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  1. Re: Triton 3.5 V6 or 3.2D advice please!!!!

    Hi happy hunting. Can only advise about 3.2L. Can confirm 12L per 100 km combined driving 11L per 100km long trips. Not sure what models have Super Select 4x4 system (mine without), worth a search....
  2. Re: Maybe getting a 98 gen 2 3.0l v6 pajero

    Thomas your age in your profile is a dead give away for your quick chopping and changing;D
    I suspect you will get more value from your current bakkie than a station wagon at your age?
    You also...
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    Re: Portable Solar Panels

    Great products - I see both comes with solar controller and wiring to the battery included. This normally ads a considerable amount to final cost.
  4. Re: 2004 Mitsubishi Colt 2.4 Trailbuster 4x4

    Good looking truck Thomas, apparently flex is for Fridays;D
  5. Re: Making My own Front Bumper For The Colt

    Looks promising!
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    Re: 105...sshhh...nobody knows

    Love your attention to detail!
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    Re: Mitsubishi Triton shock absorbers

    Ek sal hierdie draad dophou, my Triton 2010 model, is ook in die mark vir skokbrekers, MAAR met 'n "vorige generasie" aluminium kappie wat swaar is, kom ek agter my bakkie "waggel" gereeld. Toe ek...
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    Re: Photos of your Mahindra

    Goodness but that red Mahindra is a thing of beauty! Never thought it will grow on me, wow!
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    Wrangler 4dr Re: Not a Jeep?

    Beautiful, if that does not appeal to you, you are hiding knitting needles under your seat!
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    Patrol Re: 4.2 tdi Patrol DC conversion

    Dit is werklik mooi!
    Daar is min dinge wat so 'n goeie indruk maak soos goeie vakmanskap!!!
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    Re: New tire dilemma

    Sjoe, jy ry baie kilo's en daarby nog grondpad, sou graag wil hoor watter band beveel jy aan?
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    Re: 300TDi Overland build

    My recommendation would be to spend your energy before the trip on planning the actual trip, not building a vehicle. Your budget seems fair to get a working, running 4x4, perhaps just not a landy.
  13. Re: I Installed a Power Plus Throttle Controller.

    Will that be installed on the Triton, I suppose?
    Will be following with interest.
  14. Re: Pajero Sport AUto box oil - Ravenol Oil?

    Triton 3.2 auto, 275k km. Yes I also have slight clunk at low torque, gearing down only sometimes when decelerating, specially with road with speed humps(our neighborhood). All services done on...
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    Safari Re: Blou Pampoen

    Kom ons gee die stywe bande die skuld;D
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    Re: My heel eerste 4x4

    Vergaap my daaraan hoe jy goed kan regmaak!
    Wens ek het die tegniese vaardigheid gehad!
    Lyk belowend
  17. Re: SJ413 1998 engage 4H, but not 4L

    Thank you SO much! Great news.
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    Re: My heel eerste 4x4

  19. Re: SJ413 1998 engage 4H, but not 4L

    Thank you, suspected that to be the problem.
    Will I be able to get access from inside the car?
    I see eBay shows some results, any other place to source the parts?
    Appreciate you assistance.
  20. SJ413 1998 engage 4H, but not 4L

    Hi all you knowledgeable Zook manne. Over the past months "consumed" all SJ related threads, this forum is a wealth of knowledge.
    Only owned the SJ413 for a few months and trips to 4x4 terrain few...
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    Re: Mitsubishi Xpander

    Hi, Good luck with your search for the most suitable vehicle, all good vehicles, although I think Avanza not in the same class.
    I would do two things to determine the outcome:
    1. Let SWAMBO get in...
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    Re: Jimny 4x4 -Trailer combo

    Suppose you have to find a suitable trailer. Was very happy with this one behind the Gen 3 Jimny, could maintain 100km. Found it at a local car dealer, still have it to date.
  23. Re: 2008 V6 Prado Compression Readings

    Thank you jakes, I am in awe how you have your fingers on all the facts!
    Was just wondering if this test must be done on cold or warm engine, or temp not relevant?
  24. Re: Cost of owning a 4x4 that cost less than R40K

    Great thread Etienne. Will do the math on my truck eventually, I am some how apprehensive about the outcome.
    This is such a valuable thread. To make this more meaningful, you have to explain your...
  25. Re: Making My own Front Bumper For The Colt

    Looking forward to your project. Please also give us a run down of the cost to see if it is viable/cost effective to build yourself.
    However I am sure one cannot put a price on the bragging rights...
  26. Re: Who knew a Gypsy has a Check Engine light......

    Glad to hear you have it sorted and only lubrication needed, thank you for posting update, I have a SJ413 1998 model also with a serious delay when ignition switch is turned and when motor turns...
  27. Re: Nissan Sani 2.7 Turbo diesel 1998

    I am very curious about what will be Dr Jelo's "reading"/analysis of the oil spots.
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    Re: Jors Malan Videos

    Nuut met Jors Malan se video's. Kan nie help om te dink hoeveel beter daardie FJ met regte 4x4 bande so doen nie!
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    Re: Terrafirma tyres

    Goodness, that is nearly R500 cheaper than Errol's. Please give us feedback on road noise, looks like a rugged tyre pattern. Also looking around for replacement tyres.
  30. Re: Chameleon Jimny (JB43) - From Stock to Now..

    Now that is a huge upgrade! Mind to share the price of the M18a please.
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    Re: Jimny pinging on Engen 95

    Waiting for the fuel experts to comment, very curious, pining normally associated with timing.
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    Re: Snomaster vs Engel vs NL

    The fully functional remote Snowmaster offers is the deal breaker for me, just love it.
  33. Re: Whining noise from rear diff or gearbox?

    Please keep us updated to what the diagnoses is.
  34. Re: Whining noise from rear diff or gearbox?

    Hope you find the cause of the whining soon. I am unfortunately not that clued up with drive trains, but I doubt if the low pressure tires had anything had anything to do with the whining noise.
  35. Re: JLX vitara soft top 1.6 ltr 4x4 96 model

    The best car/4x4 I have ever had by far! Great little vehicles, incredible engine, lasts for ever, sips petrol.
    Do not let it slip past you. I had the 4 door version - had limited slip diff,...
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