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    Re: Good news for rhino conservation

    What company was responsible for the translocation?
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    Re: W202 C250Diesel

    I was fortunate to have one of the first W202 C250 Turbodiesels in South Africa, taking delivery in February 1997. The car was bought through Mercedes Benz Export Division in South Africa, and...
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    Re: New tyres wanted - 265/70R16

    I have a relatively new set of Bridgestone Duellers 245/75r16s if you are interested. Only reason for selling is that I am keen to fit 235/85r16s. Can send photograph if you are interested. I am in...
  4. 4 x G Class Professional 7.5x16 alloy rims for sale

    4 x Alufelge Type 64 (ET63) alloy rims for sale. Size: 7.5x16, PCD 5x130. Colour: Silver. Good condition. Price (including wheel bolts): R24,000 neg. Contact me at 082-6518914. Based in...
  5. Re: 10 Reasons Why you should NOT build a Heavy 4WD Tourer

    In terms of our expedition packing list, an easy way to decide on what to pack is to lay everything we had in mind on the garage floor. Then we divide the kit into two: on one side the stuff that we...
  6. Coopers Discoverer S/T Maxx 265/75R16 tyres for sale

    I have five used Coopers Discoverer S/T Maxx 265/75R16 tyres for sale (four used on my vehicle, 1 as a spare). Approximately 20,000km done.Reason for selling is that I am migrating to...
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    Re: Zambia to Kigoma then Kigali

    I did this trip a few years ago. You are welcome to send me your email address - will send my travelogue to you
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    Re: South Luangwa direct to Petauke doable?

    Definitely do-able. Ensure you have a good sense of direction and lots of patience. Do not rush this one!
  9. Re: Operation Savannah Armour Mission to Angola in 2020

    Were you there in the second half of 1975? There was the one mounted platoon operating from Etale, and another two from Omani.
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    Re: Subaru camping conversions for ballies!

    If the spare wheel well could be used for the auxiliary fuel tank, complete with its piping and electrics, there is no requirement for additional fuel containers, e.g. jerry cans. With the spare...
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    Re: Subaru camping conversions for ballies!

    You have an interesting project ahead of you, and I trust you will share the outcome thereof with us.

    I am the proud owner of a 2008 Forester 2.5XS, that has taken us to many off-the-map...
  12. Operation Savannah Armour Mission to Angola in 2020

    South African Armoured Corps veterans of Operation Savannah and their families are invited to participate in a 16-day self-drive tour of Angola, to take place in July or August 2020. The tour is...
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    Re: Introduction to me

    Hi Stephen, I suggest you consider a Discovery I with a 200Tdi engine and no rust. Strip it down and rebuild it yourself, with the bits and pieces of your preference. Best entry level vehicle, it...
  14. Re: The Grab Bag - an essential piece of overlanding equipment

    Interesting discussion! The necessity of an emergency grab bag for an overland vehicle should not be underestimated. Below follows a list of what I carry in my emergency grab bag, which is a very...
  15. Re: Subaru Forester 2014 XS versus 2013 Land Rover Freelander 2

    Hi RasMan, allow me to make a comment re the low-range selection. I am inclined to think that as South Africans we do not give adequate attention to the difference between "four-wheel-drive" and...
  16. Re: Subaru Forester 2014 XS versus 2013 Land Rover Freelander 2

    Hi Francois, I was responding to the question, which was about the Freelander vs the Forester. No other marque was mentioned in the question. Having owned a Forester 2.5XS, and having a few friends...
  17. Re: Subaru Forester 2014 XS versus 2013 Land Rover Freelander 2

    Forester vs Freelander? In my opinion the Forester is the best 4x4xfar. In this case the Freelander is no match!
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    MediaRelease: Re: Beginner 4x4 enthusiasts

    Congratulations on your new vehicle, may this be the start of a lifetime adventure! To be able to respond to the question, what is it that you intend to do with your 4x4? Would it be offroad trials,...
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    Re: Solo Richtersveld trip - good or bad idea?

    Hi Elsabe, I find your question very interesting. Obviously, what you are asking about is the principle of a woman traveling on her own to remote areas, and not so much about the destination. In...
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    Re: Buying my first 4x4

    I am inclined to support the suggestion by Henkus to invest in a 2nd hand Discovery. Even a good Discovery 1 is advised. It all depends on your mechanical ability. Form myself, I would find a good...
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    Re: 2 year solo 4x4 africa exploration

    You have embarked on an interesting project. Obviously you are giving it a lot of forethought,and I really hope this pays off for you.
    My suggestion would be to go for a station wagon, given...
  22. Thread: New member

    by HW Short

    New member

    Good day all!

    I am a new member, based in Pretoria.

    We drive a Tata 110 Defender County 2.5Tdi and a G300 CDI Professional.
    Our student son recentlyinherited our Subaru Forester 2.5XS, with...
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