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  1. Re: Ford 3,2l Diesel oil leakage issue

    lyk my jy is die enigste 1 wat dit sover ervaar het!!!
  2. Re: chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    so alternator was received back.
    clutch pulley was changed, basically a 1 way bearing.
    internal bearings was also replaced.
    cost was R 1250 all in
    refitting the alternator was 15 minutes with all...
  3. Re: chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    ok dankie man.

    but we do not have a

    got feedback just now.
    alternator is right.
    bearings were gone as well as one way bearings.

    price, R 1250.
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    Re: Ford Bantam 2006 1300 gearbox

    so, another update.
    with the overflow pipe being extended to turn under the wiper blade, the guys can monitor the oil.
    it seems like the oil is boiling at certain tmes and one can then see how the...
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    Re: Fuel problem or Not ?

    just remember, beacuase fuel filter was replaced 20 000km back does not mean it is still good!!!
    could have gotten bad fuel or something that blocking the filter.
    this can also cause hard starting....
  6. Re: chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    do take note that the serpentine belt roller on the bottom left of teh alternator is a left handed tread.
    so right hand to loosen it.
  7. Re: chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    here is some pictures
  8. Re: chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    so i striped the alternator out, quite easily.
    very easy in deed.
    found that the 1way bearing on the alternator is loose and on its way out.
    its a wear fault.
    alternator is in, waiting for...
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    Re: Fuel problem or Not ?

    any fuel related aspects are of concern.
    leaking fuel can cause a fire.
    so rather play it safe, no need for fire risks.

    blocked fuel filters can cause hard starting.

    whats the odo and when...
  10. chevrolet Trailblazer problems tread

    I don't see a problems tread on the chefs tensy ek dit mis gekyk het.

    weer gekyk, daars nog nie n sticky nie.

    so started the blazer this morning and heard a grinding sound.
    hood open and it...
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    Re: Ford Bantam 2006 1300 gearbox

    sal hom maar moet dop hou.
    gister nie veel uitgeblaas nie, seker 30ml
    vandag weer ok gewees.

    so its does boggle the mind as to why one day and all good the next day.

    daai pypie wat in die...
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    Re: Ford Bantam 2006 1300 gearbox

    did some reading.

    it seems like the final gear bearings might be on their way out.
    not much on the net.

    i have extended the breather pipe to past the bonnet.
    we can now see when it starts...
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    Ford Bantam 2006 1300 gearbox

    ekt raad nodig asb.

    ons het 3x ford batams. 2006, 2007 en 2010 modelle

    die 2006 is a 1300cc, 5 spoed hand rat.
    vir een of ander rede het die bakkie se ratkas begin om ratkas olie by die...
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    Ford & Mazda Re: 2008 ford bantam

    we have 3x ford bantams.
    2x 1600 and 1x 1300
    km on 1300 is 314000 and 269000 and 288000km
    all original chains.
    services is 10000km each.
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    Re: Imjectors Repair or replace

    hoe weet julle dat die injectors moeg is?
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    Re: 2.8 TCI Flatspot at 2000RPM

    the flat spots at low rpm is quite bad.
    only after boosts comes in is it ok.

    strange that you had these symptoms as it does not make normal sense.

    the tps could have been the issue.
    how many...
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    Sticky: Re: VCDS owners register

    when you buy it, is it a once off purchase or is it a yearly licence fee.
    we have 3x vw which we need it for

    please advise
  18. Re: Bass Fishing for a beginner around JHB

    our water is still quite cold.
    yesterday at nigel dam, water was 11,3 and 11,4 degrees.
    water was silver clean visibility was about 1,5 meters.
    not a bass in sight :(

    it will all start to get...
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    Re: Isuzu 300 lx 2005 won’t ref

    ook gedink aan die tps throtle position sensor.
    het die 2005 modelle dit al gehad?
    vw jetta 2002 het al
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    Re: Gwm hover warm start

    so nie seg dis net glowplugs nie.
    vuil diesel filters kan ook veroorsaak dat die common rail drukking baie stadig opbou.
    dan eers sal injectors "fire"!!!!
  21. Re: trailblazer at gearbox no problems just questions

    dis ook hoe ek dit het....
    eisch van n auto gearbox tread tot cam belts en powersteering fluid changes.

    hier gaan ons alweer.

    die ding is, my trailblazer het geen sleephaak gehad nie.
    ek het...
  22. Re: trailblazer at gearbox no problems just questions

    looking at teh attached file.
    transmission oil is on 135k
  23. Re: trailblazer at gearbox no problems just questions

    ok dankie.

    what was the costs for the power steering fluid?
    im still looking for my initial quote...displaced it somewhere!!

    will look and see where the service indicators are
  24. trailblazer at gearbox no problems just questions

    so my trailblazer has 138k on odo.
    the gearbox is a AT.
    The gearbox needs to be serviced fluid exchange on the 140km or there about

    nigel GM quoted to do it, but on arrival they said...….
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    Re: Cheers Trailblazer, Hello MUX

    dit klink na n goeie prys en baie geluk
    maar hoe val die prys, R200k vir n 1 jarige oue voertuig?
    dalk is dit n bargain!!!
    hoop hy geen jou baie myle sonder probleme.

    ek dink jy gaan die TB mis...
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    Re: amarok battery drain

    1st question would be, how old is your battery?

    0,45 amps is not much current draw.
    over ten hours it amounts to 4,5 amps.
    that is not enough to pull a new battery down as standby voltage would...
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    Re: Looking at Buying a TB

    ons het ook daaraan gedink….

    nou die dag n pel gaan insleep.

    was nogal lekker, Trailblazer wat TOYOTA moet sleep.
    Toyota het gekalf oor hy gechip was.

    wys net, die trailblazer is so sterk...
  28. Re: To map or not to map Fortuner GD-6 4x4 is the question???

    dis jou kar en jou geld.
    dalk help jy om die ekonomie te stimuleer met so n besluit.

    my buurman het ook a Toyota, op 100k het hy nuwe inkectors laat insit. vir veiligheid.
    die nuwe injectors het...
  29. Re: Intermittent heat gauge rising "overheating"

    just a update:
    went down to shelly beech for a interclub fishing comp.

    no problems at all, driving down and coming back up.
    was cruising at 110 to 125km down
    back we went
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    Re: Looking at Buying a TB

    this car just keeps on impressing me, more each day!!!!!

    after voting, we had to travel down to st lucia for the night.
    following morning to Richardsbay.. viewed a boat, and also bought it.

  31. Re: GWM Steed 3 alternator replacement

    thanks, can work.
    but my supplier is now local.
    brushes and rectifier will not cost much.

    already done in excess of 1500km.
    next week another fishing trip......
  32. Re: GWM Steed 3 alternator replacement

    so I was curios to know what GWM would have priced me on a new alternator....

    called GWM Edenvale…..

    new alternator price is R 4600 ex vat
    thus R 5290-00.

    I will also wait 1 day for...
  33. GWM Steed 3 alternator replacement

    so, standing on 69785km, my 2008 steed alternator just decided to stop working.

    stripped it out and took it in to Keno in Heidelberg where it was tested...….mike tango.
    Peter said that he would...
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    Re: Looking at Buying a TB

    we dont.
    but we need to fill the boat tanks.
    the hatch only takes 4x cans.
    we sometimes need to run far and then we need 6x tanks.
    the one day we returned back, to replace used tanks with full...
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    Re: Looking at Buying a TB

    so, this Easter was D Day for the Blazer.
    it was the first time pulling the boat down to the coast. consumption was 7,5km/l down.
    at times I even wondered if the boat was still attached.
    we were...
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