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    Re: So who is going camping this weekend?

    Peter does the "lady of the House" agree with your suggestion ? ;D;D;D;D
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    Re: Suspension Lock(down)

    Have a look at the jack used by Bush Lapa on its Goggas at the rear.
    Mount them on the high liftjack point on the aftermarket bumper.
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    Re: Road closure Jozini Kozi Bay

    Seems we require 2 or 3 front end loaders to clean the road plus about 5 Ratels with troops from the border war to clean up the place.

    Very crude way to do it unfortunately :(

    Our trip to...
  4. Re: Ongeluk, en versekering weier om skade te herstel

    Pyne, my vraag is hoekom moet mens baklei.
    Staan maar stewig, hulle moet dit reg maak.

    'n Ander voertuig het agter in my Fiesta vasgery, op sy cell foon gesit insteede dat hy kyk wat voor hom...
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    Re: Would you help someone in distress? My story….

    Not a good way to express your passion for people.

    I help always, did sort of got me in a difficult situation once.
    Still it cost nothing to assist, nowadays just a bit more careful.

  6. Thread: Cheapies !!!

    by Danie S

    Re: Cheapies !!!

    Just put two Wranglers on yesterday, shopped around a bit and TyreHouse came in at R1900 each excl.
    Cost for two fitted came in at a total of R4370 all inclusive.
    That is an acceptable price....
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    Re: Which 12v fridge to choose from?!

    All three are good.

    We had a SnoMaster 70L dual and it lasted a long time, got dropped a few times very hard and after quite a few years gave up on us.
    They could repair it but said no warranty...
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    Re: why do drum brakes still exist?

    Would be nice to have disc brakes on a caravan or 4 x 4 trailer.
    Just how do you operate the hydraulics, or how do you fix them out in the veld if something goes wrong (if the caliper is stuck)
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    Re: Sleep-ready caravans for going almost anywhere

    I had a look at the Mobi Lodge that a friend use.
    He took it into the bush and gave it a hard time, no issues.

    Basic what you need with minimum effort.

    We tow a Bush Lapa Kewer with the...
  10. Thread: Nossob flowing

    by Danie S

    Re: Nossob flowing

    We will be in Nossop on 23 - 28 March 2020

    A Bush Lapa Ratel 6 and BL Kewer (RUS WA GP reg #).

    Last saw water in the Nossop in 2018
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    Re: Kerkenberg Camping

    There was/used to be a camp area at the historical site.
    Quite nice and well kept.
    Nice place to visit
    Look for Kerkenberg staanplek
    There is a place Dumbe lodge close by, see if you can get more...
  12. Re: New NL Battery Box - The All in One Solution??

    If you shop around you can find a 15 Amp Victron IP65 7 stage smart charger between R2000-2500 - with Bluetooth
    Seen some people selling them for R3500
    A Benton goes a bit cheaper and does the same...
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    Re: 12v Sparks flying!!

    Disconnect Disconnect always.

    I have worked on serious big UPS systems 200 kVA and bigger, we talk of 33 x 12V 100 Amp batteries in a string and there are 2 to 3 strings.
    All tools were shrink...
  14. Re: New NL Battery Box - The All in One Solution??

    You can add the Victron products and maybe the Benton as well
    I found the Ctek a bit sensitive to heat and it blew.
    The Victron charger mounted same place and already exceeded the Ctek lifespan...
  15. Thread: Cheapies !!!

    by Danie S

    Re: Cheapies !!!

    I have been using Wranglers for many years and never had a issue, they worked hard as we towed a Echo 4 all over the country.
    In 3-4 decades we had about 5 or 6 punctures on the Wranglers

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    Re: Gas versus Eksdom.Lets put this one to bed.

    Plenty places stock them, some are branded geyser timers at a price - basic a standard battery back up timer with a rating of 16-25 Amps.

    We have one installed, you must just get the timer...
  17. Re: New NL Battery Box - The All in One Solution??

    I went and build my own, originally started as a bet and cost of the NL box was just to much.
    (had to get something to keep things cold in the fridge in something like 3 days)
    Over many years it...
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    Re: Bad start to my day with the ROK

    Ouch, not nice.
    Trying to explain that to your insurance regarding the guys that hit you.
    Hope you pass the number plate information date and time over to your insurance.

    This behavior is normal...
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    Re: wives and rooftop tent ladders

    We had the Echo 4 for quite a few years, the TTT is a bit lower than the normal RTT.
    Still the ladder was at a bad angle and when the nightly trips got to 2 per night and on the odd occasion 3 a...
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    Re: Andrew St P White, Jurgens en Xplorer

    Mense ek het nou nie al die kommetaar gelees nie.
    My mening is dat as die as nie oorlaai word en 'n redelike spaar ladings kapasiteit het terwyl jy jou spoed aanpas by die pad, behoort daar nie...
  21. Re: Poor fuel consumption after adding exstras to my new bakkie

    Had a surprise on fuel consumption.
    Changed from OME tires to Coopers AT3 same size - no change in size 265/65/17 on the 3.2 Ranger
    The weight of the Coopers are more than what they are fitted with...
  22. Re: Who's game for a DIY Router UPS / Cell Charger build Project.

    What about building a battery pack that can do a few more things.

    I build one for the bakkie that powers our fridge in the back, started in 2010.
    Then expanded it with a Victron IP65 charger...
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    Re: Much higher fuel consumption

    I learned the hard way, going back from Coopers to Wranglers.
    Even BF's gave a mate a big fright after 3 months when he decided to compare fuel consumption over 5 tanks of diesel.
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    Re: Light bars (AGAIN!!!!)

    Wat ek gevind het met die light bars is dat die lig baie helder en wit is.
    Sit jy hulle af vat jou oe in die aand 'n ruk om aan te pas by die nuwe lig intensiteit en jy is blind vir so 2-4 sekondes...
  25. Re: To Afrispoor or not to Afrispoor, that is the question.

    There is not much difference between the two in build quality and materials.

    There is nothing wrong with the Afrispoor, it just did not fit and ticked all our boxes.

    I have not heard of any...
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    Re: Advice on what jack to use

    I use a mechanical bottle jack.

    Had a few of the 3 ton oil operating jacks and they worked very well up to a point.
    They unfortunately do not like dust and sand and they tend to leak oil when...
  27. Re: To Afrispoor or not to Afrispoor, that is the question.

    We looked at a few different options in 2017 when we decided to upgrade from the Echo 4

    Afrispoor, Bush Lapa and Echo were the three finalists.

    We ended up buying the Bush Lapa.
    The Afrispoor...
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    Re: Load shedding and caravans or trailers!

    Friend of us just bought a new road caravan and he requested 12V system.
    They converted the lights but refused to do the fridge and installed a snappy chef.
    He carries a portable gas cooker for the...
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    Re: How much did you pay for Tyres today ?

    Personally I will not put Coopers on again.

    Bit pricey and I have a lot of issues.
    They chip and flake.
    Rotation and then they battle to balance them (once a year wheel alignment and balancing...
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    Re: Load shedding and caravans or trailers!

    Many years ago we went 12V all over (our brand new '83 Gypsey was made 12V only)
    We had the odd occasions where we ended up in camps with no 220V, since then we stuck to it.

    Currently on our 2017...
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    Re: License disc position

    I have used them for years pop riveted to the left side of the nose cone or left on top (current), just replaced the screws with Allen Key heads.
    Had a bright one that took the disk one day with the...
  32. Re: First fridge/freezer - Help me make the right decision please

    We now run a 65 L dual SnoMaster and 40 L SnoMaster.
    Before that we had a 70L Dual SnoMaster that was really abused, dropped x 3 and so on.

    The 65 L Dual stay in the bakkie always on and the 40 L...
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    Re: Why shouldn’t I buy a Ford

    We had :- Toy, Nissan, GM and Ford
    Toy was fine, had a few issues and engine rebuild out of warranty - used many years
    Nissan lasted 2.5 years and 52 000 km before I flogged it, could not keep up...
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    Re: Royal Deep Cycle Batteries.

    Have to agree with Eggie.

    Had a look at Royal DC 31 batteries the other day, they were selling for R1500.
    Got the meter out and they were sitting at 12.7 V (assumed they were charged a bit before...
  35. Thread: Earth tremor ?

    by Danie S

    Re: Earth tremor ?

    Hi Peter,
    Good to know you survived the little tremor.
    Seems things are falling apart there ;D
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