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    Toyota (Non-4x4) Mechanic in Northern Suburbs


    Can somebody please recommend a Toyota specialist in the Northern Suburbs? I have a Rav4 & Yaris, that needs work done and I am tired of being taken for a ride by current mechanic.

    PS. JB...
  2. Re: Anybody in Northern Pretoria with 30 minutes to spare?

    That is cheeky. Buying a car cash, R15k adds up. It seems used car dealerships, that don't screw you over with the product, screws you over other ways.

    Thank you for everybody who offered to have...
  3. Anybody in Northern Pretoria with 30 minutes to spare?

    Hey Guys

    After looking around for quite some time, I have found a Pajero with low kms. Only issue is the car is in Pretoria and I am in Cape Town.

    Therefore, I am humbly asking, if anybody is...
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    Toyota Mechanic in Bellville

    Hi Guys

    I know this has been asked before, who is the best Toyota mechanic in Bellville, but my non-4x4 Yaris needs to be worked on. Can anybody recommend a mechanic to work on a Yaris?

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    Re: New update on Baviaans August 2017

    Hi Shaun

    Thank you very much for your post, it is a huge help. I am planning our first family trip (wife and 9 month baby) to Baviaanskloof in the last week of September 2017. I do have a few...
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