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  1. Re: Hulp nodig met totale herbou van Stallion 2.4

    Dankbaar. Kempton Park.
  2. Hulp nodig met totale herbou van Stallion 2.4

    'lo aan almal,
    Sal graag wil weet wie kan help?
    2005 Model in goeie toestand nog, maar wil graag split, boute moere blaaie ens. tot uniek.
    Dit hoef nie oornag te gebeur nie, maar sal graag so gou...
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    Ford Everest 2013/2014 Roof Rack

    Hi all, Where is the best to go for a roof rack for an Everest in Kempton Pretoria area, and is there any problem in fitting one? Any replies/comments/hints welcome. [email protected]
  4. What size BFGs for 2009 Ranger 3.0 TDi D/C?

    :confused: I need to replace the standard/factory fitted 16" tyres, and would like to opt for BFG = 5 off. I need to gain a few cm/mm in height if possible. What is the biggest replacement set BFGs...
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