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  1. Re: Kgalagadi pictures thread, NO cat pics allowed!

    Hi everyone,

    Indeed, this park is more than only big cats.

    Some pictures from our last summer trip. We also went to Mabuasehube but this pics are only from South African side.

    For the last...
  2. Re: Trip Report McCarthys' Rest, Hukuntsi, Twee Rivieren

    Before going to Botswana this summer, we've been looking for information regarding the Mbua Hukuntsi track.

    T4A paper map and its last GPS update gave totally different figures, not so many travel...
  3. Re: Hello from the Mudtrotters, from Italy

    That is definitely a good sum up ! Don't forget wine, for those who like it ! 🍷

    Indeed no lions nor predators in the area, and remote places are not as wild as in Southern Africa.
    Except deep in...
  4. Hello from the Mudtrotters, from Italy

    Hello Everyone,
    A few lines to introduce ourselves.
    Manuela 🇮🇹 & Kevin 🇫🇷, we live in Italy and both are in our 30's.

    On my side (K), I discovered Southern Africa and the pleasure of overlanding...
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