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  1. Re: Solar panels, Inverter, Batteries options

    I can propose Solarzone in Somerset West.
    Guys name is Rainer Kempf (German by origin) and he assisted me in the set-up
    I do have 4x360W panels (he exchanged my 255W initially installed)
    The using...
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    Re: Distance (hrs) Muchenje Kwhai


    You throw away the pearl of the Chobe = Savuti.
    Do that stop-over in Savuti, even add a night to explore and avoid the stress of the through travel with no tim to take photos.

    Even if...
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    Re: Botswana not how it used to be..

    If you go back a few years then you might want to remember 3rd bridge ablution which looked like a WWII prison facility and you were regularly ankle deep in a mixture of brackish water and body...
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    Re: Botswana not how it used to be..

    You most probably chose the wrong campsites for Botswana and did not spend the required time in Savuti.

    It is well known that the SKL camp Khwai (North Gate) is a compromise for monkey...
  5. Re: Dec 2019 Swakopmund north up the coast to Kunene River Mouth

    AFAIK you would be crossing a private concession north of Terrace Bay.
    Not sure if you can do this alone or need to book an operator, best to check it out.

    Okay; Johan beat me to this....
  6. Re: Cape Town to Cologne (Germany) - Ambitious, but is it possible?

    Add another 10'000 kms then you are much closer ::) ;D
  7. Re: Cape Town to Cologne (Germany) - Ambitious, but is it possible?

    The two extremes, Dan Greg and his epic adventure and Google opting for a "direct flight

    I guess there is a lot more preparation needed for such a trip than asking a starter question on the forum....
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    Re: Dave Bruce

    Consider Cooper or Good Year as well.
    My General Grabbers (M/T in my case) were very prone to sidewall punctures and I lost 4 out of 6 in the first 10'000 k's, Two of them were replaced under...
  9. Re: Around Botswana September - October 2019

    If you are happy to drive sand tracks then you should be fine.
    Deflate enough and keep momentum when possible, but be aware on single tracks that there could be onward traffic.

    I am not sure...
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    Re: Any big mistakes? Itinerary.

    I would not even go to Kasane on the way in.

    Enter Ngoma gate and proceed along the flood plain road to Ihaha, there's so much to see it will take you 2-3 hours. Yes its only 23 kms but plenty...
  11. Re: 2020 July trip suggestions (substitute for Savuti)

    Cherie, you are welcome, better ask and be prepared then running blind and be surprised.

    CV campsites are the original sites set up when Savuti was designed. There are 10 of them.

    RSV sites...
  12. Re: Overland - Malawi to Maun - end of August

    It is,
    You can get a day visitor's permit at the Sedudu Gate in Kasane then do the Chobe part, stay overnight at Muchenje and continue to Ghha Gate - Savuti - Mababe Gate then via Mababe Mankwe to...
  13. Re: 2020 July trip suggestions (substitute for Savuti)

    I can second Stan's view, don't skip Savuti.

    No need to panic as the river is dry and all campsites apart from the river side are better if there is no water flow.
    They are more shady and...
  14. Re: Border entry Namibia and other heads up.

    Which border post ??
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    Re: Zambian Camping Advice

    Tony has a point with respect to towing into Liuwa Plains.
    Some time back here was a message that the park's officials do NOT ALLOW towing into Liuwa anymore due to erosion and track damage. Not...
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    Re: Any big mistakes? Itinerary.

    In fact I could not imagine a spot where water flow would be an issue.
    I visited in 2 days downpour and we used all the routes, just stay on the tracks.
    The waterfront is even easier when its wet...
  17. Re: Hilux 1991 converted to efi problems

    Indeed, but you said it >:D;D big is the tank then ???
  18. Re: Delamination - compensation from supplier ?

    In this case I must have been lucky with Cooper Tyres.
    I bought 2 sets (2 Nissans) of Cooper ST 265/75R16 through Dunlop here in Botswana.

    After about 8 months ne set started to develop sidewall...
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    Re: Any big mistakes? Itinerary.

    Welcome to the forum as a poster :D

    The route seems okay to me but you leave out the Chobe NP which is a highlight on the planned trip.
    Albeit being in Ngoma camp this is still on the NAM side...
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    Re: Fuel consumption at Moremi

    That will be more than enough, you are doing but regional loops and your range with 180l would be close to 1500 kms.
    You are driving in idle more or less so fuel consumption will be minimal apart...
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    Re: 1962 (?) Beetle... Buttercup

    Good job by spannerboy and good supervision to push the project.

    Is there a way I could sponsor a set of (bright) headlights, I see they are a bit fainted.
    Anybody with a link to find them, I...
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    Re: Okavango delta and your vehicle

    This is not a water crossing, it is a lake ;D

    ...... and you don't see an exit point ::)
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    Re: Advice please for newbie 4x4er

    If you don't mind a BW registered vehicle, my son is selling his Toyota Prado (V6 petrol 3400cc) autobox with suspension lift, OME shocks etc.

    Vehicle is in good nick (was maintained by the mine...
  24. Re: Overnight advice please! Cape to Hwange via Pandamatenga

    Kimberley and Mahikeng are really not an issue in terms of traffic.
    In Kimberley follow the signpost [JNB] which avoids the town center.

    In Mahikeng you have two options:
    1- Circumnavigate the...
  25. Re: Overland - Malawi to Maun - end of August

    Hi Bella and welcome to the forum,

    I can't help with ride options but can confirm that the road conditions are all okay, tar all the way, but you have to choose the correct route. Of course there...
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    Re: Again robbery Ihaha

    Unfortunately the roof top camping gives a false sense of security, also the locking of valuables in the car is a doubtful endeavour.

    A friend of mine was robbed of his possessions in Nata Bird...
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    Re: A help to travel to Botswana

    I see you are settled now.

    Don't worry to much about the border crossing, you will do this at Pioneers gate heading to Lobatse.
    This is usually pretty quiet.
    Just have the car papers ready and...
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    Re: Elephant beats lady

    Another fake wildlife story, which is clearly filmed in a zoo like environment.
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    Re: Savuti "Paradise" campsite

    These camp sites are big and you won't have an issue of space for multiple vehicles.
    Just be sure you don't to the "toilet shuttle" by vehicle in the midst of the night ;D
  30. Re: Trip Report: Southern Namibia at a leisurely pace.

    Thanks Frans for all the work gone into this TR.

    It took me almost a week to see through it as I enjoyed the pictures and the details of your research.

    Great start for someone who wants to...
  31. Re: BEWARE! Robbery at iHaha Camp Site 27/06/19

    It's called Ihaha, Chobe NP Waterfront
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    Re: Happy days are over

    What is your vehicles tank capacity >:D;D
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    Re: Final Botswana trip plans

    Guma Lagoon is indeed close to the delta, however there is very little to see apart from the reed across the tented camp which is about 30 meters. The only view is from the boat station / bar area...
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    Re: Final Botswana trip plans

    Thakadu Bush Camp In 15 Out 16 September 2019
    Piper Pan # 2 In 16 Out 17 September 2019
    Kori #4 In 17 Out 19 September 2019
    Sunday Pan #4 In 19 Out 21 September 2019
    Kubu Island Camping In 21 Out...
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    Re: Question about our route

    Hi Sylvia,

    Very much what Ortelius is telling. Mudumu is great along the Kwando but merits more time and the sunsets are stunning.
    But considering a tight travel plan just drive through the park...
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