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  1. Re: Namaque Flower Route Camping Info required

    Agree 100%. I lived and worked in Namaqualand semi-continuously from 1991 to 2002, and have experienced many a flowering year from the 1960's to the present. Also had the good experience to work...
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    Re: Bilstein B6 Shocks

    Combined them with new OE springs on my 2011 Gen 4 LWB Pajero. Firmer on tar, but excellent on dirt roads and off-road.
  3. Re: NATIONAL LUNA NL 5 Amp charger energy saving mode?

    Thanks, Lanners - did not know this was a common issue. As always, I followed the correct sequence - first battery terminals, then switch plug on, with reverse sequence when removing charger.

  4. NATIONAL LUNA NL 5 Amp charger energy saving mode?

    What is this? See attached clip from the manual, the on/off light just blinks, I have shut down and reconnected to mains, no difference. Normal 12V small car battery.

    So, does it mean the battery...
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    Re: Engel 40 as freezer at home

    I have set it at 3.5, and noticed temperature remains between -10C and -13C, so all well. Ambient in the room is around 22 C past two days.
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    Re: Simple, but it worked

    Exactly the same as my grandfather's one! Thanks for all your comments, really nostalgic old thing for me, because I often sat against the house wall to listen to the swishing sound of those blades...
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    Re: Engel 40 as freezer at home

    Thanks, Guys - will adjust to -10 C. I have had this Engel since 2006, used about three or four times a year for long weekends or one to two week holidays, still running beautifully well, and I would...
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    Engel 40 as freezer at home

    When I have to use my 2006 model 40L Engel as a freezer space at home, I have noticed that to keep stuff at -16 C, the compressor must almost run continuously on the "5" setting. Ambient temperature...
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    Simple, but it worked

    A bit nostalgia: My grandfather had a Windcharger generator (similar to attached pic) on his farm connected to a car battery to power his valve-radio in the years pre-1970. No charge controllers,...
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    Re: Inverter cutting out powering fridge

    My experience as well with garage door openers I powered from a UPS, batteries were on the way out, because they were not charged enough, or draw down was too much. Unfortunately when I then reset...
  11. Re: Radiator Water Analysis - Where around CapeTown?

    Some of the best in the business is Ropers Radiator Services 021 534 5527, know their stuff!
  12. Re: Renault Duster lift kit and modification in Cape Town

    Then maybe time to buy a new standard car instead. Most of my offroad driving over 40 years was in dead standard vehicles (Land-Rovers, Datsun, Nissan, Toyota's). It's more about skill than...
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    Re: Urgent Help, Pajero Sport Coolant Loss

    I would suck out that Caltex coolant from the expansion/reservoir bottle and replace with the correct Mitsu coolant. Coolants of different makes often do not mix well and can coagulate, causing...
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    16V on National Luna battery box

    Why would the volt meter on the National Luna battery box show 16V when the 105 Ah AGM battery becomes fully charged by the plug-in National Luna battery charger? During charging, the meter shows...
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    Suspension Re: Buying an old hilux - looking for advice

    And locked up behind an electric fence with booby traps, otherwise you will not be driving it for long!

    BTW, I agree those early Hilux 4x4 bakkies were very expensive for mere mortals, and I...
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    Re: RAV4 D-4D ...Should I buy?

    + 1 million, I would be very cautious, especially with no service history ... walk away.
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    Re: Highway Tyres for Pajero

    For dual purpose, Firestone Destinations AT seems to also get excellent reviews for tarmac comfort, but then availability when away from the main centres may be a problem compared to the Wranglers,...
  18. Re: Buying 4x4 items in Cape Town - recommendations please - also custom fuel tanks

    Try these guys in Goodwood:

    Know what they are talking about and prices very good!
  19. Re: Hilux 2.5D-4D Diff Lock Auto Engage in 4H

    Yep, absoluut normaal, jy sal oplet dat jou draaisirkel ook groter is wanneer in 4x4.
  20. Re: Hi-fi and in car entertainment specialists in CPT

    Car Hi-Fi Centre in Diep River gave me excellent service.
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    Fortuner Re: Alternator Advice - 3.0L Fortuner

    For a good diagnostic job, try RITE Auto-electrics in Bellville. Have always given me excellent service.
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    Re: Lazy IHZ.......lazier than it should be

    Moet ook nie die verskil in hoogte bo seevlak buite rekening laat nie ... en daai 96 Kw is gelykstaande aan die Nissan Safari wat ek tussen 1988 en 1996 gery het, was heel genoeg in daai jare :)
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    Re: Highway Tyres for Pajero

    I have also gone full circle, back now to the Dunlop AT20's the Pajero came with from the factory ... I guess AT22's will also do, Toyota SA is fitting them to their new Hiluxes/Fortuners, so cannot...
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    Re: beach wild camping

    Mostly privately owned between Doring Bay and Lambert's Bay. Google Rooiduinen, it's just north of Lambert's Bay and I believe available for camping.
  25. Re: Pajero - Overland and repair - Build log nicknamed Poncho

    Thanks, looking forward to it! Just remember with all the fabrication of front bumper, bash plate and gearbox protection to keep adequate airflow in mind ... other members here were quite surprised...
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    Re: Disco on last legs, where to now?

    Bottom line with any 4x4 vehicle, excluding weekend warriors on steroids used to test your skills on trails, should always be one word: RELIABILITY. Without the latter, one always feels hesitant to...
  27. Re: Looking to buy a 2000 Raider 3000TD DC - Not sure what to offer or if it's worth

    Toyota had the turbo conversions done by Jon Conchie in Pietermaritzburg, were disasters both on the 3L (2.8) and 5L (3.0) diesel engines. Even if the turbo has been removed damage would have been...
  28. Re: Wanted: 2007 Triton lift pump(manual prime pump)

    On my 1998 SFA Hilux also had a similar problem. Just bought a piece of translucent plastic piping, disconnected the intake on the pump, pushed the plastic pipe into the fuel line and sucked the...
  29. Re: 97 Cruiser GX 80 Diesel vs 98 Nissan Patrol GL 4500

    Ja, dis nogal ook so met hulle karre - vir my versameling 1990's Corolla, Conquest en Tazz motors geen probleem om nog OE onderdele te kry nie. Met my Datsun 1200 (1973 model) het ek al in die 1980's...
  30. Re: How paranoid are you about your vehicle being stolen?

    No, you are not. Reminds me of the days I owned a pristine 1998 SFA DC Raider, loved that bakkie, but do not miss the uncertainty!
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    Re: 265/70/17 A/T Tyre advice

    Just ready yourself for a decrease in comfort when you move away from the AT22's or almost equivalent AT20's.
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    Re: Tyres Pressure Gauge

    Just buy this, I have many from expensive to cheap, but this is more than adequate.

    Available from Takealot now at R93 ... :)
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    Re: Pajero OBD2, Torque Pro and Cats.

    Thanks, yes, this is what the forum is really about! But could you two please post us a summary of all this combined knowledge in one document on this forum?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Re: Good Colt Mechanic Cape Town

    I would try get it looked at by ANG Service Centre in Killarney Gardens. They know Mitsubishi particularly well, very important with those engines.

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    Re: Km`s vs age and services.

    Take it to the dealer and have all things done that they think are necessary. RMI does not mean anything neither in terms of quality nor in terms of sorting out bad workmanship. When you go to an...
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