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  1. Re: Houseboat safari down the Zambezi Sept 2017

    Gman, website easily found on Google

    You will notice that nights on the houseboat on the peaceful Zambezi are not cheap but spectacular exploring,...
  2. Re: Houseboat safari down the Zambezi Sept 2017

    Thanks, lovely photos. Also did the houseboat excursion with Curt (Sandbug on this forum) at Caprivi Houseboat Safaris in 2015. Highly enjoyable if budget stretches far enough.
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    Re: Caprivi question

    Frans I think your timing is ideal for the Okavango. There is a phenomenon called the "barbel run" on the upper Okavango River (Panhandle) where there is a mass barbel migration and great tiger...
  4. Re: Namaque Flower Route Camping Info required

    As a general principle try and travel from north to south. Then the sun is at your back and the flower show tends to be more spectacular as the flowers turn their heads to face the sun. Start in...
  5. Re: Namaque Flower Route Camping Info required

    If I had to choose a time to visit the Namaqua flowers and needed to book well ahead of time, I would look at the last week in August and the first in September. Seasons vary and it is nigh...
  6. Re: Camping with our mothers: Trip report

    Another lovely report, is it too much to be anticipating one or two more :)?
  7. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    Congratulations Terry, but sorry about your trip.

    Your time will come to test your donkey!
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    Re: Kgalagdi Dreaming Trip report

    The action shots are exceptional, thanks.
  9. Re: Not in Africa, however a report on our Australia trip.

    Thank you for making your blog available. During our lock-down it is going to be the ideal time to slowly absorb and work through it.
  10. Thread: Stranded?

    by Stan Weakley

    Re: Stranded?

    Christoff, long term overlanders might be from foreign countries. They are going to have to fly home asap. Their biggest problem is going to be finding somewhere to store their overlanding vehicle...
  11. Re: Insurgents apparently seize Mocimboa da Praia? Any confirmation?

    Tony send a PM to member Jayefe here in East London. He grew up in Moz and keeps a sharp eye on happenings there via mails from local contacts.
    He'll be onto them like a fox terrier.
  12. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    Well done! Now during the current lull, do all the carefully planned minimalist modifications and then Cyclone the 4.2 1HZ deeply into Africa and enjoy its reliability and the respect that locals...
  13. Re: Fernwood, Central Berg - Places/Routes/Trails??

    Sorry Petri. had to look it up, "Camping around Clarens"

    Terg maar net so bietjie!
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    Re: TheQM – Cetrimide Wound Cleaner

    There are various concentrations of Cetrimide, which concentration is yours.

    Also are there any contraindications or dangers to its use and are there any allergies or side-effects and how should...
  15. Re: Fernwood, Central Berg - Places/Routes/Trails??

    Petri, I think members might be slow to respond to your post as they are afraid they would be wasting their time :). They might be thinking this thread could go the same route as your Golden Gate...
  16. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    The last few excellent posts pertain.

    My mods place me in much the same position.

    I am not happy to travel to the type of places we choose, without a second full spare tyre and rim. I agree...
  17. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    Sorry, but I doubt that Chris.
  18. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    We don't all go for blondes :).

    I prefer the straight diesel 1HZ; I don't tow; I feel no need to travel fast when off the beaten track or outside SA's highways.

    My wife's car is petrol and...
  19. Re: Trip Report: Tankwa, Cederberg, West Coast & Northern Cape

    Thank you Frans for your trouble and such a nice collection of photos. And so soon after your last trip report.
    All much appreciated.
  20. Re: JHB -> Botswana -> Zambia -> Tanzania -> Rwanda

    Tim, where I in your position, I would hole up in Namibia to see what develops over the following month or so.

    I have been following this Corona thing carefully with full access to available info...
  21. Re: Stainless steel braai grids - do's and dont's

    My high-quality stainless-steel, flat, circular braai-grid (with 2 sets of varying height screw-in legs) was given to me by my wife for my 50th birthday - so you can see how old it is.
    I have never...
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    Re: ZAMBIA 2018, a late trip report

    Serge, a question please. How far have the Chinese got on the road between Mporokoso and Kawambwa? When we drove there in 2015 to the magnificent Lumangwe and Kabweluma Falls, this was the toughest...
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    Re: ZAMBIA 2018, a late trip report

    Indeed, merci beaucoup Serge. Many of us commenting here have a very deep affection for Zambia and know it well.

    I have not explored the pristine Lake Tanganyika as far west as Ndole Bay and now...
  24. Re: Zambia and Zimbabwe border crossings ( INTERPOL )

    If it is illegal to enter a country without legal proof that a vehicle is not stolen - after all that is the primary function of Interpol at land borders when it comes to vehicles - how can paying a...
  25. Re: Zambia and Zimbabwe border crossings ( INTERPOL )

    Johan, you probably cannot answer this authoritatively, but exactly which South Africa Police Clearance Certificate where the Zambian Police initially not happy with............and why?

    Perhaps a...
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    Re: ZAMBIA 2018, a late trip report

    Thank you so much Serge, it sure cannot be easy to write such a report when not in your first language. Keep at it please and looking forward to the rest. Zambia is wonderful, not so?
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    Re: Kgalagadi and Mabua

    Best time of year for the Kalahari imho. Enjoy and share when back please Greg.
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    Re: Bathroom breaks at night in Botswana!

    [QUOTE=LandyLove;4345126]...... If a mamba or poffie gets you in a remote area you are done.......... /QUOTE]

    Probably accurate in a properly envenomated black mamba bite (some will be low dose...
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    Re: Morgan's bay to rocky bay

    A route I have travelled regularly over the years and my vote is definitely to stick to the N2. Leave very early.
  30. Re: Would you help someone in distress? My story….

    Wow Marioe, what a story to share. I suggest members read the PDF.

    A real doctor's nightmare and it brings home again the special responsibilities carried by those who travel the road less...
  31. Re: Offroad ethics for the responsible overlander and traveller.

    My old chestnuts:

    If someone pulls off a rough single-track road to allow you to pass, after passing stop or slow down to make sure they are not stuck.

    On those sandy single-track roads it is...
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    Re: Caprivi National Parks advice

    bugsplatter, lets see where I might assist.

    I far prefer the Kwando bush camps. There are 3 campsites administered by the Namibian Park's authorities in Mudumu but are not bookable in advance....
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    Re: Update on Jabari my Fortuner

    Stamped the book, nice souvenir - e.g. "Stitch and Sew" Toyota Agency in Fort Portal Uganda.
  34. Re: Beware of 4x2s that pretend to be offroad capable.

    I always have and always will help others in trouble.

    But those that venture poorly equipped and informed into places where they should not be going, do test my patience. The shear effrontery to...
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    Re: Update on Jabari my Fortuner

    Getting your vehicle serviced when outside SA is a non-issue.

    We covered over 50,000km and in a LC 76 diesel needed a service of some kind every 5,000km.

    I endeavoured to have my vehicle...
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