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    Re: When are campsites opening?

    I donít think the issue is if accommodation is open, but rather how do do travel cross border with your family without being harassed at a roadblock.
  2. Re: Wanted - TJM Airtech Snorkel - Toyota L50

    They are now known as 4x4 muscle trucs, and do not sell TJM products anymore. I believe Duys is the importer for TJM products. I managed to get hold of them but they are waiting for stock from Aus. ...
  3. Re: Wanted - TJM Airtech Snorkel - Toyota L50

    Still looking for someone who has stock
  4. Wanted - TJM Airtech Snorkel - Toyota L50

    Good afternoon,

    Iím looking for a TJM Airtech snorkel for a 2.8 Legend 50.

    Does anyone know where i can buy one of these snorkels, and have it fitted. Iím in pretoria.
  5. Install Cargo Slide without Drilling Holes

    Uys correct me if Iím wrong. @hatjohan I think what heís saying is that he can design something that will allow you to fit the loadbed without having to drill holes.
  6. Re: Install Cargo Slide without Drilling Holes

    Also planning on getting one from frontrunner as soos as the lockdown ends. I wasnít aware that installing it voids the warranty though [emoji848]

    Was planning on going the rivnut route so that it...
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    Fortuner Fortuner not starting when hot

    My fortuner starts first turn without any problems in the morning when its cold, but as soon as i drove it for a while, and its warm outside it won't start.

    When i turn the key all dash lights...
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