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    Re: Fracking in NE Namibia & western Botswana

    Almost all of Angola's production is offshore - so no impact on the water flowing into the Okavango, other than tankers hauling fuel across the country.
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    Re: Kazangula bridge news

    It'll be good to finish (!). I recall that it was "in planning when I lived in Botswana 1973-1974!

    As noted, the road west to Shesheke is (or was when we last took it) terrible in terms of...
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    Re: Ranger tyres & Botswana

    Geolandar A/T-S may be your best compromise - comfortable on the highway and good in sand and mud. BF Goodrich T/A are excellent however a little noisier on tarmac. We're now on Toyo Open Country...
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    Re: Fracking in the Okavango?

    There's another thread re this... I've posted on the other. Suggest a search.
  5. Re: campingsites FOR hwange - MANA POOLS JULY / AUG 2021

    If you do go to Tuli I suggest Molema Bush Camp - friendly and a great site on the riverbank.
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    Re: Western circuit

    Another vote for Forest Inn - good food in the restaurant, friendly, and a good camping spot.
  7. Re: G'day from Australia and thanks for admitting me.

    For the "shakedown" I suggest in addition something like a circuit through Coorong, Gawler Ranges, and then either Oodnadatta Track or Innamincka/Birdsville then back via either Coober Pedy or...
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    Re: Fortune Vs Hilux for Overlanding

    Lots of good arguments in prior posts. We prefer an "SUV". For us, it handles better, is more comfortable, we can have everything inside the vehicle, it's more secure.

    We've had a long list of...
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    Re: Fracking in NE Namibia & western Botswana

    One of the keys to responsible O&G development is its being carried out by a responsible operator - in this case the track record of some of the principals seems OK, however history shows that...
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    Re: Fracking in NE Namibia & western Botswana

    1) They'll never get through the EIA successfully
    2) There's no market nearby - the infrastructure cost would be huge - I doubt that they could find investors willing to come up with the capital...
  11. Re: Harare to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    When you get to Lakeshore Lodge say "hi" for us (alan y marce from Colombia).

    We went looking for gorillas in Rwanda. We had originally thought to go to Bwindi as well, however heard that the...
  12. Re: Harare to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

    I agree completely with the suggestion to connect with Lakeshore Lodge - a jewel!

    When you're in Uganda I suggest that a great place to relax for a few days after Bwindi would be Rwenzori View...
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    Re: How long will fridge run on dual battery

    1) ARB refrigerator in a LC80 with 3 batteries (no solar panels) - in temperatures up to around 40 deg C, and down to zero - we could leave the vehicle for a couple of days and no more before the...
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    Re: Ngorongoro Crater

    Understood - my apologies that my post apparently came over as negative.

    I was thinking, as you can tell, of the overall cost of a self-drive visit.
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    Re: Tanzania's new park fees

    In 2017 we paid USD150 for the vehicle - LC series 80.
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    Re: Ngorongoro Crater

    Hmm - when we were there (2017) - for a 24 hour entrance pass, with 2 of us in one vehicle, and a camping fee (public campsite) it was almost USD380.
  17. Re: campingsites FOR hwange - MANA POOLS JULY / AUG 2021

    Make sure you stay at least one night at Sinamatella - excellent views out over the bush. We've stayed at main camp Hwange too and it's handy for the office and has a restaurant and bar.

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    Re: Ngorongoro Crater


    Yes indeed - if you're used to the prices you find in RSA, Botswana, Namibia, you'll be shocked at the prices in Tanzania...
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    Re: Ngorongoro Crater

    Is it better to visit in the morning or afternoon?

    There is, as noted previously, a time limit in the crater, however.... we saw no checking of this if you self-drive. We were in the crater about...
  20. Re: JK 4dr Long Haul Overlander - reliability/preventative maintanance

    We looked at a JK when we bought our current vehicle.

    Pros: very capable/agile
    Cons: smaller than we wanted, uncomfortable ride (I think you'll find it very uncomfortable after the RR)
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    Re: Maximum Starting Mileage

    I think that service history is more important than mileage/kilometreage, A low mileage vehicle which has been badly treated and poorly maintained will be more likely to give problems than a "high...
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    Re: I need a new vehicle

    If you're resident in Malawi then you are not permitted to drive the vehicle on a carnet - you have to register it in Malawi. Now, I'm not saying that it cannot be done, however if anything goes...
  23. Re: Advice for Honeymoon Roadtrip - Botswana, Namibia and West Coast

    We spent 55 days in Namibia and Botswana on our 2017 trip ( and subsequent posts). For a two week trip I agree -...
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    Re: Which Binoculars?

    Short answer, with the limited information available: the Nikons. We have Leicas - light binoculars for hiking, a pair of Steiner marine binoculars, and three pairs of Nikons - Sporter 8x42 (light...
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    Re: Southern Namibia Advice

    For Day #5 I suggest Duwisib Guest Farm. It's not far off D707, which you should definitely travel, in my view.
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    Re: Richtersveld area itenary ideas?

    Richtersveld camp is convenient for exploring, not the best campsite but OK.

    de Hoop is a great site - on the river and very pleasant.

    Richtersberg campsite is worth visiting - also on the...
  27. Re: Recommendations for AT tyres for CX-5?

    In the last decade we've used:

    Dunlop Grand Trek AT-3 - good on the highway, OK on unsurfaced roads, not ideal offroad.
    Pirelli Scorpion AT - - good on the highway, OK on unsurfaced roads, not...
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    Re: Land cruiser 79 part availability woes

    In my experience it is indeed a myth that you can get parts for LCs anywhere in Africa. More accurately - yes you can, BUT it may take a couple of months. I have found that Toyota dealers (with some...
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    Re: Replacing RTs with ATs

    I would go for 17in rims. For tyres the BFGs would be my pick out of those suggested; we've had good performance from them, as well as Geolandar A/T-S and Toyo OC AT.

    I agree that a key question...
  30. Re: What Satellite phone for use around Southern Africa

    We have an Iridium (had it about 20 years now). It has always worked when we've needed it (which is half a dozen times in all). We do need to have a clear sky view, although have always found it...
  31. Sticky: Re: A collection of epic african overland journeys

    I wouldn't call our 2017 trip "epic" however it may be of interest:

    If anyone's interested we can post links to the South American and Australian trips too.
  32. Re: Driving Cape Town to Maun - which route?

    Are you trying to make the trip as quickly (and safely) as possible, or to see something on the way.

    If the former, then others have posted suggestions which are likely to be better than mine...
  33. Re: Overland vehicle prep... What would you do?

    I agree completely that one should drive within one's lights. We never drive at night outside cities - or more accurately, never plan to drive at night, and if circumstances require that we do so, we...
  34. Re: QUESTION: Octane Fuel available in Africa? Diesel vs Petrol?

    re diesel vs petrol - I've never had a problem finding either (lots of experience in Southern Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, and North Africa, but have never driven in West Africa (west of...
  35. Re: Overland vehicle prep... What would you do?

    Underbody protection is a dilemma:

    The good news - protects stuff under the vehicle.

    The bad news- adds weight and may reduce clearance, also uses funds which could go towards something else.
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