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    Re: Pajero CK petrol pump relay

    No replies is in a way is a good result: it means no Pajero owner has had similar problem?
    Yet someone here no doubt knows the route that the fuel pump power goes?
    Could he/she please divulge?
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    Re: Impressed with China Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    48V inverter wanted.
    BIL wants to power his home office from his 48V golf cart batteries during load shedding.
    I told him to instead go full off grid including PV solar panels, which have likely...
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    Re: Anatomy of a 4L Fuel Pump

    Very nicely illustrated, Africa Offroad!
    The Mitsubishi pump looks similar, but several years ago they wanted north of R10k for a new unit!
    A fellow next to me at the spares counter called me aside...
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    Pajero CK petrol pump relay

    Could someone point me to the location of the petrol pump relay on a Pajero CK V6 3.5l ? (This one is a 2001 model, but all petrol models probably the same.)
    Interesting story: after a few months...
  5. Re: Tyres, Mags and Rims: Trade, Buying, Selling, Swap, Give-away or whatever ....

    I also need some trailer wheels. Even just rims, can find old tyres to enable trailer to move. 6-hole 139mm. Thieves stole the spare off trailer, I then took this picture to use to source a...
  6. Re: Tyres, Mags and Rims: Trade, Buying, Selling, Swap, Give-away or whatever ....

    I have 5 (Five) Topline 17 x 8JJ aluminium alloy wheels for sale. (Hopefully picture will show underneath)
    They have 6 holes spaced for Mitsubishi Pajero. (And many others)
    Wheels are of classy...
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    Re: Your Lockdown Projects

    [QUOTE=MrTolbos;4357155]Started a few days before the lockdown already, but thankfully got 99.9% of the bits and pieces together before all the shops closed. Diy Solar installation at home:
  8. Thread: Load shedding

    by Abe53

    Re: Load shedding

    Rather try:
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    Re: 5Kw borehole pump

    Hi A&B,
    It would cost way too much to run off batteries.
    Rather install a second similar borehole with pump and run both off solar in daytime only, no batteries.
    Then you have some water even...
  10. Re: Good Year Wranglers - I am more than a little worried....

    Biltong, that picture looks like serious damage, the lugs seem ready to tear off!
    Since you have done so few kilometers, you could try to send them back to GoodYear and claim a refund.
    I bought 11...
  11. Re: Advies i.v.m. 2005 Mutshibushi Pajero GLX se water pype asseblief.

    Ockert. jy het my laat skrik totdat ek gesien het jy het die diesel...
    Ons twee 2001 V6 petrol Pajeros het nog nie 'n waterpyp probleem nie, albei op 350k kms.
    Regte egte glycol 50% met corrosion...
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    Re: Long range fuel tank

    Any Pajero LWB out that could use a 100 litre stainless steel extra fuel tank? It fits into the 3rd row of seats storage under the luggage compartment floor. If you do not use the extra seats, maybe...
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    Re: Broken TMPS sensor

    Hi Jay4,
    For R2k you can get a good quality TPMS with 4 sensors, fitted inside or outside.
    Make sure any component can be replaced at decent cost.
    No longer a commercial member here, send pm for...
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    Re: Solar system vir huis

    Hello Leon,
    Hou ons asseblief op datum met jou ondervinding, ek is ook besig met 'n DIY huis sonkrag installasie.
    Sodra dit goed werk, beplan ek om nog 4 huise hier op die plaas van sonkrag te...
  15. Re: Inverter for office wanted, no, need it urgently!

    Hi Richard, thanks for the response.
    Yes indeed, I would be very interested to hear how much a Su-Kam 3.5 kVA inverter would cost?
    I looked at the user manual, see that it is made in India. Seems...
  16. Re: Inverter for office wanted, no, need it urgently!

    Hi Ekkekan,
    Thanks for the specs, but the "20 ms" at bottom means that those are still switch-over systems.
    Will now have a look at
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    Re: Tyre pressure gauge

    I also have used the Stetho (and lookalike copies) for many years.
    Precise pressure matters little, but repeatability gives peace of mind.
    Now: go drive (or ride) at 20% overpressure, then at 20%...
  18. Inverter for office wanted, no, need it urgently!

    Hi all,
    Does anyone out here have an inverter 3 to 5 KVA for sale? Must be full on-line, no line-interactive will last long where we are.
    The smoke (literally and figuratively) came out of my 3 KVA...
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    Discovery 3 Re: Discovery 3V8 fuel gauge not working

    and, how many tanks of fuel will the repair cost?
    Just black tape the irritating yellow light and fuel up according to the trip km reading, allowing for usage.
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    Affordable ATF for Pajero

    Hi Mitsubishi owners,
    Our "his-and-hers" 2001 Pajero V6 petrols are purring along both having done 350 000 kms.
    Upon wishing to service them thoroughly I hit an unexpected bump.
    Our local...
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    Re: Longest distance without service??

    Hend and Grips, I will chime in on Delo 400. There is something magic how this oil avoids gunking up.
    The petrol Pajero V6 hydraulic valve lifters are gunked up by every other oil I tried, causing...
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    Re: Tyre Pressure monitors...

    Good evening guys,
    Firstly, thanks for everyone here that answered Tireguard questions while I was out playing golf. (Today had the pleasure of playing Modderfontein again, was even better this...
  23. Re: Bonnet hook failure might have fatal consecquence

    Here is my solution478918478919478920478921
  24. Bonnet hook failure might have fatal consecquence

    Cruising the N9 to Mosselbaai overtaking a bus the crosswind induced severe wind buffeting and I noticed the Pajero's bonnet (engine hood to you) blinking up and down. If the retaining hook had...
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    Re: Tyre pressure monitors - which one?

    On alloy wheels I drill a shallow 6mm hole 7.5mm dia and tap it to screw in a short second, metal valve.
    Then drill a 2 or 3mm hole through to the inside.
    On most wheels this is done without even...
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    Re: Binocular choices

    Agree with Wiid on the Image Stabilised Canons, I suffer from familiar tremor and IS makes a huge difference.

    However, I rarely use my binoculars since I started using ultrazoom cameras. (Latest...
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    Honda CRV clutch replacemennt. Could anyone...

    Honda CRV clutch replacemennt. Could anyone recommend someone near Pretoria to do this? The stealers quote for labour alone is R7000!
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    Hello Johan, Louis and others interested in TPMS,...

    Hello Johan, Louis and others interested in TPMS,
    Abe and Tireguard is very much alive: a new consignment arrived last Thursday and we are kept busy dispatching orders. The few service calls are...
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    Marius, that looks like quite a job! I have two...

    Marius, that looks like quite a job!
    I have two 2001 V6 Pajeros that I maintain myself.
    (OK, once in awhile one has to go to a specialist)
    Every 10K Km I change all the fluids. (cars do dust roads...
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    Thanks for the referrals, guys! Dave, I sourced...

    Thanks for the referrals, guys!
    Dave, I sourced some slightly thicker O-rings from a hydraulics shop and now include a few of these in every Tireguard kit.
    The self-adhesive Velcro strips supplied...
  31. Hi again guys, To add to the mystery, today when...

    Hi again guys,
    To add to the mystery, today when I pulled the Pajero out of the garage, the indicators worked normally and continued working left and right independently for some hours. Just when I...
  32. Pajero CK3 indicators flashing 4 corners hazards?

    Hi guys,
    Today my Pajero 2001 CK3 3.5 started flashing all 4 corners hazards when I want to indicate left or right.
    Is there anyone else here that have experienced the same?
    I am from rural...
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    Hello Andrew, Walter and Johan, Yous ous must...

    Hello Andrew, Walter and Johan,
    Yous ous must drive and park in really rough areas to lose external TPMS sensors!
    Me and thousands of Tireguard users have not had similar problems.
    Locked with the...
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    Fortuner 'n Spanner in die works..... Die eintlike vraag...

    'n Spanner in die works.....
    Die eintlike vraag is: het jy kontant gekoop of huur jy die kar van 'n bank?
    Die verskil in koste per km oorskrei enige verskil in brandstofverbruik.
    Die angel is in...
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    BlackMamba, may I be presumptious to preach? Do...

    BlackMamba, may I be presumptious to preach?
    Do not attempt to save on tyres.
    Fuel is about R2.00/km.
    Tyres is about R0.20/km.
    Buy the best, they are the only thing keeping you on the road....
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