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    Re: Paint like a pro

    I do not know the suppliers in your area.I suggest you google the RM ,BASF ,SIKKENS ,SPIES or PPG suppliers near you.
    They should help you with equipment ,paint and abrasives . I honesly think that...
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    Re: Paint like a pro

    a Good paint job needs good equipment and quite some expertise.In a nutshell ,find a friend who has paid the school money and see what he uses.As noted above start with a LPHV "low pressure high...
  3. Defender Re: Defender SWB... help me become the happiest person on earth!

    Good Day
    I know of a 2012 with the 2.2 motor ,many extras and in very good condition
    The price is app 450 k -any takers. Photos available
    Very rare example with factory canvas on the loadbody
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    Re: Terios II replacement shocks?

    SMALL PROBLEM ON THE REAR.If I recall correctly a Nissan E20 aftermarket rear shocks are the same thing at a fraction of the cost.
    All you have to do is modify the bush on the one end (hole size) I...
  5. Re: Will you buy this 2013 Land Cruiser 200 VX 4.6 Petrol??

    As jy lus en behoefte het aan n GROOOOT kar . Koop hom summier
    Brandstof verbruik is in die selfde kategorie as die FJ op die grootpad. Jou voet gaan die meester hiervan wees
    As jy mooi ry is n V8...
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    Re: New Prado

    I know I am looking for a scrap.;D
    The current D4D is matched perfectly to the 5 speed gearbox.
    The very low rpm torque curve plateau on this engine is brilliant
    Compared to a Fortuner 3.0 D4D...
  7. Land cruiser and hilux wheel alignment ex factory problems

    Being in the automotive industry I have often come across hilux and cruisers with a rear axle thrust angle out of spec
    This includes brand new vehicles-Is there any rasionale for this or is it just...
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