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  1. Freelander II Re: Freelander II Power loss - High Pressure Fuel Pump?


    Took me quite a while to figure out my power loss when hot till I figured out about this valve in the fuel filter.
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    Discovery 4 Re: D4 2011 Manifold Leak

    Most likely exhaust manifolds gaskets leaking.

    If you get it done,either replace or skim the manifolds, and replace the studs and nuts holding it.

    I might be wrong but I think its possible to...
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    Re: D5 reliability

    They seem pretty reliably.

    Weve had one major engine failure on a SDV6

    Couple of ingenuim engine failures due to turbo seals failing w

    And 2 turbo failures on the SDV6

    Then we've had a...
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    Re: Range Rover Sport Dillema

    Keep the 4.2V8 and make sure cooling system is in good shape. It will still serve you well.

    The TDV6 has its fair share of problems. Do some googling.

    Same for that TDV8 if it is a 3.6, the...
  5. Re: what have you done with / to your Range Rover (Big Body) today

    Was this on the L405?

    Its easier to just put the park brake in service mode and squeeze them back with screwdriver/ G-Clamp/ tool of choice, than winding them back with a special tool

    But then...
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    Discovery 2: Re: D2 repair

    Yes avoid Silicone, get the proper stuff aka Sikaflex

    Funny enough neither of the Disco 1's had leaky sunroofs, but the Disco 2 had a very irritating wind noise from the sunroof.

  7. Freelander II Re: Freelander 2 Shock Absorber Replacement

    First off.

    Well done for trying it yourself first, saves alot of money


    If you do end up having to do this again. The best way is to loosen the bolt that holds the shock to the...
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    Sticky: Re: LR parts offered / required

    If you dont come right send me a PM and ill make you one out of aluminum
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    Re: Softroader day 27 October 2019

    Ill be joining. Maruis forwarded me a video of the track and it doesnt look to bad.
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    Re: Softroader day 27 October 2019

    Gents. How bad is this track. I would like to join with the Forester but, and its a big but, my set of rims with 17 inch tires is shot so I only have a set of 18" rims with road tires, and a low...
  11. Re: Ridiculous maintenance cost of Freelander II


    Just the front of the block of a 2.2 Defender , which houses the timing chain and fuel pump is vastly diferent to the 2.2 in the freelander.

    The defender water pump bolts to the...
  12. Re: Ridiculous maintenance cost of Freelander II

    It is not the same motor. Freelander 2 does not have the same motor as the ranger. Defender and Ranger share the same motor.
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    Discovery 4 Re: Disco stalled this morning

    Disco 4 V8 has the tendency to gather dust around the throttle body plate which causes them to stall. Remove the intake pipes. Open the throttle body flap and wipe away all the accumulated dust.
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    RangeRover Re: Evoque life

    Land Rover has removed all bulletins for brake noises recently.
  15. Re: Range rover sport 4.2 strange noise

    On the 4.2 you can see the exhaust manifolds through the wheelarches. Look for signs of black soot around them. The heat shields strip off quickly for an inspection.

    You do not need to take the...
  16. RangeRover Re: Disco 4 - Is it worth the headache to look at buying one

    The D3/D4/RR/RRS wakes up every 6 hours but will only self level downwards
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    RangeRover Re: Evoque life

    There is a technical bulletin for the squeeking brakes with upgraded pads iirc.

    Glad you're enjoying it!
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    RangeRover Re: P38 Gearbox removal

    If i remember correctly

    This is what I remember from removing the D2 V8 autobox a few years ago

    Disconnect battery
    Remove exhaust from headers
    Remove front and rear propshafts
  19. Re: Electronic ignition JHB PTA area

    On my 3.5 V8 in the series it kept on burning out points. Condensers failed about once a month upto the point where I drove more than one spare set of points and condensors with me

    I looked for...
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    Series II Re: LR Series Fest at Rust de Winter

    Ill be spectating.

    The Series isn't running...:'(
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    Freelander II Re: Fuel related problems - Freelander

    Ive seen before that sometimes the fuel tank gets knocked when offroad. Its flexible enough that the tank then pushes inwards and causes the pump to unclip or break the clips on the pump that has to...
  22. Re: What would you not put on your Land Rover?

    Thats what makes a Land Rover so special. You can build it up add accesories, stickers, big wheels, led bars or spots or keep it standard and original and other people will still like it.
  23. Re: What have you done with your Freelander today

    So the Freelander broke down. Stranding me next to the N1 yesterday at around 17:30.

    Powersteering bypass hose on the steering rack burst causing all the oil to leak out. Knowing those pumps...
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    Freelander II Re: 3.2 I not starting

    Small things you can check. Make sure battery terminals are clean and secure, check if brake lights work, if brake light switch has gone brake lights wont work and the car wont start.

    You could...
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    Freelander II Re: Opinions on Freelander 2 Si4

    Sd4 is better in economy, reliability and driveability;D

    Honestly the Si4 drinks fuel, at higher mileage the VVT pulleys give problems causing a krrr noise on startup. The turbos fail quite...
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    Defender Re: Instrument cluster rattle.

    +1 get that alot. We just wrap some cloth tape around the hinge so it sits a bit tighter. Solves it 90% of the time
  27. Re: D4 120 000km Service. Stealers want to do a 200 000km

    I agree with changing gearbox oil and filter at +-120000km (less if you tow alot)

    The Gearbox service is on Land Rovers Schedule. Just way to late in my opinion at 240000km/10Years.

    But I...
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    Re: 500ppm on sdv8

    No, no it's not.

    The SDV8 is the better one by far.
  29. Re: D4 120 000km Service. Stealers want to do a 200 000km

    Ouch. Their prices are just ridiculous.
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    Discovery 4 Re: Losing Power

    Sounds like oil temp sensor in the sump, but before you change anything get the trouble codes read.
  31. Re: D4 120 000km Service. Stealers want to do a 200 000km

    Dealers only do oil pumps when requested.

    R23k just for shocks?

    Or for the 156k km service and shocks?
  32. Re: D4 120 000km Service. Stealers want to do a 200 000km

    There is no 200000km service on a D4.

    Its either 182k km or 208k km.

    182 is the cambelt service. It's expensive. It eould make sense it they add the waterpump to that service as well as...
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    RangeRover Re: 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 TDV8

    Ahh I should've specified. It is the 5.0 S/C both Sport/Fullfat. Usually due to overheating cracking the liners. One was replaced for seizing due to no oil, oil pump chain broke.

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    RangeRover Re: 2011 Range Rover Vogue SE 4.4 TDV8

    The 3.6 was prone to turbo failures.

    The 4.4 is not.

    Engine wise the biggest problems is crank seal leaks oil, or oil cooler in the v of the engine leaks oil.

    Weve done 100's of TDV6...
  35. Re: What have you done with your Freelander today

    Long post

    So the Perfect Freelander 2 ownership didn't go as well as planned but anyway.

    After I bought it had the gearbox rebuilt for harsh changes etc.
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