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    Re: Relocation

    Indeed, Benguela Cove.

    But their prices are through the roof, vacant plot goes for R 2,5 mill and most properties are pushed above 5 mill.

    I remember when they started the properties wer in 2-3...
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    Re: Relocation

    There is a wine farm on the R43 close to Botrivier.
    They advertise secure complex inside the wine farm premises in stand alone units overlooking the Botriver sanctuary or the False Bay towards...
  3. Re: Are there any walking paths (and trail maps?) in and around Maun?

    I don't think there are any established touristic path ways as every track will lead to some remote village or boma, cattle posts spreading right into the delta area. This means long way off on foot...
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    Re: Olive the Nissan..........

    There might be 2 motors, one for upright, the other for the movement on the rail.
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    Re: Zebra migration Makgadigadi

    Great shot Pat, indeed.

    I can agree that they are around throughout in varying numbers.

    But if we talk about migration, I understand the move from one area to another, so to reach water at the...
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    Re: Zebra migration Makgadigadi

    Yes, the summer grazing area, but is it called the "migration"?
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    Re: Zebra migration Makgadigadi

    December - January, I think the migration as such is over then.
    More like finding them in their grazing area in wet season.
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    Re: Zebra migration Makgadigadi

    Nope, wrong time.

    The migration starts around June-July in direction of Boteti then return in Oct-Nov depending on rain arrivals.
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    Re: Fuel in Purros

    I wouldn't rely on any of those.
    If there is diesel, it's a benefit, but that would be a private initiative.

    Purros is just beside the grease nipple for the Earth axis ;D>:D, so way out of...
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    Re: I do not support load shedding at home

    I think the key to solar installations is managing the loads.

    You can start with a moderate installation and back-up from Eskom and learn when and how to reduce the loads.
    So from running the...
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    Re: Finance a off grid solar system

    Go for it then.

    As a bit of feed-back, after 2 years in use, I only ever load Eskom power for the cooking, baking and geyser, whereas with some little trickery, I could use excess solar power...
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    Re: Finance a off grid solar system

    The answer is "yes".

    On a good sunshine day your batteries are charged by midday and the system idles unless:

    - you are using appliances like washing machine, pumps, etc which would be directly...
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    Re: Epic East Africa Trip 2022

    Wow, good to have you back, started wondering.

    You still have some catch-up to do writing from Zambia, the Zambezi etc whilst drinking beer in Nairobi ;D.

    In any case, keep it coming, stay save...
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    Re: Foreign Buyer for Car

    The biggest stumble might be for the buyer to be able to register the vehicle. This if he does not have a SA residence address.
    Insurance might also be an issue for a foreigner.

    I managed once...
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    Re: The Legendary Karoi-Binga Road

    More recent updated (as compared to 1999) from my trip along that road in 2018.

    A long stretch has been tarred from Karoi (about 80kms) from there an ordinary gravel road in diferent states of...
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    Re: Overland couple newbies :)

    Any trip report welcome and welcome to the forum ;D

    Put the Hilux on this forum with pictures and descriptions.

    Dirk mentioned to open a section for trading of gear / vehicles.
  17. Re: Selling price fully kitted Land Cruiser 80 series???

    I don't get it, all the negative comments about the V8 swap.

    The vehicle looks very neat, the Lexus V8 is a proven unit and very reliable, I would even guess it to be more economical than the 4500...
  18. Re: Botswana Accommodation that's affordable

    You could stay in places like Tshobolo's, Mwandi View or Muchenje in the Chobe area.
    They do have chalets, tented camp, etc and within your price range.
    In Maun you will find Guest house or camp /...
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    Re: Kubu to Gweta

    Indeed, the part towards Gweta is quite a forest and will not have the open profile of your truck, so you will break branches and the odd roots protruding.
    If you do it, take your time and don't...
  20. Re: Swiss touring Southern Africa (finally) again

    Willkommen in Botswana, guter Entscheid.

    Aber 8-ung;

    With your rolling chalet you will have to pay park entry fees for vehicles in the truck category which is P 1000.00 instead of P 75.00 per...
  21. Re: GrŁezi, hello and goede dag from Switzerland!

    Looks like you found what you were looking for.
    Good job and looks like a solid build.

    Wishing you many happy miles on this continent, lots of placed she goes.

    Ifyou need help in Botswana...
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    Re: Epic East Africa Trip 2022

    I wonder what happened to Bee & Fred.

    The reporting just stopped and their tracking also vanished after Zambia.

    I hope they made it back in one piece.

    Anybody has any info?
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    Re: Accommodation in Chipata

    For accommodation try Mamarula, about 5-6 k's outside Chipata in direction Mfuwe.

    Chipata has a selection of super markets, you'll find what you need.
  24. Re: Trip report - Khumaga, Nxai pan & Chobe

    Brilliant report and excellent pictures. Well composed.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy Bots :)
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    Re: Deflating Tyres - How?

    Not sure when time would be an issue.
    When I have to deflate tyres I am on a bush trip normally.
    On bush trips time is NOT a critical element neither is the exact pressure value (it can be anything...
  26. Re: Long distance driving, and the role that speed plays in your fatigue

  27. Re: Long distance driving, and the role that speed plays in your fatigue

    I can say the same thing here. I do set the cruise control on 140 and accelerate from there to overtake sometimes forgetting my foot in that position and realising doing 160 or 180 on open road...
  28. Re: Bush to Sea Trip Report - Limpopo, Banhine and Zinave National Parks

    Thanks Herbert for the excellent report.
    Indeed a destination to consider.

    I have been through the Limpopo Nat Park just 6 months after it opened, got a bit lost as there were no maps and we...
  29. Re: GrŁezi, hello and goede dag from Switzerland!

    Hallo und willkommen hier.

    In my opinion the 2nd hand one could work out as 160k km are hardly "run in" for a 4.2D
    As it may already have upgraded suspension and fully equipped, I would recommend...
  30. Re: 11 months to E. Africa and back and...plans and updates

    Andrew, if you don't come right in Kasane, you might go to Maun and call in at Ali Boats in Industrial area.

    They certainly can help and have the correct electrodes to weld with.

    You might...
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    Re: where is piere st wight

    No undercover activity my side ;D write >:D

    In fact, ASPW's 4xForum book was the first I read about touring Southern Africa inclusive some of his maps.

    But when he turned around in...
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    Re: Khwai to Linyati via cutline

    That is correct AFAIK.
    When I tried that road we got blocked by overgrown tracks north of the Khwai turn off.

    I then tried to link up from the Y-junction south of Savuti but ended up in deep...
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    Re: Khwai to Linyati via cutline

    Not done it lately and some year back had to turn around with rising water levels.

    It is the time of the year when the floods are approaching mid delta areas thus the Selinda spill way will block...
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    Re: Hilux front tyre wear

    Degrees are worlds, when corrections are in arc minutes.

    You wouldn't be able to drive a car which has 2 degrees out-of-spec alignment.
  35. Re: 11 months to E. Africa and back and...plans and updates

    Thanks Andrew, another great report of an area I still have on my bucket list.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the oil project in and around the Murkinsons Falls park. An eye opener and despite all the...
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