 until 16h30 without a thought....
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    Re: Clutch replacement, LUK or SACHS

    man you have a well kitted workshop there. I chickened out of the job when I looked at how heavy the gearbox is. The guys at ZF showed me my clutch and said it was almost new, but the flywheel was...
  30. Re: Mud Terrains on a 2x4- waste of time and Money?

    But Jermey always says "Power!"

    I must say that i tend to like idling because I think a diesel sounds ### at higher revs, and you draw attention to yourself if you are being a tool. I just love...
  31. Re: Mud Terrains on a 2x4- waste of time and Money?

    I must say that on a trip with the KZN land rover club I was amazed at some guys ripping up a muddy hill near westmead, valves bouncing, mud flying, and generally a lot of satisfying v8 noise.
  32. Re: Mud Terrains on a 2x4- waste of time and Money?

    I was at a basket ball tournament for my son at St Sithians. Quite a few of us had parked on pretty flatfish grass and then the rain came down. There was a guy with a colt bakkie with Muddies and...
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    Re: Aircon upgrade??

    JohnBOy on the forum helped me change out my tensioner for a more heavy duty part which was an option. I think the normal one runs a plastic pulley wheel and the HD has a metal pulley.

    Also as...
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    Re: Things canít be that tough when......

    Well since you ask have a gander at this:

    You may well change your mind. Pretty much every sector bar government is significantly down.
  35. Re: Looking for Loadshedding Solution - 5 hours

    i am in a similar position. Your definition of "server" may play a big role. Our sage "server" is basically a normal desktop PC with with probably 650VA PSU.

    We all run laptops and then we have a...
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