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  1. Re: Anyone been stopped at a speed trap near Gobabis?

    Calibrate in Outjo? That’s a joke in itself!!!

    If you download your GPS track to your PC you will have a record of the time vs speed - at any location in your travels. My GPS stores this for the...
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    Re: Caprivi strip – what to expect?

    It is worth staying over for a few nights camping... and yes the road is long. Good to break it up!

    We recommend two spots that we enjoy on return trips from Etosha to Kasane and back again...
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    Re: Tiny Teardrop Camper Design & Build

    I would make the following suggestions - then we would consider buying one ourselves...

    - An wire insect screen mesh on the door & windows. You need as much airflow as possible in a hot nights...
  4. Re: How long can I stay in Namibia on holiday

    Botswana is 90 days every 12 months, can be extended another 90 days.

    Namibia is 90 days every calendar year. Fullstop. They are tough - they don’t realise the longer a tourist stays the more...
  5. Re: Recommendation for restaurant/bar with a river view in Kasane?

    The Raft (2hrs needed) and Chobe Safari Lodge bar deck
  6. Re: Highest mileage you would buy a 2nd hand vehicle

    I bought a x1 owner 2006 Hilux DC 4.0 V6 with 270,000km on the clock in early 2016 for R140,000. I could tell the owner had taken a lot of pride in his vehicle and had been regularly serviced.
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    Re: Overnight near Stockpoort

    As above, we recommend Sebe Sebe Lodge. It is perfect located and not too expensive.
  8. Anyone used an Ultragauge on a 3G Suzuki GV ?


    I have used an Ultragauge on the Hilux for a while and it works great. I have moved it across into my 3rd Gen 2006 Suzuki GV 2.7L V6... and it just won't connect to the ECU. Stuck on...
  9. Re: Accommodation between Kang and Ngepi Camp

    We understand... staying at campsites costs money and is not at all adventurous - at heart we all want to be Dr Livingstone’s [emoji38]

    Download the and look for Wild Camps.

  10. Re: Suzuki GV SAC Free flow conversion / CAT Removal

    Resurrecting an old thread....

    - Has anyone tried decat'ing their GV exhaust? Improvements? Problems?
    - Was a O2 "fooler" sensor required? If so, where did you purchase?
    - Anyone know of a...
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    Re: Shops around Nguma Lagoon

    We just carried the frozen 1 and/or 2kg packs of precooked ribs n sauce when travelling on this sections. No problems at the vet fence. A stack of Braai ribs go down really well with a few beers when...
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    Re: Best butcher in Otjiwarongo

    The SPAR is the best one in town. Bulk packs as well as plenty of variety in cuts. Good value too.
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    Re: Etosha Roads cause havoc

    Outjo would’ve been closer. The chaps at Weimann’s Garage on the main road are really great.

    Weimann’s stock heaps of genuine parts - enough to rebuild your Toyota. I was charged R400ph labour for...
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    Re: Grand vitara snorkel help

    How did it go? About to do my own - without a template - in a couple of weeks. Can you show us a pick of your engine bay & intake areas? Thanks!
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    Re: Grand Vitara Snorkel Question

    Phil Jones at Hi-Q in Beacon Bay is awesome. He'll sort it all out for you!
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    Re: Performance Brake Discs

    Could you have just gone with the off-the-shelf PowerBrake 4x4 option?
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    Re: Moving an oil filter

    Revieving an old thread...
    I guess you wanted to relocate the Suzuki GV Oil Filter? How did it work out? Where did you relocate it too? Was the pressure ok?

    After just finding where the filter is...
  18. Re: Grand Vitara - lift kit vs full suspension lift

    Has anyone tried Old Man Emu suspension replacement on their GV?

    The OME lift is only said to be 20mm?

    I have recently overlanded 100,000km on OME in a Hilux, the ride quality was superb both...
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    Re: Top 5 4x4 upgrades to begin with

    Experience: 3 years around Southern Africa in fully loaded Hilux with family.

    Alu Canopy (I had steel frame but quickly rusted/paint flaked)
    Drawer storage system (so convenient...
  20. Re: 1996 RAV4 clunk when press or leave petrol

    Sounds like U joint...
    ...or could be something even simpler - like the jack and/or tools rolling around under the seat?
  21. Re: Not so nice camping experience; Harnas Namibia

    Nothing changed in July 2018... we would never camp there again. Crazy people, crazy rules - def not relaxing!
    PS. That road from Gobabis to Harnas cost me R3000 in a destroyed BFG tyre too.
  22. Re: Where would you rather be in Namibia for 31 Dec 2019 ?


    Remote Camping - Madisa Campsite, Damaraland

    Camping/Chalet/Bar - Oppi Koppi, Kamanjab

    Lodge/Restaurant/Bar - Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, Twyfelfontein
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    Re: Naudes neck

    Spent a few days in Rhodes a couple of weeks ago in Mid May.

    Road is fine for any 4x4, they have just graded Naudes Nek on the Maclear side up to Tenahead - very nice. Was a bit of snow/ice on...
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    Re: Wandering through Namibia

    If you want a cheap campsite/tented camp just outside Rundu on the edge of the river, check out Camp Hogo.

    Not our cuppa tee as a family (bar was noisy) but for a single or couple might work ok?...
  25. Thread: Mamba bite

    by dangermouse

    Re: Mamba bite

    We were told the same thing by the vets in Maun, Botswana... don't both rushing to the doctor or local hospital - come straight to them!!!

    Suggestion: Maybe we need to contribute to a "sticky",...
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    Sticky: Re: Electrickery for camping

    I'm heading overseas and selling my BushPower portable refrigeration setup here:...
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    Re: WRND dual battery charger

    Here you go... R5000:

    You may also want to take a look at the HCDP option. Its around R4000:...
  28. Spare Malaria Meds - x34 Junior Malarone tabs

    Anyone with kids heading to Caprivi/Moz for a couple of weeks over the next 6 months?

    We have just came back and have x34 Junior Malarone tablets left over.

    This stuff isn’t cheap (approx R800...
  29. Re: Advice please Northern Namibia April 2020

    3600km, approx 45 hours driving
  30. Re: Advice please Northern Namibia April 2020

    My thoughts:
    - Depart Henties
    - 1 night at Twyfelfontein Country Lodge
    Explore Damaraland
    - 1 night at Oppikoppi in Kamanjab
    Enter Etosha at Galton Gate
    - 1 night Dolomoite
    - 1 night Okaukuejo...
  31. Re: Prado 120 - front wheel bearing assembly - HELP plz:)

    I too get more sensitive to “noises” when about to embark on an overland trip - no one wants any unexpected failures in the middle-of-nowhere!

    I thought my front wheel bearing was going too -...
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    Re: How hard can it be? 3 kids, will travel.

    16, 13, 6yrs [emoji106]
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    Re: Should we include Kafue NP in our trip??

    In Sep 2016 we visited the southern part of the Park and were disappointed. The road from Kalomo north was badly corrugated and pretty desolate with lots of charcoal burning.

    The park fees...
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    Re: Bushveld Living - back to bare basics!

    This is an awesome place in the Eastern Cape about 20km from Maclear.

    All the hard work has been done, just needs tidying up for home and income. Its been up for sale for a couple of years at...
  35. Re: After buying a 4x4 what should the first item be to spend money on improving it?

    3 years around Southern Africa, this is my top 5 list:
    - GPS with T4A
    - Electronic tire pressure gauge
    - National Luna Fridge
    - Rear drawers
    - Always: roll of toilet paper in middle console
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