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    Ford Ranger 2019

    Hi All.

    I am looking for a canopy for a Ranger DC 2019. I have found a few decent used canopies. Would 2016 canopy fit the 2019 model?

    Many thanks
  2. Re: Ford Ranger Tourney Cover and Roll Bar or Canopy

    Thanks very much for the reply. My thoughts exactly.

    The roll bar is a nice to have. Completes the bakkie if I was to go the cover route. I have had a look at the Tourneau king which seems a good...
  3. Ford Ranger Tourney Cover and Roll Bar or Canopy

    Hi all.

    I have just purchased a new Ford Ranger 2.2. I am looking for decent well priced tourney cover and roll bar, or possibly canopy budget allowing. Can any body recommend a well priced...
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    Sticky: Re: Tips to new members!!

    Hi I am new on the forum. How do i post a new thread?
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