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    Re: Cape vidal camping

    Thats a long way to drive with a boat to be turned away, but there is nothing wrong with trying I guess.
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    Re: Canyon - What makes it different

    I would also dispute the 50k needed to make it go off-road. They are actually pretty good in standard form (subject to the reversing thing.) That being said, if you want a rock crawler, get a Rubicon...
  3. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    I've been asked to take some notes on the day, and thought I would try and create a spreadsheet to document as best I could the vehicles taking part, and then some sort of subjective comments of how...
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    Re: Amarok Radiator Cooling Fan Issue

    I am not 100% percent on the specifics, but the amarok has a Pulse width modulation fan driven by the ECU. This means that there is some smarts going on along with a control loop that will drive the...
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    Re: HELP! Land Rover wont go into gear

    manual or automated?
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    Defender Re: Turbo whistle

    My amarok was also very quiet from a turbo whistle perspective, and then JohnBoy from this forum did a decat for me. Ever since i get a lot of turbo whistle, even at idle to some extent, so I agree...
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    Re: What do I need

    I read on here, I think from TTT, that you should just connect your geyser to your solar generation and forget about the fancy and super expensive solar geysers?

    I have done that, and I am seeing...
  8. Re: Motorised jockey wheel for boat trailer

    Check out the lowrance local website. They have something of this sort but it is very expensive. I would rather just go with a front tow hitch if you can.
  9. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    Even me. My madam has to make a trek to Kzn as the school keeps shifting the calendar, but I shall bring myself and the amarok without her.
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    Re: Rubber duck trip down Orangeriver

    Sounds like a ### trip. Just to those who are considering something like this.

    We took around 8 families when our kids were all around 6-7years old and did a 5 day trip with Felix Unite. They...
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    Re: So... another Ford...

    In fairness I could not get an air filter from VW!! admittedly I had one of the first amaroks in the country, and no their schedule they don't touch the air filter for the first 60k km, but I was...
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    Re: Glow Plug Light Flashing - Amarok

    Find someone on the forum with VCDS. I would help but I am a little far away in midrand.
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    Re: Getting a feel for a BAD decision...?

    At some point, and you are probably there, your car may be worth more to you than giving it to a dealer. My amarok is over 300k so I know it is worth more to me than anything I would get on a trade...
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    Re: Bike rack "bracket"

    I am 100% sure that front runner and thule will have a solution. You need to make sure your canopy can handle the load. I think the ali ones are fine. I have a cheap fibreglass canopy and the front...
  15. Thread: Unichip

    by stephenplumb

    Grand Cherokee Re: Unichip

    Agreed, if you want good consumption, drive slower. If you want more power, fit a turbo or a bigger motor. Chipping a modern petrol vehicle will have little effect if any.
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    Re: So... another Ford...

    I bought a fortuner for my wife recently, but the Mistsubishi equivalent was on the short list and looks pretty nice and was well priced. The Isuzu MUX was also considered, but felt a bit smaller...
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    Re: Sodwana Bay Camping Site

    I was there just before Christmas and it was great. We stayed in the parks board chalets, and all was well. No security incidents. Camp site was pretty busy and there was a nice restaurant that...
  18. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    Does anyone know if the venue is Mountain Bike Friendly. I may want to drop my son off and let him ride while we do the trail and test this dodgy section? I cant recall if there were MTB riders there?
  19. Re: Painting Inside Of Boat Hull And Other Questions

    You should be able to go here
  20. Re: Fitting a low profile warn winch behind the front bumper on a 2004 Prado 120

    Get one of those reciprocating tools and just slice the bumper so you can get your paws in there. This is what I did for my amarok. Still looks very neat.
  21. Re: Touareg - dash lights up but engine doesn't swing

    I would add to this. On my amarok, there are a lot of connectors and fuses on the battery +ve connection. I kept loosing all my setting and was thinking that the Main ECU was on the way out. It...
  22. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    I am a huge fan of the hybrid systems. Problem was, I was stupid buying the axpert, not really knowing what I was buying until Oom Fluffy advised us all on this forum that it was a glorified UPS. It...
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    Re: How does the 2.4 tow?

    Whenever these threads come up, you guys really need to cast your mind back a few years. People towed heavy boats and vans around (all over africa) with a 2 & 1/4Ltr petrol landrovers for many years....
  24. Re: Home Solar/Victron install - DIY bit by bit

    I would agree with others that you should wall mount everything and avoid cabinets if you can. If this is in a garage you get pretty irritated with banging your head, shoulder or other body part into...
  25. Re: Home Solar/Victron install - DIY bit by bit

    Looks like a very neat install. Where the Victron?
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    Re: Towing a Conqueror Commander

    I saw a 200 cruiser towing a Ace Glider 750, which must be over the 3500kgs. I am sure that it will manage things less than that with ease.
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    Re: How does the 2.4 tow?

    I would say 125Km/hr is pretty brisk for towing duties, especially if the mass is getting up there.

    I tow just fine with a 2ltr 90Kw Amarok but it does battle on hills, but my tow mass is...
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    Re: Those who said, electric vehicle, NEVER!

    As with any change, the free market is the best driver of something. Overarching government regulation seldom achieves its desired outcome. Having good financial motivation is always best.

    I put a...
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    Re: Is there a problem with Michelin LTX

    I am not super current on this, but I have it on good authority that Michelin spend more on R&D than any of the other manufacturers. I cannot vouch for this info, but they certainly were out in front...
  30. Re: March Difflock vs Traction Control brekkie Run

    Well I see you have a v6 and mine is a manual 90Kw so quite different. I am not a big modifier, but my wagon is currently at mikem's getting the shocks serviced and I am adding "lift." Actually I...
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    Re: Why we fish

    Thats two more than me, but we plundered the Dorado while we were in dbn around Christmas time. I am busy hatching a scheme to get me down again soon before the end of the productive season at least...
  32. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    I see you have gone the whole hog with Victron. I have a Deye 8KVA inverter, which I must say is working sweetly, and then two Victron MPPTs that are handling the panels that can't go straight into...
  33. Re: How are all you Vaalies who are off grid doing?

    Just found this that is locally approved and certified.

    Think I am going to have a gander at this and see if it can be integrated. Also they are...
  34. Re: Is Toyota consciously limiting stock to inflate demand and thus prices?

    This should answer the question.
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    Re: Why we fish

    The guys with the Skis seem to catch the most fish.
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