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  1. Re: Which spinning reel for rock and surf angling?

    There is a rod and reel for every occasion as my son has taught me over many trips to Mias, KingFisher and fishermans warehouse, various places in Dullstroom, Rob Allen Spear guns.

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    Re: Oil extraction- impressed with son

    I have been using a cheap, and pretty crappy Andendorf oil extractor motor thing.

    I use it to drain as much as I can, and then do the balance via the sump plug. This is mainly because my car...
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    Re: Breather on diffs

    I don't think you want a one way valve as the pressure drop on suction can be extreme and will just suck water in through the seals. Much better to just extend the diff breathers to somewhere higher...
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    Defender Re: TFL: New Defender vs new Wrangler V8

    Yes, which they did spec with all the off road goodies but none of the frills. That vehicle lasted something in the order of 100miles before LR had to take it back, and then the replacement was also...
  5. Re: Fortuna handling - will they ever fix it?

    I have had the good fortune to actually drive around the Toyota Test track in Eston. This is a particularly rough track that is kept in bad condition to achieve the desired durability acceleration...
  6. Re: Which spinning reel for rock and surf angling?

    I must say that I go out to Mia's in midrand and find the guy there from toti, that only works on weekends. I usually have my eye on something and he tells me to stop being a poephole and then says...
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    Re: Towing through soft sand.

    My towing is on the beach and having just weighed my boat, my boat/trailer is 2150kgs and around 2350 with all the bits and pieces on, like fuel, water rods etc.

    As already mentioned lower your...
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    Re: Sikaflex alternative for sealing caravan

    I know that the marines sikaflex can only be had around Dbn. I tried calling locally as they HO is up here, but they could only sell me a full box of many more tubes than i needed.

    Speak to them...
  9. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    I have a sun sync/Deye at home and that does the job. I have just opted for a Victron in Dbn, and the cost difference was not great between the two systems. My place in Dbn has a tiny garage (i cant...
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    Re: Amarok Cruise Control not working

    In the absence of a better suggestion , have you tried turning it on and off again? Perhaps even disconnect the battery?

    Otherwise find someone like me, that is closer to you that has a VCDS...
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    Mazeppa Bay - Roads

    We are leaving for Mazeppa Bay next week. Have never been near there and we plan on fishing and sperfishing, but I am nervous about
    a) the roads
    b) the amount of sharks.

    How bad are the roads....
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    How to plan a power cut

    Not quite alternative energy, but I am busy running on my generator. With no notice, we have discovered that City power decided that today would be a good day to shut down Kyalami Business park for...
  13. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    My axpert had two modes. Draw all power from panels and batteries, until batteries reach a low state of charge, and I forget the other mode. But there were no choices in how you want to schedule...
  14. Re: Eskom Power Failure Strandfontein Campsite

    not sure about the area, and no great Eskom Apologist, however they tend to generate and then transform up to very high voltages at the power station. Then it will arrive at a substation after a...
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    Re: Alternative to archer Cleaners

    I have one of those foam cannon things - Highly recommended. But this means that I regularly switch between that and the high pressure attachment.

    Then that yellow pippie with o ring falls out of...
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    Alternative to archer Cleaners

    I have been using Karcher Cleaners for some while, but am getting pissed that the accessories seem to pack up so regularly and cost 600 ronts every time they give up.

    Really I am looking for...
  17. Re: Eskom's new proposal for homes with solar panels

    I was chatting to the fellow that runs the mauritius grid and he said this was a huge issue for them as the generation falls off a cliff in a matter of seconds. Then another friend of mine in Texas...
  18. Re: Eskom's new proposal for homes with solar panels

    I have not read this in detail, but perhaps some lightbulb at eskom has figured that they can stabilise their grid with a lot of excess power produced during the day, when businesses need the power...
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    Re: Volkswagen Amarok tyres

    I have apollo in 265/70 R17 HTs. They said me back 5k for four and have done everything required of them off road so far.

    I would assume they would not have super high puncture resistance etc,...
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    Re: Angle Boats

    Are you not meaning angler boats? They make quite a bit range from Ski boats to bass boats, but they are generally considered the highest quality of the local builders from what I have read and...
  21. Re: Ordered license disc, got letter fron SANRAL for E-toll fees.

    You are very welcome to your view. I pay for roads, with
    License Fees
    Tax on Petrol
    Lots of Tax

    The question is not do you want to pay, but rather how many times are you willing to pay for the...
  22. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    I was just chatting to a chap in Dbn yesterday about installing a small system in our place in hillcrest and he was saying something along the same lines. He said if you want to save money on...
  23. Re: Little bugger tried to interrupt a conference call

    No - actually Not sure , but I remember a guy that plunged his hand into boiling water after he was zapped by a stone fish in vetch's pier and they had a picture of his hand on the front page of the...
  24. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    This is a good point, and I have considered this. I think overall you need a smarter control strategy than is available from the current market. You really need a proper programable device in the...
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    Re: Solar carport - require help/suggestions

    I can send some pics of mine. I had an existing carport that I just ran some ali mounting rails to and shoved the panels on top.

    Not ideal, but the only way for me to get some solar.
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    Re: 79 Cruiser tow capacity

    What he said^^^

    Having been caught with this very conundrum, I am in the process of importing
    2 x Redarc Tow PRo Elitę with Fitting kits for the wifes fotuner and my amarok.
    1 x Hydrastar XL...
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    Re: Who does the best tunes?

    Did not check where you are located. I had johnboy delete the EGR on my amarok and also remove the cat. Still running totally stock tune as i did not want to change anything.

    When I go down to dbn...
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    Re: Adjusting Run in Brake

    I am importing a redarc brake controller along with hydra star hydraulic brake and brake away and switch etc etc.

    But mine is for a heavier application. My problem now is to find a coupler rated...
  29. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    Just a thought and not sure if this is allowed on this forum. One of the parents from my kids school does collections for the squatters around JHB. I was at his place on Saturday before this event...
  30. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    Finally got to watch it last night. Many thanks for the efforts and editing. Also like your other videos.
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    Re: Muzella there is a new Q8

    Sorry about that. It was like when mercedes 63's suddenly became little 5ltr turbo affairs. I really thought it was a 4.5lts Tdi in which case it would be a beast. Still looked very new and very...
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    Re: Front , rear or twin locked? Good video

    I was looking at quaife locker on a youtube video. It looked pretty neat. Can transfer much more torque than a limited slip. All mechanical. Seemed like an interesting solution, but made in UK = $$.
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    Re: Muzella there is a new Q8

    Hey Hey, dont throw shade on my eyes. But yes it is quite possible, the old peepers are not what they used to be.

    Are you saying they are getting like BMW and X53.0d and X54.0d and X5M all use the...
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    Muzella there is a new Q8

    I was just stuck behind a pretty funky looking audi. It almost looked like a concept car, but when I got closer I saw it was a Q8 4.5Tdi.

    There is something to keep you working hard as soon as...
  35. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    My wife has just told me that my scullery is not running on the "essential loads."

    I shall have to mend this as I have more than enough power to run dishwasher and dryer together so shall have...
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