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    Re: Trip Report Strange days, empty land.

    Kimball, just in case, please allow me to reassure you that this traveling report is absolutely worth the trouble you are taking!
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    Re: Savuti to Kasane. Best easiest road

    I am going to outline my biased preferences as if you had never been to Kgalagadi before SavutiZN, if you don't mind.

    Kgalagadi might just be open by November, but doubt if one can book on either...
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    Re: Savuti to Kasane. Best easiest road

    Dobmaster, it is difficult to envisage a post I agree more with than that from SavutiZN.

    No, never met him :).
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    Re: Corona Virus is over

    Excellent idea of a thread "half-full" pint.

    Family circumstances, legal obligations and this flippin virus have put any decent travels on hold for me at present. This will change.......

    Then I...
  5. Re: Volkswagen Kombi 2WD - Driving through Africa! Cape Town to Casablanca

    Fair enough and you will have plenty of fun.

    Please report back to us as you go and am particularly interested on how you plan to get from Morocco to Germany/Europe.
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    Re: Kasanka & Bangweulu Wetlands

    When we visited Mutinodo in 2015 the owners were Mike and Lari Merrett, for the last 20 years and they had developed it very lovingly. They were unfortunately away on a break when we were there....
  7. Re: Volkswagen Kombi 2WD - Driving through Africa! Cape Town to Casablanca

    Yes a spade, a Hi-Lift jack and the expertise to fully utilize it (do a course), sand tracks, tyre pressure-gauge and compressor for inflating/deflating your tyres in sand or mud. Towropes. Another...
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    Re: Trip Report Strange days, empty land.

    Kimball, how great for you, virtually unique amongst forum members right now I would think.

    Please pump the reports full of lots of anecdotes, stories, descriptions and tales of derring-do. I am...
  9. Re: Volkswagen Kombi 2WD - Driving through Africa! Cape Town to Casablanca

    A couple of points to consider.

    You cannot get to Cairo via the West African route, too many no-go countries in the far north of Africa to get further east towards Egypt from Morocco.

    In a...
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    Re: Landcruiser 79 WHAT COLOUR!!

    Something not mentioned yet in favour of white vehicles, to the north of Southern Africa. The United Nations only drive white land cruisers and in my experience that colour tends to grant you an...
  11. Re: Mabua (Mpaya campsites) - Number of vehicles

    There always used to be standard rules concerning the number of vehicles and then also people with a single campsite.

    This always used to be 3 vehicles or 8 people and the rules used to be...
  12. Re: Lost in Africa Episode 1 - JHB to Khama to Khubu to Nxai to Maun

    Drones are becoming more commonly used for holiday filming and need to be deployed very discreetly indeed.

    The last thing I would want if camping at either Kubu Island or in the Khwai Community...
  13. Thread: Ruaha

    by Stan Weakley

    Re: Ruaha

    A nice positive report and lovely photographs. Hopefully the river in spate washed away some of those thirsty rice paddies upstream.
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    Re: Moremi, Chobe, Caprivi trip.

    Hi Dave, your schedule looks good enough.

    Just some adds:
    When at Xakanaxa I would urge you to consider a boat trip out into the swamps. The details are in this thread...
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    Re: Stop me from buying Unimog

    I also would not choose to travel overland through Africa in a Unimog camper. Most of the reasons have already been mentioned. We met and socialized with a number of fellow overlanders in heavier...
  16. Re: Down Van Zyls Pass Towing Trailers and Caravans: Patrol, Cruiser, and Jimny

    HKirby, could I suggest that you should publish the links to all your other Namibian YouTube episodes from this trip? They are all well worth a watch.
    Forum members will love them.
  17. Re: Down Van Zyls Pass Towing Trailers and Caravans: Patrol, Cruiser, and Jimny

    Very nice van Zyl's video. Excellent filming and editing!.

    The only thing that worries me a little are the regular remarks that the pass was relatively easy. I fear this might give the wrong...
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    Re: You never know what's out there

    I am also soft when it comes to dogs and shared your sadness whenever I lost any of my beloved companions. Just try your best to tough it out. We too, are not getting younger.
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    Re: Garth Owen-Smith RIP

    Jeez Mike the whole video is great, enjoyed it a hell of a lot. Compulsory viewing for all interested enough to visit this thread. I have sent a PM to Tony Weaver :).
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    Re: Malawi trip 2019

    There are now 3 threads where this member has denied or trivialized the well-known presence of bilharzia in Lake Malawi. This is contrary to the facts and very bad advice to the extent that I am...
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    Re: Malawi August 2020

    Mr viperover, this is definitely bilharzia in Lake Malawi and I regard your statement as above as highly irresponsible.

    There is a pill for bilharzia...... but not for stupidity.
  22. Re: Photo trip report, Namibia south and west

    Thanks for seeing through your project despite all the distractions Christa. Look after yourselves and rest assured that you will be on the road again in the future :).
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    Re: Some trip Pics to look at.

    Thanks Greg, lovely pics that sharpen the longing!
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    Re: Garth Owen-Smith RIP

    Sympathies to all those close to Garth Owen-Smith. He initiated many great things for Namibian community conservation.
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    Re: How old is your mobile fridge?

    Engel 40L freezer, bought new 2000 and going strong with not a single issue after a vast number of trips,very rough conditions and high ambient heat. Once running continuously for 10 months.
  26. Re: Houseboat safari down the Zambezi Sept 2017

    Gman, website easily found on Google

    You will notice that nights on the houseboat on the peaceful Zambezi are not cheap but spectacular exploring,...
  27. Re: Houseboat safari down the Zambezi Sept 2017

    Thanks, lovely photos. Also did the houseboat excursion with Curt (Sandbug on this forum) at Caprivi Houseboat Safaris in 2015. Highly enjoyable if budget stretches far enough.
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    Re: Caprivi question

    Frans I think your timing is ideal for the Okavango. There is a phenomenon called the "barbel run" on the upper Okavango River (Panhandle) where there is a mass barbel migration and great tiger...
  29. Re: Namaque Flower Route Camping Info required

    As a general principle try and travel from north to south. Then the sun is at your back and the flower show tends to be more spectacular as the flowers turn their heads to face the sun. Start in...
  30. Re: Namaque Flower Route Camping Info required

    If I had to choose a time to visit the Namaqua flowers and needed to book well ahead of time, I would look at the last week in August and the first in September. Seasons vary and it is nigh...
  31. Re: Camping with our mothers: Trip report

    Another lovely report, is it too much to be anticipating one or two more :)?
  32. Re: Land Cruiser 4.2 1HZ Double cab speed uphill?

    Congratulations Terry, but sorry about your trip.

    Your time will come to test your donkey!
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    Re: Kgalagdi Dreaming Trip report

    The action shots are exceptional, thanks.
  34. Re: Not in Africa, however a report on our Australia trip.

    Thank you for making your blog available. During our lock-down it is going to be the ideal time to slowly absorb and work through it.
  35. Thread: Stranded?

    by Stan Weakley

    Re: Stranded?

    Christoff, long term overlanders might be from foreign countries. They are going to have to fly home asap. Their biggest problem is going to be finding somewhere to store their overlanding vehicle...
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