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    Re: The 2.4 Hilux Revo SRX GD-6 Double Cab Thread

    If you are doing it yourself, then you obviously don't care about the dealer stamp etc. I knew I was keeping the old amarok for a while, so I tossed their service recommendations very early on.

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    Re: 220V supply during load shedding.

    The little inverter gennie is a good solution depending on your needs and wants. We run a 2000W Briggs inverter Gennie at the office for our server and a few laptops and it does okay. If I was not a...
  3. Re: Electricity Tariffs - Basic Monthly Charge

    Will we be refunded the network levy charge for all the days of no power or pro-rata for the period they were not able to provide the service? That is the least one would expect from any other...
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    Re: CBI Smart Breakers

    AH , in the same boat. I must say mine are recovering pretty well from the Blackouts for the most part, but remember these things are event based and starting and stopping are events. If they miss an...
  5. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    Surely is would be an instantaneous peak/array size?
    Otherwise you would have to take into account your actual KWHr generated/TheoreticalKWHr produced at 100% efficiency which would be pretty low...
  6. Re: Drifting the KZN East Coast - suggestions please

    I would defiantly start from Kosi Bay if you have not time issues. Wonderful area, best with a boat as I have said many times before, but I think you can go out with some local guys. The mouth is...
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    Re: Recovery from road to hell

    I think both have their pros and cons.

    I have steel cable, but my main use is to put my boat on the trailer, and I find the synthetic ropes don't do well if they slip off the trailer rollers or...
  8. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    Well I have to say the current spate of weather is answering the question of how vaalies are doing off grid. The answer is pretty bleak actually. As much as one hates eskom, and one does, with a fair...
  9. Re: 1969 Landy Series with Chev conversion

    Is it the 2.5ltr 4 cylinder or the 4.1ltr 6 cylinder?
    Both very good motors, but getting on a bit these days? The 2.5 is a very good match and was very popular back in the day. The 4.1 is a lot...
  10. Defender Re: Land Rover Defender becomes company's best-seller

    I think this is a combination of the ND having moved a lot more upmarket, the New Discovery moving into plutocrat territory and salaries not keeping pace with vehicle inflation/feature creep.

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    Re: What is the best Starting 4x4 Trailer

    What about rental? If I were in the market that is the route I would go for sure, unless you really are going very often.

    Either way, Kids seem to love camping, so good on you for dragging them...
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    Re: Upgrade my car carrier

    You seriously need to start a YouTube channel documenting these expoilts
  13. Defender Re: Land Rover Defender becomes company's best-seller

    Oddly enough they have a stonking payload for an SUV. Personally it troubles my soul when I see people loading grass and such as the roadside into an X5 or similar, but i have issues that way and...
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    Re: Discovery 4 Exhaust Manifold Leak

    Bleak - Guess its a body off job then! Jelo would be pleased if he were not in the sin bin.

    Still 50k odd does seem quite serious. Almost worth getting a 2 post hoist at home for that sort of...
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    Re: SUV advice needed

    That obnoxious Aussie seems to rate Mazda very highly. They seem to sort of fly below the radar and thus do not attract the sort of premium that other vehicles (toyota) do.

    I have no experience of...
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    Re: Our new vehicle...

    I picked up a WildAcc canopy on your recommendation. Was very happy with the price, and so far very happy with the product. I was used to a traditional fibreglass canopy and the side doors are quite...
  17. Re: Land Rover Defender 130 images leaked

    Hmm - discos have always had around 100inch wheel base, which makes them very good off road. Not as bouncy as a 90 and not as long as a 110.

    The Disco 1 was an absolute beast off-road, and I...
  18. Re: Land Rover Defender 130 images leaked

    Looks like a range rover. Would very much look the part in British Racing green towing queenies horse box around.
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    Re: Discovery 4 Exhaust Manifold Leak

    How tight is it in there?

    As a former owner of British vehicles, exhaust gasket fixes were almost a fortnightly affair. There is always a chance of a broken stud or similar, but otherwise it is...
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    Re: Toyota Fortuner Brake Pads

    I changed my amarok rear drums and pads at around 240k km. I need not have bothered as they were still in very good shape, but I already had the parts so I did it anyway. DOn't think the discs will...
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    Re: Toyota Fortuner Brake Pads

    i have a set of power brakes waiting for my wifes fortuner. I will do them when I get this call. I don't think you will be sorry if you fit the discs as well while you are about it. I believe it...
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    Re: Difflock vs Traction control

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    Re: Difflock vs Traction control

    I know my old Amarok had traction control, although I must confess to not really geeking out on how it works.
    With a soft churned beach in Sodwana and a Boat in Tow that was well over 2 tons with...
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    Re: HP Botches an Echo

    The plus side of all this fiddling is that you will at least know how it is all put together and if there are issues, you will be better equipped to manage fault finding and repair should the need...
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    Re: Hilux Revo Anti theft mods

    I think a large snakes in transit sticker would be a good start.
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    Re: Trailer Wheel bearing service

    I always travelled with a spare set of bearings and seals under the car seat, as well as a tub of grease. Obviously since I started doing that, I never needed them. Oh, that dust cap that covers the...
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    Re: Replacing the ML

    I very nearly bought one, but was turned off by the small fuel tank. Now that I have a hilux and my wife uses the Fortuner, I see that they only give about 60 odd ltrs of range before they start to...
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    Re: Used engine oil disposal

    Most of the municipal dumps have facilities to dump oil. Can I suggest on an unrelated note, that you should seriously consider one of those widgets that sucks it all out the dipstick. ...
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    Re: Generator fuel consumption?

    Not wanting to get into a big willy contest, but we looked at a condition monitoring system on an MTU engine that they were busy overhauling at a mine in Orkney. The motor apparently is the same one...
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    Re: Trailer Wheel bearing service

    If it is on a boat going into a dam/river, then once a year is usually okay. If it is on a boat, going into the sea, in my experience, every trip. By that I mean every time I went to the coast, I...
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    Re: Toyota Resale Value

    I know of one very wealthy person who paid well over the odds for 2 LC Station Wagons some years back. He had loads of money, and terminal Emphazeema. He did not want to wait. His money his choice.
  32. Re: Advice needed on 3.9 V8 Defender consumption

    Is your 30l/100km around town milage or open road? I would say that on short trips that is probably not too far off. I am comparing it with my wifes old 3.8ltr v6 Kia Sedona that would seldom be much...
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    Re: Winch Snatch Recovery Rings

    If you are talking about a snatch block, the bets value I found was on Sadly I was at their shop a few weeks back and they were shutting down the durban operation but will still be...
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    Yes the ANC would be a good place to start. Then Denel is also trading recklessly and the directors and esp Pravin should be had up in terms of this act. Then Eskom comes to mind.
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    Re: Eskom buying batteries worth R14 billion

    If that were the case we should all get ready to pay a lot more for electricity. I am not convinced of the economics of battery storage when we have 200years of coal reserves.

    All eskom need to...
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