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  1. Thread: Blower motor

    by HobieDave

    Re: Blower motor

    Usually if the motor is worn it blows the resistor pack due to excessive amps.

    Check to see the play on the shaft - left and right, up and down. Remember that once the fan is on it will either...
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    Re: it's a write off

    Have a look at your quote - the supply and fit second hand and genuine parts. Those are your big ticket expenses that you need to reduce.

    If you can source the parts for much cheaper then I would...
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    Re: YES1-160 GA/4P Automatic Transfer Switch

    Simplest is what hunter said. Might save problems where the gen set is cold or hot regarding different starting times.

    To switch off, you could use a 4 pin relay connected to the diesel pump...
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    Re: YES1-160 GA/4P Automatic Transfer Switch

    Have a look at the 12v outputs of the generator for a positive when it starts.

    If there is a suitable 12v available - you get a positive as soon as it starts, you can fit a change over relay. The...
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    Re: Deep cycle battery advice

    If your battery has vent holes, an easy and cheap solution is to visit a battery centre and get a 90 degree elbow with pipe to vent outside. Check if you have a cap on the one end of the battery else...
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    Re: smart charger working under load

    I have been recommended to rather get the CTEC MXS-5 charger (About R 1 900 odd).
    Any comments ?

    Have a look at the victron blue smart charger 15A with 3 outputs - will be about R800 more.
  7. Re: Why would you need to upgrade your alternator if you use a DC to Dc charger?

    Found that it adds more dust, leaves, insects.

    A diverter flap of plastic by the front of the vehicle could help, in the gaps between radiator and headlights. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Re: LC 76 4.2 diesel AGM battery

    Generally speaking, if you go up or down by one on a batteries number, you get the different terminal arrangement.

    638 or 639 - same battery, terminals are swopped around, positive is negative and...
  9. Thread: Router table

    by HobieDave

    Re: Router table

    Depending on your intended use.

    Cheap tools discourage their use. You will be questioning your ability and tools, not a good place to be in.

    You are looking for rigidity and stability. These...
  10. Re: Hydrogen ? As general alternative & transition.

    I agree completely, it is such a pity that eskom was run in to the ground causing the lpg prices to rise to ridiculous levels as lpg was a good fuel for vehicles albeit at a lower power but the...
  11. Re: Hydrogen ? As general alternative & transition.

    Definately will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve. Main issue will be cost.
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    Re: ASPW's latest build in Oz

    Ouch !!!!

    Helped a gent 4 years ago to fit a similar version but was built in the UK. I forgot the manufacturer's name as it was about R4500.00 then but was impressed with the quality.

  13. Re: Can I wire 10w spotlights straight to my brights

    Will have to check but as far as I remember, you will need a seperate on off switch for the spots to be legal.

    If you do have a 4 pin relay per light, you could change that to a dual output 5 pin...
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    Re: Malfunction during emergency?

    I didn't notice that the drivers side was also flat - the pic on the rollback shows the tyre on a raised edge, thereby giving it the appearance that it was inflated.

    What I expected on the...
  15. Poll: Re: 1953 Colchester Student Mk1 6" gap bed - A restoration project

    I have seen way too many lathes compromised by guys wanting to do a restoration.

    It is a massive job and requires tools and proper know how. Watching youtube videos doesn't cut it - the videos...
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    Re: Malfunction during emergency?

    Glad that you are ok. Bakkie crashed well - did what it was supposed to do.

    In advanced driving we were taught to push the brake pedal very hard very quickly to maximise the braking. It's...
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    Re: White metal casting for restoration

    Price. Assembly is very quick. Tried and tested, costs big money to redesign and retool.

    Mygoggie is going through an interesting but difficult learning curve, if he had someone to show him...
  18. Re: Jetski Fuel injector - The office johnny test?

    Have a look at companies that do ultrasonic injector cleaning - they can check the flow rate and nozzle pattern, haven't done it for a while but think it was about R400.00 per injector.

    The other...
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    Re: Does anyone else bake pita bread?

    Try it with a lid on the pan.
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    Re: OBD scan tool

    Pieter, post a pic of your version then it will be easier for the guys to purchase one as there are hundreds of ELM327 out there.
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    Re: 12v Compressor and Pneumatic Stapler/Nailer

    I wouldn't suggest it.

    You need to look at two things, the pressure psi and the flow rate cfm or l/pm. The only way is with a tank 15l and up, this is for your cfm.

    Depends on stapler you...
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    Discovery 4 Re: D4 Auto electrician Roodepoort

    Check if your battery is pregnant - sides of the case swelling. See if there is any smell. Test the alternator with a different battery first.

    Do not fit a new battery, if it is indeed...
  23. Re: Can't believe they sell this to people who are not trained.

    On a lighter note - the three stooges aka topgear
  24. Re: How tough are these small SUV-buggies like the Ecosport, T-Cross etc.?

    For an 'ou tannie' I would suggest a jimny. Two regrets that I have is selling my jimny years ago and getting the t cross when it first came out.

    The t cross is the typical bland interior that all...
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    Re: Best budget bench-top drill press?

    The ryobi and addendorf versions look like they came from the same factory. I bought the ryobi 15 years ago for my son to play on and it still works very well with its limitations. You can only...
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    Re: Opel Corsa - Not 4x4 Stuff

    That is a saab connector. If you look on the housing it should give you a name and part number.

    Usually the handle part - the dark red section breaks off but it leaves the two slides inside also...
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    Re: help with battery fuse

    No. The voltage rating must be equal to or above your voltage required. (48v)

    You will find that it will work, but it may become hot and if plastic the plastic insulation may start melting.
  28. Poll: Re: 1953 Colchester Student Mk1 6" gap bed - A restoration project

    Those slides are pure class. No excuses now ;) Looking forward to that project.
  29. Re: To buy a toolbox with tools or separate tools?

    Let him start with something like this. I have never seen it before but seems to have what's necessary to start with, then he can add on later.
  30. Re: generator connected to solar controller to charge aux battery

    I connect the generator to the battery direct. If you can, measure the amps that the generator is giving the battery. You may find that the voltage goes up but the amps stay the same - for example...
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    Re: Old solar collector refurb

    Take a test piece of copper pipe and see if you can slide it in there first.

    Usually the plates are crimped around the pipes, you may find that the plates will 'grow' in width as you put in the...
  32. Re: Oscilloscope to check wave form out of generator

    There's your problem. Rent a temp genset to test/prove it. That 1hz change is massive - what make is it. Ask/pay for the diagnostic suite and redo the settings as per manufacturer specs.
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    Re: Escom grid Voltage

    How does it physically change the taps - would be interesting to see it working under load.
  34. Re: Oscilloscope to check wave form out of generator

    Did the client change anything after 2 years successful operation. What changed.

    'Huge' genset - is it truck engine size or container size. When was it last serviced and by whom. When was the...
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    Re: Parking on an incline

    It's simple - when you stop apply the handbrake, let the vehicle relax back on the handbrake, then put it into gear or park.

    Do not let the vehicle roll back on the gearbox.

    Premature wear of...
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