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  1. Re: Anyone care for a landy camper project with a twist?

    I actually saw this vehicle the other day at the dealership mentioned - reversed to get a better look, but on a Sunday morning they were closed (its a trade company) - I wanted to phone and get a...
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    Re: Himalayan Salt Block

    As the OP asked if anyone has one, yes,I do - got mine 10 years ago, must admit to not using it more than a couple of times a year, and as all posted, they are a bit time consuming..... I use mine on...
  3. Re: Old School Adventure Bike - Which One?? (Post Pics!!!)

    A fully kitted BMW G650X-Challenge with a Long Range Tank and a load of extras was sold on WildDogs last week for R32k - the tank alone is US$800, if you can get one, so these make brilliant all road...
  4. Re: Old School Adventure Bike - Which One?? (Post Pics!!!)

    You could also look for a BMW G650 X-Challenge as below (Mine) - and I also have a 1981 XT500 that I rode to Northern Kenya & back in 1994 - then & now pics!
  5. Re: New tendency: standing up while lane splitting

    Back to the OP's original question - I have no idea why riders stand while lane-splitting - seems a bit pointless to me, but anyway.....

    I lane-split pretty much all the time in heavy traffic -...
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    Poll: Re: Do you clean before you strip?

    Clean the unit (mostly bikes for me) with prepsol/clean-green and a high-pressure washer
    Let it dry
    Take photo's - I take hundreds of pics all day, because my memory is not getting better........
  7. Re: Please post Pics of your DIY workbench (WOOD)

    DIY Bench made from wood I found at a company that was throwing it out!
    I laminated 4 section of ply together to form the top.
    Legs etc. are all bolted together.
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    Re: Brukkaros Crater and camping

    We were there a couple of years back - my wife was not thrilled with the drive up past the top camp, low range, steepish, washed away and rutted, no place to turn around until you are more than...
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    Re: GV shocks and?

    I would roll around underneath your GV and see if any of the diffs etc., show any seepage, I know there is a drive-shaft seal that sometimes leaks? But you will spot it and can be replaced without...
  10. Re: 2018 Grand Vitara. Buying one and I have some questions.

    As mentioned above, leather on the older Summit only - the Summit comes with 18" rims and a full hard spare wheel cover, the Dune with no sunroof, spare wheel centre cap and 17" rims, no leather.......
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    Re: Why do tree fellars use cruisers?

    Mate of mine has a tree felling business in Cape Town, been in business for 25 years, has 3 cruisers, even bought the V8 - but sold that again and went back to the diesel 4.2 - says they last longer...
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    Re: Oztent Owners Thread

    OK - Carmaquip Mattress seems the way to go.....
    I have had a normal opblaas matras for the last 20 something years - the same one, never had a puncture, but the comments are correct, it's cold......
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    Re: GV Brakes

    Wow - exceptional prices - very interested to hear how they perform and last!

    Keep us posted!!
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    Re: The technicalities of baking

    I bake bread a fair amount, and try new recipes as i get them, or get a new ingredient...

    My newest (six months ago) was a Sourdough Starter that I was gifted - and I have made quite a few loaves,...
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    Re: Metric nuts and bolts

    Benoni Bolt - in town opposite Korsmans Ice Cream - they have a HUGE range, you can buy 1-off or bulk, prices are 50% of the large branded "hardware" stores....
  16. Re: 10 Reasons Why you should NOT build a Heavy 4WD Tourer

    My wife & I did a 4-week trip to Namibia at the end of 2015 in a Grand Vitara - I stripped out the rear seats and built a ply-wood drawer system for 3 x Wolpacks, 1 bigger plastic crate (bedding...
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    Re: Lightweight drawer system

    I have bought Black and Grey carpet in various lengths and widths from the Fleamarke in Boksburg - opposit the East Rand Mall on North Rand Road - about R30/m for a 1.6 wide section.
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    Re: I bought a what

    LOL - as above, it's a money-pit!
    You can get away with a 2nd hand unit, they do come up from time-to-time, and 7 years ago they were completely acceptable, now-days the old system is, well, old and...
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    Re: Frozen Snoek - What to do?

    This is making me luss for snoek.....

    I grew up in Fish Hoek, we had plenty of fresh snoek from KalkBay, unfortunately we now live in Gautie-Land, so no more fresh Snoek....

    What we used to do:...
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    Re: GV feedback

    Nice Trip Erich!

    Report coming....?
  21. Re: Skeleton coast entrance fees/Springbokwasser

    Cannot reme remember the exact cost, but cheap enough not to be a memorable expense, so I image around what MikeN said.

    I have transited through on both bikes and in cars and its a great road -...
  22. Re: Grand Vitara - Service/Workshop Manual Needed

    Many thanks for all the help - much appreciated!!
  23. Re: Grand Vitara - Service/Workshop Manual Needed

    Thanks - that was my first port-of-call, but did not find anything there - they link refers to a .mdf file on a torrant, that does not appear to exist any longer...
    Actually, there is one link, that...
  24. Grand Vitara - Service/Workshop Manual Needed

    2013 model - vehicle is out of warranty, so I will start doing the minor services myself, however a manual is always a good idea, particularly when doing fluids (quantities & type), torque values,...
  25. Re: Another post by some noob about Grand Vitara lift kits.

    My 2013 Summit was fitted with a 40mm lift a few months after I collected it -
    never looked back - I run standard 18" road tyres mostly, also have a set of 16" Freelander rims & tyres if I know I...
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    Re: Using a trailer or not

    I never wanted a trailer for touring - way too much schlep, and a greater chance of taking extra stuff I dont even need....

    Then I did a 23-day Namibian trip with my wife in a Grand Vitara, and...
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    Re: Porsche Cayenne for overlanding

    In 2012 we came across a Cayenne, with a matching trailer, all painted in Urban Camo color (wrap?) up near Epupa Falls - with German plates - LHD - travelled down through Africa, west coast, German...
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    Re: Three point screwdriver

    TorkCraft does the Tri Wing bits - the loose ones that fir into a 1/4" Hex drive - let me know if you cant get close to you - we sell TorkCraft.
  29. Re: Blue Hole Trading - are they still trading?

    Still cannot get through.....

    I will go elsewhere.

    Their loss.
  30. Re: Blue Hole Trading - are they still trading?

    Thank you - I see their adverts all over, now I know what they do as well!!
  31. Re: Blue Hole Trading - are they still trading?

    I do = thank you all the same!
    I will try again - I have been calling since Thursday!!
  32. Blue Hole Trading - are they still trading?

    Anyone know if Blue Hole Trading - the tent people in Pomona - are still in business?
    Been trying to call them since last week - no answer
    Sent them 5 emails - no answer.....

    Or, where else to...
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    Re: GV end of service plan

    Anyone ever done a Clutch without it going to the dealers?
    My 2013 with 130k KM is going to need a clutch soon, and R14k quote at the dealers is a little rough.....
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    Re: Breedtsnek pass

    I went up from the South about 2 months ago - lekker rough, take it easy and pick your lines and it will be fine from either direction.

    Good fun!
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    Re: Off Trax Trailer Fan Club

    Thank you - yes, she made my triangle awning and added the window covers to the tent as well - was looking for a cheap DIY solution.... ;D

    But on the other hand, Darren, Goedkoop is Duurkoop!!!
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