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  1. Re: Patrol...should I be concerned? 2 OME=90mm!!!

    Morning. Hein from 4x4 Mega World will contact you to rectify what is causing the issue at the rear. You may call me on 072 158 7453
  2. Re: Patrol...should I be concerned? 2 OME=90mm!!!

    Hi guys,I posted this on the Patrol forum also but hoping to reach a wider audience here as well. So I bought a stock standrard 2006 4.8GRX Patrol (except for winch behind factory bumper). I decided...
  3. Re: Let me guess "Warranty Void" on aftermarket suspension?

    Hi H

    OME was approved for many reasons. One of the most important factors was that it is the only suspension that is independenty tested to ensure that the ESC still functions. (done by Bosch) The...
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    Re: Fortuner Suspension Height Anomaly

    I'm going to get into trouble with Dirk but here goes. I'm the GM for 4x4 Mega World so yes, we do work on lot's of Toyota's. I also used to drive a Fortuner. Great vehicle.
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    Defender Re: Help Needed to identify Wheel Carrier

    Its definitely for a Defender. Go to "7 Landies" in Paarden Eiland. I am sure that they would assist you with their brackets. A slight mod and you're good to go
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    Re: Disco 1 coil springs for off road

    Hi Garyb
    OME are amazing coils. There are different ratings to choose from as well. If you are not happy with their performance then we'll give you a full refund after a two week trial period. ...
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    Re: New Jimny Buyer in need of advice!

    Hi Alrayes
    I read your post now. Congrats on your new acquisition. Please mail me and I will glady give you some honest, accurate advice regarding accessories for your Jimny.
    Regards Kurt...
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    Ford & Mazda Re: How is this possible

    My apologies. I got my own phone number incorrect.
    Should be 011 4542875
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    Ford & Mazda Re: How is this possible

    Hi there. I just read your post regarding the OME fitment. The dust cover will have no effect on the ride quality at all. It is merely a dust cover.
    Please call me tomorrow so that I can assist you...
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    Re: Fortuner Suspension Height Anomaly

    Good day.
    If I may possibly shed some light on your query. There is a slight weight difference between the V6 and D4D engines which will naturally attribute to height differences. Nudges bars,...
  11. Re: Offroad bumper - solid vs crumpling brackets and airbag deployment

    Good morning gentlemen. I invite you to visit any 4x4 Mega World store and ask the manager to show you an ARB crash test video. ARB IS THE ONLY COMPANY THATS WRITES A VEHICLE OFF TO ENSURE SRS...
  12. Re: 4x4 Megaworld shared some interesting info Re bumpers

    Hi guys. I've been reading your comments with interrest. I invite you all to 4x4 Mega World head office to come and view all the crash test videos etc. that we had to supply Ford SA and Ford USA in...
  13. Re: Isuzu kb300 lx d tec(2009) suspension

    Hi there. Call me Kurt on 011 4542875 and I'll gladly assist you with your enquiry. 4x4 Mega World
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    Re: Cruiser 76 Bull bar and suspension

    Hi Boskind

    Please contact me, Kurt, on 011 4542875 and I'll arrange a full suspenion for you to trial for two weeks. Then try out the other brands too and make up your own mind. As for the other...
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    Re: Recommended Mods for LC 79 D/C

    Hi guys. I've been reading this thread with interrest. I invite you to test drive a 4x4 Mega World 70 Series V8 fitted with OME. You decide whether its worth the money or not. Call Kurt on 011 4542875
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