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    Discovery 4 Re: New tyres from Goodyear

    I have the Scorpions on my 2017 Wildtrak and they're on 60,000km so far. I recently did about 5000km through Namibia and now they look like they've been sanded with really course sandpaper.... Which...
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    Namaqua National Park pub?

    So we booked for this coming weekend for Namaqua National Park ages ago and didn't realize it was the SA VS NZ world cup game... [emoji85]

    Does anyone know if there's somewhere to watch the game...
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    Re: DIY Hilux DC Drawer System - 2015

    To revive an old thread... What did you use to mount the back-to-back central drawer slides? That link to Gelmar no longer works and I'm having the same issue on a system I'm building... Thanks!
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    Re: Canvas Family tent

    thanks Douglas - yes seems like a similar option to the one Johan suggested, will check them out. those more upright walls will definitely work better than a traditional dome tent and the turbo...
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    Re: Canvas Family tent

    thanks Johan - definitely looks like an option and will go check it out at Camp and Climb, just a bit concerned with the light through that material - I like a dark tent like you get with the heavier...
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    Canvas Family tent

    Hi all

    I know there are several other discussions on family tents, so apologies if this is a repeat, but a lot of them recommend the nylon/polyester options. I am specifically looking for...
  7. Re: Touring Namibia with a standard 5ft Venter trailer

    The only spot welds are on the original frame, which I agree is a weakness and was where there were some cracks, which is why it is now reinforced. There is no welding on the reinforcement.

  8. Re: Touring Namibia with a standard 5ft Venter trailer

    I took an old 6' Venter and added a 700mm high home built frame on top for a kitchen and rooftop tent on top (there's a few examples on the forum if you search).

    I changed the axle and leaf...
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    Re: Comments on TENT CO Rooftop tents?

    An old thread, but to add my 2 cents ;

    We have the Tentco family sized trailer tent. The big one with the raised double bed, plus the add-a-room.

    We have been all over with it and no problems...
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    Re: Roof Racks - Dynamic and Static Loads

    It doesn't matter how well you strap everything down, it will still move on rough terrain and a 10mm displacement is probably fair.. More so if you have any liquids which will create their own...
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    Re: Rooihoek ant problem

    Thanks, it was quite extensive, most of the area had them, so if you guys were OK then it's probably sorted out.
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    Rooihoek ant problem

    Hi all

    A couple of years ago Rooihoek campsite in Baviaanskloof had a bad problem with those biting ants.. They seemed to have taken over the whole campsite. Has anyone been there recently and can...
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    Re: Ranger T6 dual battery

    There's also the option of running your cables through the chassis rail. A bit fiddly and you will need a feed wire to pull everything through, but probably the best way to protect the cables if you...
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    Looking for family size rooftop tent

    Hi all

    If anyone in the Western Cape is selling a family size rooftop tent (2 adults plus 2 kids) in good condition, please let me know..

  15. Cherokee Re: Jeep Cherokee 2003 Roof rails for rooftop tent

    Thanks FF, those rails look like a good option. I heard somewhere that you have to provide extra plates on top and underneath (between the headliner and roof metal) to provide enough support, but not...
  16. Cherokee Jeep Cherokee 2003 Roof rails for rooftop tent

    Hi all, looking for advice on using a family size rooftop tent on a 2003 Cherokee 2.8 CRD LTD. I believe the factory rails are too weak, so has anyone come up with a simple replacement?

    I do have...
  17. Re: Anyone heard of Tentco Self Inflating Mattress?

    I bought 2 of the Tentco 10cm and while they don't self-inflate to 10cm, it literally took 3 breaths in each side to fully inflate.

    I weight 100kg and sleep on my side and find them to be totally...
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