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    Re: Tyre Comparisons

    Heavier is generally worse but you have to get the balance between durability and light weight.

    My Goodyear Wrangler Adventures in 245 / 70 R 16 are just over 16kg each compare to a BFG AT in the...
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    Re: Dakar Support / Recce Vehicles - Hilux


    Also, can I resurrect this thread now!/page2
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    Dakar Support / Recce Vehicles - Hilux

    Hey guys

    Interesting to see that the recce teams and the medics are still using what look like the same Hiluxes they had in South America.

    I'd love to see a list of mods - look very basic I...
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    Re: Disco on last legs, where to now?

    Agree. New Fortuner is easily as comfortable / safe etc as a 2010 Disco 3.
  5. 2010 BT-50 3.0 CRDi to similar age / newer Hilux 2.5 SRX 4x4

    Hi Guys

    Thinking of moving from my current bakkie that's been mostly good to me to a Hilux 2.5 SRX.

    Mazda is on 175 000 km and I bought it 5 years old with 60 000 km on the clock.

    I got it...
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    Re: Bakkie Bed Rack (for Kayak transport)

    If getting a T Bar rather buy one of the stronger galvanised square tube ones from Stealth.

    If not listed on their website ask who...
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    Re: Bakkie Bed Rack (for Kayak transport)

    I disagree - if you live in Durban and paddle many guys take two 30 plus KG fishing skis on a DC roof.

    In the past I've transported 4 surf skis (6 - 7m long) on the roof of my bakkie no problem at...
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    Discovery 1 Re: Camel Trophy Tribute D1 300tdi

    That is lovely.

    Well done!
  9. Re: Moving to Mud-Terrains? What should I be aware of?

    I hope I can find some Hankooks at a decent price when I need tyres . They are awesome.
  10. Re: Moving to Mud-Terrains? What should I be aware of?

    I would agree with your last point, the Achilles is quite an aggressive MT and possibly not as careful designed for road noise etc as something from a huge brand like BFG or Goodyear etc.
  11. Re: Moving to Mud-Terrains? What should I be aware of?

    That size jump is very reasonable - two of my three diesel bakkies I've gone from 245 to 265 and couldn't really tell the difference.

    I've always had Hankook Dynapro MT but they have also got...
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    Re: Land Cruiser 200 GX mags

    Keep the steel wheels, paint satin black and put on 285s.
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    Re: This VW/Ford NON-SENSE regarding Amarok

    A legacy of disappointing performance and poor build quality / reliability?

    Read up on some of the UK websites about how those BRZ / 86s are lasting...
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    Re: This VW/Ford NON-SENSE regarding Amarok

    But would anyone say that ANY of the cars on that list were really big sellers / top quality products.

    I've owned more than one on that list by the way but there isn't anything there that's a big...
  15. Re: Ladybrand - Maseru - Semonkong - Qachas Nek in a Day

    Thanks guys - thought that Google Maps was lying through its teeth.
  16. Ladybrand - Maseru - Semonkong - Qachas Nek in a Day

    Hi guys

    As above, would it be feasible to drive from Clarens via the above route and get to Port St Johns in a day?

    I suspect no?
  17. Limpopo Farms - Pont Drift "Scare Cannons" (Loud Bangs)

    Hi Guys

    Hope that all is well!

    We've just returned from a spectacular week in Mashatu Nature Reserve (Tuli Block).

    Our camp is within 800m of Pont Drift border post as the crow flies.
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    Re: Hankook Dynapro MT

    Love Hankook MT's.

    Had them on a 4x2 Triton and my Defender 90.

    I honestly got places in that Triton that no 4x2 had a right to go - sand, mud, even snow.

    Road noise - it's a MT but not as...
  19. Re: 2007 - 2011 Escape Gear Seat Covers For Sale

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    Re: K100 Flying Brick

    Just do this please
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    Defender Re: Buying a defender in 2019

    Agree with the above.

    Very liveable day to day and if your wife is like mine, you may end up fighting for the keys some days.

    They respond well to being driven a certain way i.e. with...
  22. Squeaking from drivetrain in reverse and running against 1st and 2nd downhill

    Hey Team

    As above, my 2010 4x2 3.0 CRDi BT-50 has a very annoying and high pitched squeak.

    It only happens in reverse and at low speeds in first and second if I'm running against compression.
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    Re: What are my Tyre choices ?

    Best place to do research.

    Looks like they've still got the older General Grabber in that size.
  24. Defender Re: Defender SWB... help me become the happiest person on earth!

    I saw something like this last week in Durban - looks very silly I'm afraid.

    The load bin was literally big enough for the spare tyre to stand upright in.
  25. Defender Re: Defender SWB... help me become the happiest person on earth!

    I'm 1.77 and 72kg and the Pick Up wasn't comfortable for me so reconsider...

    90 Station Wagon is fine.
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    Re: Pandora's box....

    Agree with second post - unless you can take 2 months plus it's gonna be a heavy trip daily km wise.

    Re vehicle, if one looks at it in an unbiased manner, a good diesel double cab is hard to beat...
  27. Re: Goodyear Wrangler A/T Adventure or Pirelli Scorpion A/T+?

    I've done about 50 000km on a set of Goodyear Wrangler Adventures.

    Rotated every 10 000km. Still plenty of life left - I'd say minimum 30 000km.

    No offroad / gravel punctures but they seem...
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    Re: Crispy Toyota

    Amazing what a good clean and a few days in the sun with the windows down will do.

    My bakkie was owned by a smoker and I've always said I'd never buy a vehicle that smells of smoke.

    The price...
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    Re: Wheel weight - Ford Ranger

    Very interesting, I recall reading in one of the American magazines that a bigger wheel vs tyre combo (lower sidewall) is normally lighter so good to see that this is not always the case.
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    Re: 2 year solo 4x4 africa exploration

    Very nice. 265/70r16 is also a very common size so doubt you'll have issues if you need a spare.

    As per your discussions so far and as per ASPW's thoughts recently, unless you overload the...
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    Re: Mapungubwe area bush camping

    No feedback but I'd love to know more - we go to the Tuli every year and I want to extend our next trip!
  32. Re: From west to east across the Makgadigadi Pans reserve

    Sounds epic.

    Take pics and let us know how it goes.
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    Re: How hard can it be? 3 kids, will travel.

    Awesome well done!

    Have said that when the small one (likely to only be one) comes along the last year before school starts we're also wanting to do 6 plus months of Southern Africa to broaden the...
  34. Re: Roof Rack/Mounting - over- or under-designed?

    Knowing that Amarok mountain area, I'd possibly get a GOOD fitment centre to drill out and tap that 6mm point to an 8mm and then prepare the surface and screw in and Sikaflex one of those short...
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    Re: Lightweight Aluminium Canopy - Advice

    I reckon that this will cost less than 1/4 of an aluminium canopy from a major manufacturer.

    I built up an aluminium hardshell tonneau for my Triton so this is the next step haha.
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