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    Re: Looking to buy?

    Looked at Conqueror Comfort, Echo and Metalian.

    Went with the Metalian Maxi. Very happy with the build quality and functionality.
    For quick set up, decided on the Bundutec RTT - push of a button...
  2. Re: Metalian Mini With Bundutop Tent and Bundu Awning


    I have the Maxi - which the Bundutec RTT fitted onto nicely.

    The problem I had with the Bundutec awning on this combo was that it needs to be mounted higher than the top of the trailer roof...
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    Re: Prado 150 advice

    I have the 150 VX 3.0 D4D 2011 model.

    260K Km.

    Has not missed a beat, comfortable and capable.

    Would not get rid of it for any other car.
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    Re: Which Camping Trailer

    I am in Fourways.

    Very easy company to deal with - emails sent and whatsapp videos sent throughout the stage of your build. I had a delay due to Rims and Tyres which I was updated about and...
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    Re: Metalian Maxi or ???

    The RTT is from Bundutec.

    The awning from Metalian.

    Love the quick set up with the RTT.

    awning takes a bit longer but full 270 degree and good height.
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    Re: Main camp hwange update

    Was there for the game count.

    Chalets/Units are a run down. Cupboards broken or rotted, towel rails and any fittings hanging off the walls, mosquito netting non-existent.

    Robins been refurbed...
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    Re: Metalian Maxi or ???

    Attached a few images of the workmanship from Metalian.

    Service throughout exceptional. Product world class.

    Is it the best? Difficult question to answer as everyone has different requirements....
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    Re: Caravan of the year 2019

    Well deserved! They have a great product - probably the "Toyota" of Caravans and Trailers.

    I seriously looked at them and Vivian from Northcliff is passionate and lives the brand.

    I opted for a...
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    Re: Camping in KNP

    Hi Andrew

    KNP camping is relatively easy camping.

    Take the 30 M extension chord with the blue adaptor plug and you will have power.

    Ablutions generally are spotless - unless you happen to...
  10. Looking for Guide for Mana Pools and Chitake August 2020

    Hi all,

    We are a party of 8 (6 adults and 2 children - aged 12).

    We will be in Mana Pools for 3 nights and Chitake Springs for 3 nights.

    With the presence of the young ones, we would like to...
  11. Re: Looking for Loadshedding Solution - 5 hours

    Many thanks for the input - clearly a top of mind topic with the situation we all find ourselves in.

    Apologies for being silent - I was out on a trip last week so missed all the good info.

  12. Re: Looking for Loadshedding Solution - 5 hours

    Apologies - been slumming it in the bush for the last week!!!!
  13. Looking for Loadshedding Solution - 5 hours

    Hello everyone,

    We are being load shedded 3 - 4 x a week. This is killing productivity in our office as the staff literally pack up and disappear........

    I am looking for a solution to power:
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    Re: Which Camping Trailer

    Very happy with the Maxi - lots of space, no ammo boxes and easy to tow.

    went with a Bundutec Pop Up tent - sleeps 2 comfortably.

    If you want additional space, the pop up Coleman or RV Tents...
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    MediaRelease: Re: Conqueror Comfort vs Metalian Maxi

    I narrowed my choice down to the two trailers as well.

    In the end I opted for the Maxi.

    It was a very close call. Conqueror make a good product and are more out there - they attend all the...
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    Re: Which Drone to Buy ?

    I would look at a second hand Mavic Pro.

    The ease of use, regular software updates and the size/compactness make it the best bang for your buck.

    I have seen prices between R 12- R14K, worth it...
  17. Re: First fridge/freezer - Help me make the right decision please

    Great comments here - boils down to what you will use it for.

    We do a mix of camping in Kruger and then Wild camping without an electrical point for 10 - 14 days.

    NL 90 Twin is a cracker of a...
  18. Re: Media Releases - South Africa and Australia

    Best of luck with this venture Heinz. I hope your venture in China proves to be a fruitful one in time.

    I am sure there must be apprehension too - there are horror stories of Westerners handing...
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    Re: Metalian Maxi super thread

    I see Metalian Campers - The Australian Company - no longer has a Facebook Page up? That was other quick? Poor guys - built a brand in a tough market and lost the franchise.
  20. Re: Bundutec RTT and Awning onto Metalian Maxi challenge

    Thanks Heinz - couldnít upload it.
  21. Bundutec RTT and Awning onto Metalian Maxi challenge


    I was hoping for advice.

    I have a new Metalian Maxi on the way and ordered the Bundutec RTT with awning.

    I have been sent a video on whatsapp (format canít be uploaded here) - but the...
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    Re: Bream fishing upper zambezi

    Has the Tiger Fishing in the Zambezi dropped off over the last few years due to uncontrolled netting?

    The Barbel Run in the Okavango has been consistently poor for the last 5 years?
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    Re: Metalian Maxi super thread

    Surprisingly mine has been less than 6 weeks.

    Collection set for Sep 20th
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    Re: Metalian Maxi super thread

    After extensive research, took the plunge and went for the Maxi.

    Great at sales service from Sky initially, and now Gareth has been employed in sales and continues to offer the same great...
  25. Accommodation Mabua Available August 2019

    Hello everyone

    Sadly Swambo wants to visit the US with a mind to "have a look" and wants to go over the period I booked Mabua for....:(:(:(

    I have the following accommodations booked that I...
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    Re: Dometic CF 50

    Fridge is great for the price - lid not great and a bit loose when compared o the NL.

    Happy using it as a fridge in the car on second battery - maintains temp well.

    To get cold beer need to be...
  27. New Caravans from Conqueror and Echo

    Hello great people

    Went to the Outdoor show today and there are some great Caravans out there.

    The Conqueror team have launched some great Caravans, as have the Echo Team with their new Kunene!...
  28. Re: Okavango route planing advice please.

    One more suggestion Larry.

    I have done the cruise from Chobe Marina Lodge a few times - it is something not to be missed. Only, it can be a bit “touristy” as there are many foreigners seeing...
  29. Re: Okavango route planing advice please.


    Hey Larry

    Some good points here.

    If if I were doing this trip I would do:

    Jhb - Khama overnight
    Khama - Elephant Sands overnight (1 Full afternoon and night at waterhole is enough)
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    Re: 4X4 Caravan. Another info request.

    Conqueror launching new models next week...... worth having a look
  31. Re: Looking for recent reports on Mabua and Mapaya

    How was your trip?
  32. Angola Pita in the Zambezi Valley

    Kaving Camp in th eLower Zambezi had their first sighting of the Angola Pita for the season.

    Last 2 years they have had 8 birds in the area for 2 - 3 weeks....... good time to go
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    Re: Offroad Caravan vs Charlets?

    Interesting thread! I was in the same boat. I get away at least once a month and have mostly stayed in Chalets and rented a trailer for the Bots/Zim trip.

    I recently ordered an Off Road Trailer...
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    Re: Takealot

    My Dometic arrives today from Takealot - also got if for R 4999,00

    Will be the second fridge/freezer so can compare with the 90L Twin National Luna.
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    Re: Towing With Prado 150 diesel

    Towed a Conqueror Conquest through Savuti and Moremi without a hitch.

    Open road, no problem causing between 100 - 120 km/h
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