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    Fortuner 2015 Fortuner Radio Blues

    I have a 2015 Fortuner and the radio is stock from the factory and I have the weirdest issue with it. When I have it connected via Bluetooth and my phone is connected to the WiFi it goes into random...
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    Re: There are LIONS in our camp

    As Jeremy Clarkson would say, "Now there's pooh, lots of pooh, its everywhere" lol
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    Toyota Full Service History

    My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to ask what other people have to say? When I bought my second hand Fortuner last year (2015 Fortuner 3l 4x4 manual with 115000km on the clock) from a...
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    Re: Stealers!! Why??

    I also have had that experience with the dealership in my area. My Fortuner (3lD) just had its 130000km service and firstly I was surprised to note they didn't change the air filter and diesel...
  5. Re: Fortuner 3L 2015 4x4 manual fuel tank range question

    On average about 670km. Thatís why I am curious as if I had a 80l tank I would get at least more than that. I have tested to about 20km range and petrol light on for a while i go and fill up for...
  6. Fortuner 3L 2015 4x4 manual fuel tank range question

    I am to believe that the 2015 Toyota Fortuner has a 80l tank from what I have read and from what the sales guy told me. However with my last 6 months of driving the car the range indicator and fuel...
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