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  1. Re: Ford Everest 2.2 towing a Conqueror Commander...?

    Just some feedback; I towed the penta (tare is 1280kg I think) and the 2.2 performed reasonably well. Could maintain its speed (100 - 110kmh), but went up a few steep inclines where dropping a gear...
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    Re: Worth to trade in or wait a bit longer?

    I'd keep it; however if you want to use it as a family vehicle trade it in. Simply put you want your kideos to be safely strapped in a seat that was designed for that purpose.

    Only hassle with...
  3. Ford Everest 2.2 towing a Conqueror Commander...?

    Hi everyone

    We had recently decided we would like to take the camping thing a bit more seriously and we are considering a proper Boswa. We had a look at the conqueror commander which is...
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    Re: Ford everest/ranger gearbox clunk?

    While I'm not that mechanically inclined to really be able to advise... my 2c's

    I drive the 2.2 manual 4x4. Mine has an almost inaudible clunk when pulling away or slowly driving in 2nd and doing...
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    Re: 2017 Ford Everest 2.2xlt vs 3.2 xlt auto

    Myself and FIL bought our Everest's at the same time in 2017. Mine is the manual 2.2 4x4 XLS and FIL has the 3.2 4x4 auto.

    We have towed with both and have a good idea of the fuel consumption -...
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    Re: Thoughts on the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross

    We drove both and must say the 1.5t is hands down the one to go for, but also definitely more on the pricey side... At the end of the day for what it we are going to use it for we might be better of...
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    Re: Thoughts on the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross

    Personally I love the look of the rear end, but yeah its a bit of a marmite car in that regard. The reason I'm hesitant in regards to the CVT box is really only down to stories I've heard around the...
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    Re: Thoughts on the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross

    Thanks for the info; I didnt know the ASX had a similar powertrain... I'll do some googling around it.

    Its a reasonably new release so long term is perhaps not the right word, but any info is...
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    Thoughts on the Mitsubishi Eclipse cross

    Hi everyone,

    So we are currently looking for a new ('ish) vehicle for my wife and had a look at the Eclipse cross as there are really good specials on them right now... from what we've seen we are...
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    Re: Shopping for a new vehicle

    My dad has been driving his Porsche Cayenne 3.0TDI since 2012. I dont own one, but having driven it extensively and seeing how it has kept up the last 8yrs here are my 2cents.

    The Cayenne would be...
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    Re: Rev hang 2.2 4x4 ranger 2018.

    My Everest does the same... Actually like it think it aids in smooth shifts up in the rev range
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    Re: 2022 Ford Ranger and Everest

    Will be very interesting to see if we get the hybrid... Also I wonder; since this is to be a joint venture between VW and Ford if the 3.0 V6 they refer to would be a tweaked version of the VW unit in...
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    Re: Going camping - Tent advice

    Hi everyone thanks for the advice..!!!

    I've checked out all the black friday deals...and while tempting I decided I first need to go have a look at the tents myself to be able to make an informed...
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    Going camping - Tent advice

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this topic has been discussed... if you know of such a thread please comment with the link.

    So for foreseeable future we have decided to start camping again. Kids are now...
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    Re: 2.2 Everest harsh engine sound when cold

    We also have the 2.2 Everest.

    It certainly is louder (maybe harsher..? lets say more clattery) at cold temps. I don't believe its something out of the ordinary, but then again not sure how bad the...
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    Re: Ranger 2.2 oil usage

    Standing on almost 50k kms with my 2.2.

    Not a drop between services. My FIL has the 3.2 and has commented some time back that he used oil between services - he tows a Jurgens Penta often. So it...
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    Re: 2.2 Ranger teenoor 3.2

    Die probleem met forums is ongelukkig dat meeste verwys na wat verkeerd loop en daar baie min posts is oor mense wat geen probleme ervaar nie.

    Dit gese; Ek ry self 'n 2.2 Everest en is baie...
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    Re: Ford recall on brake lines

    I saw this thread and quickly checked my Everest which is also a 2017 model year.

    Interestingly no recall for those. I would have assumed the brake lines in the Everest are similar to that of the...
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    Re: Ford Ranger - Another Coolant Pipe Problem

    This is really disconcerting...especially with Ford's reaction. How can they be so indifferent especially after they supposedly checked it..?

    What model is this and kms? Can you also be more...
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    Ford & Mazda Re: Advice on 2017 Everest with high mileage

    If its wear due to cold starts then logically it should kill most petrols within 50,000kms too right? Cold starts aren't great for an engine, but... considering this then its a miracle that we have...
  21. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    That's the thing... It has never been in low range on tar. Being the only driver from new I can attest to that. Slippery hills and more recently a slippery gravel road (to test it) is pretty much it.
  22. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    Just some further feedback on the topic:

    Front diff was not found to be the culprit. Transfer case is being replaced under warranty as they suspect the chain has stretched... While unexpected I...
  23. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    Just to provide some feedback on the topic:

    The vehicle went to Ford yesterday; As per the mecchie the front diff is a limited slip diff and not a normal open diff (w/o a difflock).

    We test...
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    Re: Which Route To Coffee Bay

    Hi Quintin

    We were at hole in the wall about 3 weeks back.

    We drove from Secunda taking the N3 down to Howick, then R617 over Bulwer to Kokstad and then the N2 all the way to Coffee bay.

  25. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    Thanks for all the replies!

    I took it for a nice drive on a gravel road this weekend and since it rained it was also nice and slippery in places.

    The clunk is certainly still there when turning...
  26. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    Indeed it only "klaps" when the wheel is turned. In a straight line its quiet.

    It would be surprising to me if the its a CV that went considering its odo of 30k kms and its rarely used in any...
  27. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    I would say both sides and definitely located at the wheels and not centered.
  28. Re: New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    I'm not sure hence the question.

    What I have read somewhere in this forum is that the front driveshafts are connected to the transfer case via clutches and not a traditional diff; this could be...
  29. New Ford Everest - Clunking while turning in low range

    Hi everyone,

    This is a question for the more mechanically inclined than me and other Everest owners.

    I have a 2017 Ford Everest 2.2 4x4 manual and have found an peculiar occurrence when in low...
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    Re: Advice on vehicle choice

    I have (...or rather my wife has) the 2.2 4wd and the depreciation is high, but then again I plan on keeping it for the next 5yrs at least... but yes, they do take a massive knock out of the box :-\...
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    Re: Advice on vehicle choice

    I've also been pleasantly surprised by the fuel consumption on the 2.2 Everest.

    Not sure if you noticed it on yours, but on mine the fuel consumption and performance improved substantially from...
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    Re: Advice on vehicle choice

    I have the Everest 2.2 manual 4x4 and good buddy of mine the Everest XLT 2.2 auto 4x2.

    We've seen a difference of approx. 1 L/100km with the manual being slightly more frugal. Not that big a...
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    Re: 3.2 Blows up @ 60 000Kms

    I actually had a somewhat similar situation happen to me about a year ago with a then relatively new to the family Honda CRV 2.4.

    Took it for a 80000 km service; nothing out of the ordinary. About...
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    Re: Golf 1.4 Tsi high oil consumption (model 2014)

    This thread has gotten me worried...

    Wifey drives a Audi A4 1.8T with about 65k kms on. Uses 0.5L about every 10000kms. I know this is not excessive use by any means, but is this the beginning?...
  35. Thread: Close call!

    by Conrady

    Re: Close call!

    That's a good point; I would definitely expect the airbag to be deployed with that type of impact. Maybe someone who knows the inns and outs of those systems will comment...?
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