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  1. Re: Zimbabwe - October 2020 - proposed itinerary

    Hi John,

    First of all I would do 2 nights at Matopas and add a night to Gonaz. However whilst in matopas try and do a guided tour to some of the cave paintings...there are many huge caves some of...
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    Re: Accommodation close to Lephalale

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I will look into availability at Sebe Sebe and also consider going via Stockport.
    I have not used this border in the past.
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    Accommodation close to Lephalale

    Hi All,

    I am traveling from Zimbabwe down to Johannesburg next month.
    We will be taking the Plumtree border post into Bots and then Martins Drift into SA.

    Although we have done it in a day...
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    Re: Actual Situation in Zimbabwe

    I am in Zim, hard to give you an accurate report because things change everyday.

    NP and hotels/lodges etc are all in USD.

    Fuel is easy to get in Bulawayo for USD with no queues. You just need...
  5. Re: Safety in single vehicle travelling from Pandamatenga to Robins Camp?

    You can drive any road in the whole Zimbabwe with zero risk of any violence. This is not SA
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    Re: Xenophobic attacks?!!

    I have seen absolutely zero violence this side. Obviously I do not drive with a SA licence plate but have seen the usual combies and hiluxs coming through the border with no issues.
  7. Re: Hwange - best camping route for 7 nights August 2020

    Sorry, didn't see that part.
  8. Re: Hwange - best camping route for 7 nights August 2020

    If coming from the Falls are you not better off doing this in reverse order? Enter from Matetsi or Sinamatella and starting at Robins, making your way to Ngweshla and exiting through Main Camp and...
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    Re: Accommodation.

    Stayed her on the way to Kruger last week.
    Very pleasant and quiet.
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    Re: Beit Bridge Issues

    Unfortunately it is not the Zim side that takes time.
    Last week on our way to Kruger the Zim side as usual took about 5-10 mins, the South side took 3 hours!
  11. Re: Hwange - best camping route for 7 nights August 2020

    This has completely ruined what was the best spot in Hwange.

    Day visitors have now been given priority over the paying campers. >:(
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    Re: Gonarezhou via Pafuri

    Thanks for all of the above information from everyone.
    Me and my Wife are looking to take this crossing the next time we go to Kruger from Zim.. it's a good excuse to add a few extras nights to our...
  13. Re: Looking for a National Parks Booking Contact in Zimbabwe

    Thanks a lot for your replies.
  14. Looking for a National Parks Booking Contact in Zimbabwe

    Hi Guys, I actually live in Zim but my contact that I normally use to book campsites etc has become quite unreliable.

    Wondering if anyone here has a good contact?
  15. Re: Tyre shop recommendations in Johannesburg.

    Thanks a lot for you help.
  16. Re: Tyre shop recommendations in Johannesburg.

    Looking for BFG or Cooper 285/75/16
  17. Tyre shop recommendations in Johannesburg.

    Hi Guys,

    I am in Zimbabwe and looking to get a new set of BFGs.
    The tyre shop I used a couple of years ago have now closed down.
    Please could you recommend somewhere in Johannesburg.
    They must...
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    Re: Advice for trip through Plumtree border

    Tuli crossing is great if you know the way. However if you don't have the route plotted on a GPS I wouldn't attempt it alone. There are a lot of dirt roads out that way going all different...
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    Re: Hwange update on cash problem

    Don't worry about your safety in Hwange or Zim in anyway.
    The Buffalo are your biggest threat 😂

    Read my post from last week on fuel, this is definitely your biggest worry, Hwange Park has no...
  20. Re: Hello from France - Some advices for my next Zimbabwe Trip

    Yes I was there on the 10th October. I was unable to get any info as the only staff I found were builders.
    All of the toilets and chalets have been gutted and full of building materials.
    The only...
  21. Re: Info about fuel shortages in Zimbabwe (The Truth)

    A lot can change in 1 week in Zim.
    I can promise you that there is definitely a serious limit of fuel in Zimbabwe. All of our mine machinery is parked in the yard with empty fuel tanks.

  22. Re: Info about fuel shortages in Zimbabwe (The Truth)

    Agreed! 😂
  23. Re: Hello from France - Some advices for my next Zimbabwe Trip

    A lot of good advice in all of the comments above. I will add my opinion on a couple of things that have been said.
    1. Antelope Park is a waste of time in my opinion. It is pretty much a zoo with...
  24. Re: Info about fuel shortages in Zimbabwe (The Truth)

    Yeh, definitely a small problem 🤣
  25. Info about fuel shortages in Zimbabwe (The Truth)

    Hi Guys,I am in Zim and just spent 4 days in Hwange.I am sure most of you have heard about Zimbabwe's on going ***. But for those of you who have trips booked to Zim I wanted to give you the truthful...
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    Re: Zimbabwe camping

    If you do decide to travel down through BB we have a Game Farm 2 hours from the border near Gwanda with a self catering lodge and campsite. We are on Facebook as @Longuevillebirdandwildlifesanctuary....
  27. Re: Looking for affordable campsites in Zimbabwe, June 2018

    We have a Game farm in Gwanda with a small self catering lodge if you find yourself around this area.
    Very un commercial, normally only used by friends etc but I am looking to start telling more...
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    Re: Using RAND and cards in Zim

    Rands will be accepted anywhere, you will just get a poor rate.
    You can use a bank card pretty much anywhere now. Especially for groceries and fuel. It is so hard to get cash here in Zim now...
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    Re: Where to buy a winch

    Awesome! Thanks everyone. I will get it bought and post my feedback.
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    Re: Where to buy a winch

    Okay Guys, so from Wookys advice i contacted BOATSAA and they recommended the RUNVA K8000 for R5618

    The only other thing i have found close to this is the Tmax New X Power 8500 for R9073 from 4x4...
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    Re: JHB to Harare via Bulawayo

    As for the border it is the SA side that is complete ####. The zim side is about 5 mins.
    Border in total will take you about 40mins to 1 hour. Don't arrive there before 9.00am as you will meet all...
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    Re: Chizarira National Park

    Hoping to visit this year! Thanks for the link, I have joined their Facebook page
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    Re: fj45 power steering

    I have powersteering on my 45 but the mod was done before I owned it.

    It has got a 1hz from a 70 series so I assume the powersteering is also from a 70.
    You would need the motor to run the pump...
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    Re: Where to buy a winch

    Cool, thanks a lot for your help.
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    Re: Where to buy a winch

    Thanks Wooky!
    I will take a look. Not expecting them to send to Zim. I can order to an address in SA and collect.

    Out of interest which one did you go for? Are you happy with performance etc?
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