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    Re: Oil Catch Can

    yeah I fitted one to my Gd6 2.8 for a year before I sold it. Didn't collect as much oil as I thought. Maybe 50ml every 10000km
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    Gd6 Spotlights without a Nudge Bar

    Any one fitted spot lights onto a Gd6 with brackets behind the standard bumper? Im not into nudge bars and neither ARB type bars but I need lights back on.
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    Re: Hilux GD6 2.4 AT Tyre profile

    I have tried virtually ever 17 option. The 265/70R17 can scrub on the UCA pending brand.

    by far the best size for ride and comfort is the 255/75R17. Got these in cooper and BFG one on the...
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    Re: My LC 79 v8 Journey

    can we have some videos of that v8 moving 😉
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    Re: Fuel Consumption - Hilux 2.8 Auto

    Gawd I don't know how anyone gets over 9km/l.

    My first Gd6 (2x4 single cab) gave 9km/l average

    My first Gd6 4wd Fortuner 8.5km/l

    My Gd6 D/C 4x4 Auto 7.5-8.5km/l (winch, bar, rails, chip etc)...
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    Re: Old man Emu for 2.8 GD6 Hilux

    I also have a full old man emu since new. Heavy duty springs in the rear and heavy upfront. (Winch and bull bar) 105k later and since running well. I would suggest at least 300/400kg spring pack in...
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    Re: New Exhaust Manifold (and gasket)

    Please supply details on manifold being replaced. I mentioned this issue in a post and I have plenty with this same issue. They just replaced the gasket on mine.
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    Re: Cruiser vs Hilux

    my Hilux is coming to age and I’m in the same boat. I tried to find a legend 50 man dc but no stock for months it seems.

    I considered a new v8 dc again, I loved mine on the farm and thought about...
  9. Re: Jetski Fuel injector - The office johnny test?

    Kretz Marine.
  10. Re: Jetski Fuel injector - The office johnny test?

    dirk I have a gp1300r as well. Yamaha in Heuge road P.E can clean and service those injectors.
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    Re: GD6 Manual or Auto

    I dunno. I have had the auto double cab for 105k. 3 x fortuner autos and 1 x 2.8 manual single cab.

    next Hilux will def be the manual. In general the auto is fine however.. heavy towing, bigger...
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    Re: Fortuner 2.8GD6 Battery

    It may or may not be of interest. My truck was flattening a battery in 8/10 months. Then one day the starter made a bit of noise on start-up and Toyota replaced the starter. No more battery issues
  13. Suspension Re: Toyota Fortuner suspension upgrade - Bilstein,OME,Fox

    I can't compare comfort but I must say I have had 12 plus 4wd's all with old man emu over the years. Some made a big difference some didn't. What I can say is I never had a shock failure, suspension...
  14. Re: Hilux Gd6 Auto Box Again - Fluid Replacement

    I wasn't aware of the filter. Ill get that replaced next service. Doesn't seem like the dealers do many ATF changes.

    Cost on the ATF was R640 ex labour. Did all diff and tcase oils with it and it...
  15. Hilux Gd6 Auto Box Again - Fluid Replacement

    I just thought I would share with you gents that are struggling with the Autobox. My Hilux has had a terribly hard life, went in for a 90k service and since Toyota don't change diff / gear oils as...
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    Re: 265/70R17 on a Hilux 2.8GD6 Auto

    Yeah, I went 265/70R17 then 255/75R17 even with a chip, pipe and larger intercooler the gearbox doesn't lock up so well.
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    Re: 2.8 GD6 questions

    I have replaced 2 batteries in two years. I suspected something was draining the battery the whole time. Starter was also slow. Long story short, Toyota replaced the starter under warranty and no...
  18. Re: Fortuner GD6 2.8 Manual Tyre Size increase

    You have a pm

    I found the the 265/70R17 scrub on the upper control arms. There is less than a fingers space depending on the tyre. I have settled for 255/75R17 BFG and they ride well.
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    Re: 2.8 GD6 Auto Consumption

    Auto is thirsty in the double cab.

    I can get anything from 6.5km/l towing boat and average around 7.5 - 8km/l over 90 000km. Vehicle has a suspension, bar, winch and dual battery. My auto fortuner...
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    Re: Gd6: Decent Control

    The system is rather smart. I have noticed the following and I use it a lot on farms when going down long declines.

    A - It works in high or low range

    B - It holds at the speed you engage it at....
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    Gd6 auto box remap

    Is it possible and if so to access the Hilux GD6 auto box and remap it to your needs? I need the thing to be able to pull off in a low gear of my choice and I need it to gear down via the tiptronic...
  22. Re: Hilux Gd6 Issues to be aware of all owners

    No snorkel fitted. After cleaning sand out my airbox with Luderitz to Walvis I may fit a snorkel before I go somewhere again.
  23. Re: Hilux Gd6 Issues to be aware of all owners

    All the vehicles I've seen have been work/farm vehicles with the dust ingress as with exhaust gasket. It will be interesting to see how many surface on the forum.
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    Re: Towing with GD6 Auto...

    I tow a hell of a lot compared to most and often at the 3 ton mark. I would just leave it in drive. on the odd occasion Ill put it into tip tronic and force it down a gear if its labouring the engine...
  25. Re: Hilux Gd6 Issues to be aware of all owners

    The dust ingress is the same in the 2.4. I checked a buddies 2.4 and there was a a layer of dust on the MAF.

    BTW Make sure you use MAF cleaner
  26. Hilux Gd6 Issues to be aware of all owners

    Some issues I have noted on my 2.8 and it seems there are a few with the issue. I have come across another 4 from people I know and one has had to replace the head on the engine due to it..

  27. Re: 2.8GD6 EGR Removal and Exhaust gasket leak

    I only noticed it when I opened the bonnet and saw some carbon build up on the engine. There wasn't any difference in sound or anything. Vehicle has had a degraaf exhaust since new so maybe why I...
  28. 2.8GD6 EGR Removal and Exhaust gasket leak

    I believe the EGR can be problematic on the 2.8. Anyone had it disabled as yet? Differences?
    I have a exhaust gasket leaking on the manifold, I have heard of it happening on a number of vehicles,...
  29. Re: From a LC Double Cab v8 to a LC Double Cab v6 questions

    I personally found the v6 to be lazy and gutless. That said it was with farm and towing use. My opinion, steer clear and get a Hilux 2.8.
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    Re: 2012 Fortuner front wheel squeak

    Did you ever resolve this? Have the same issue after a trip to Namibia.
  31. Re: BFG underinflating caused delamination of sidewalls?

    I had severe splitting on Cooper ST MAX, 3 of 4 tyres. Also "under inflated" according to agents
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    Re: Today I like my Hilux even more

    Thanks for the feedback. You don't by any chance know the brand of TC they fitted? I have arranged the vehicle gets down to KSD for a remap next week for a proper remap.

    Vehicle is on 72k now....
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    Re: Today I like my Hilux even more

    Where did you get the torque converter lockup? Mine has been chipped from new and I'm actually rather annoyed with the auto box.
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    Re: Hilux/Fortuner GD series problems...

    There are rubbers to adjust the pressure on the bonnet when closing. Ask dealer to adjust.

    I would have engine mounts checked, they normally idle very smooth.
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    Re: Fox 2.0 shocks on 2017 Hilux Revo 4x4 d/c

    Everyone still happy? My old man emu shocks are coming to that time now and I'm considering trying out the Fox shocks. Not that I can fault the OME in anyway.
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